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Baidu's original blockchain product "Du universe" app was launched today

Time : 22/01/2022 Author : ti3o5j Click : + -
        Original title: Baidu's original blockchain product "duuniverse" app was launched today. As one of the hottest topics in the market in the past year, blockchain is actively deployed by both emerging start-ups and traditional Internet head enterprises. For Baidu, after the official website of the blockchain native application duuniverse was launched, the "duuniverse" app was also officially launched. It is understood that Du universe will create a digital universe composed of elements, gravitation and planets for users. Users can obtain the "elements" of the universe through various system behaviors, and create and expand their own planets. In the process of the gradual increase of the mass of the user's planets, many new functions will be gradually opened.
        Baidu said that duuniverse would not be another digital currency, but would build a real digital society. According to the official introduction, each resident entering the "degree universe" will first condense into a unique planet through the "creation force", and this planet is the external entity of the residents themselves. In the "degree universe" space, you can freely cross the wormhole and start the journey of interstellar exploration. During the journey, you can land and stay on any planet. In interstellar exploration and discovery, your planet's gravity will be correspondingly improved. In the space rule setting of "degree universe", the gravitational force of the planet, the mass of the aggregated elements and the mass of the planet are positively related. When the mass of the planet reaches a certain level, more functions can be "unlocked".
        Before that, Baidu has been actively laying out its blockchain. At the beginning of this year, Baidu search company established Baidu blockchain laboratory; In April, Baidu blockchain original image service platform "totem" was launched; May, on the chain; At the beginning of June, baidu released the "super chain", claiming that it has a developer ecology compatible with bitcoin and Ethereum, a pluggable consensus mechanism, a 100000 concurrent single chain and an open ecology of scenario based landing.
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