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Will the first "blockchain short video platform" be launched into the market?

Time : 08/07/2021 Author : agowu3 Click : + -
        In recent years, the short video industry is undoubtedly going well. Today, with the large-scale coverage of short videos, short videos have not only become a new way of entertainment for the whole people, but also play a more diversified role in news, education and learning. However, a social application in the United States may solve the monopoly of short video dominated market and open a new era. Ditok, a short video social application that can be browsed on smart phones, launched the first blockchain short video platform with socialfi as the core. It integrates socialfi, short video, commerce, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence analysis, and uses decentralized technology to build a safe, efficient, autonomous, stable and economic large-scale social video and audio platform.
        Ditok aims to re open a new era of short video based on a truly decentralized, friendly and mutually beneficial business cooperation model and create a new business model for realizing intellectual property rights. In the future, it also plans to create a truly valuable and competitive short video socialfi ecosystem through exclusive artists' exclusive NFT and physical clubs. The new economic model has seen its embryonic form. The new revolution brought by ditok has greatly reversed various pain points existing in the current traditional short video platform. For example, since 2010, we have seen the rise of social media KOL. It has become a general trend for them to make money by creating content on youtube, tiktok and instagram.
        However, the income distribution on these platforms is often unfavorable to creators, because these social media platforms retain most of the profits. As a decentralized network, socialfi solves the pain point of centralized monopoly revenue of traditional video platforms, returns the rights and interests to all participants, and innovates the revenue sharing mode. It shifts the responsibility of data ownership from social networks to each user's own ecological participants. As long as they upload, like, forward and comment, they will receive tokens and rewards. It can be said that it is no longer a dream to brush mobile phones and short videos at home to earn tokens. Can ditok break the pattern of "short video dominating the market"? We need to wait for the answer.
        However, socialfi is indeed a potential outlet in the future. Socialfi is defined as "social finance". As the name implies, it is a combination of social and finance. Issuers directly connect with participants through social tokens and benefit from them. As the general public, we can obtain more benefits through the financialization and token of our social influence. We can take a brief look at some key aspects of socialfi and Web 2.0 efforts, which will also help us understand why socialfi is so popular. Monetization: the socialfi application goes further by using the concept of social tokens or in app utility tokens.
        With the help of socialfi, users have social tokens that mark the third tier economy. Each user with meaningful brand assets can have his own token and the mini economy that operates around it. Therefore, the value of tokens will also be proportional to the social influence of users. For example, the token value of a social platform will be higher than the value of social media materials created by ordinary users. Review and: the socialfi platform relies on the tags on the data chain for centralized management. All posts that are publicly visible on the socialfi platform are on the chain. Therefore, the rules engine can use the data on the chain to parse the posts and quickly mark the posts according to the nature of the words used.
        Each individual node can choose to block some tags and interact with other tags. If a node chooses to participate in and support a harmful post, it may be sued. Therefore, for the content that must be allowed in the network, the control and responsibility are on the individual. Digital ownership and identity: the emergence of NFT has created an unprecedented form of digital identity. Some NFT holders will regard NFT as their personal data and have emotional attachment to it. Although emotional identity is an abstract concept, NFT is designed as a proof of ownership. Therefore, if users want to create a socialfi profile, they can use their NFT as their profile picture and confirm their ownership of NFT by connecting their wallet.
        With the decentralization of the Internet with Web3.0, practitioners in the cryptocurrency industry have higher expectations for the socialfi platform, expecting it to break the monopoly of traditional Internet giants and create a new free world. Socialfi needs to solve two kinds of monopoly, one is the monopoly of traditional social platform giants on content creators (content creators can only get a small part of economic benefits), and the other is the monopoly of people with great social influence on ordinary content creators. "All economic activities are conducted in an open and transparent manner" is the premise for the establishment of socialfi, which can further generate more playing methods and models.
        At present, socialfi is at an early stage of development. Most of the ecological participants are mainly based on social tokens to conduct concept divergence and technology update. There are few platforms classified by socialfi concept alone, and some projects have intersection zones with NFT, blockchain and other concepts. Despite the disadvantages of infrastructure and economic models, the world is generally accelerating rapidly towards a creator economic model. If the development goes smoothly, the trend we will soon witness is that the Internet will develop with the needs and use of users and ultimately be attributed to users. Copyright statement: all articles with the source of "streaming media network" shall be copyrighted by streaming media network, and the source shall be indicated for reprinting.
        Articles not from this site are reprinted, and the views are for industry reference, and do not represent the views of this site. The pictures in the article are collected and sorted out from the network, and are only for learning and exchange. The copyright belongs to the original author. If infringement is involved, please contact us for deletion!. Danghong technology arcvideolive supports "Dolby panoramic sound + Dolby horizon" live coding, bringing immersive entertainment experience. It is prohibited to reprint, excerpt, copy or create a mirror image without authorization. In case of violation, legal responsibility will be investigated. Website cooperation, content supervision, business consultation / 03.
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