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In the third quarter, the insurance capital has heavily held 7 blockchain concept stocks, and the stock market value held at the end of the third quarter exceeded 200 billion yuan

Time : 28/05/2022 Author : u4t7jr Click : + -
        On October 28, blockchain concept stocks rose in batches, becoming the biggest focus of the market, including more than 70 stocks such as Zhejiang University, new lake and Zhongbao. It is noteworthy that among the blockchain concept stocks that have been disclosed in the third quarter report, there are 7 stocks in the list of the top ten circulating stock shareholders. At the end of the third quarter, the total value of the stock market held by the venture capital reached 202.4 billion yuan. According to the data, there are more than 170 A-shares involving the concept of blockchain. Among them, the blockchain concept stocks held by insurance capital in the third quarter report are Ping An Bank, ChuanHua Zhilian Zhuoyi technology, Omar electric appliance, Huayu software, Huada gene industrial and Commercial Bank (Hong Kong stock 01398).
        According to the reporter of Securities Daily, in addition to the secondary market layout, insurance companies have also strengthened the application of blockchain. For example, Li Xuefeng, CTO of Zhongan technology, told the reporter of Securities Daily, "In the future, Zhongan blockchain will focus more on the exploration of the insurance field. Sooner or later, blockchain and smart contracts will have a major impact on insurance. We have begun to penetrate from simple and marginal businesses. From the early health insurance policy deposit, to the claim settlement efficiency of smart contracts, and then to the policy token, we hope to release manpower, improve efficiency, reduce transaction friction and loss between collaborations and create a real New insurance.
        ”。 At present, the third quarter reports of individual stocks related to blockchain concept stocks have not been disclosed yet. However, from the perspective of blockchain concept stocks that have disclosed the third quarter reports, there are 7 stocks with the presence of insurance companies. It is noteworthy that two blockchain concept stocks, Huayu software and industrial and Commercial Bank of China, were held by two new insurance companies in the third quarter of this year. Specifically, among the two new blockchain concept stocks of insurance capital in the third quarter of this year, "Taikang Life Insurance Co., Ltd. - Investment link - industry configuration" newly held 9.8383 million shares of Huayu software, accounting for 1.38% of the company's circulating shares; "Taiping Life Insurance Co., Ltd. - traditional general insurance products" newly held 237 million shares of ICBC, accounting for 0.09% of the company's outstanding shares.
        In addition to new holdings, in the third quarter of this year, insurance capital also increased the holdings of two blockchain concept stocks, namely Ping An Bank and industrial and Commercial Bank of China. Among them, Ping An Bank has the largest number of shares increased by insurance capital. In fact, at the end of the second quarter of this year, there were a large number of blockchain concept stocks held by venture capital. In addition to the above seven stocks, there were also venture capital among the top ten circulating shareholders of 13 stocks, including Dongxu Lantian agricultural products Jinglan technology * ST Gaosheng, ChuanHua Zhilian, mengwang group Aishi de Jihong shares, Wanda information new Kaipu handing Yuyou Haoyun technology Nanwei software. Among the 20 stocks, insurance capital reduced 6 stocks at the end of the second quarter, added 4 stocks and increased 1 stock.
        From the perspective of the enthusiasm of insurance funds for the layout of blockchain, a person from the investment department of a medium-sized insurance enterprise told the Securities Daily that insurance funds are long-term funds, and will not speculate on the concept of blockchain, but will pay more attention to the long-term holding value and growth potential of relevant individual stocks. Guotai Junan (Hong Kong stock 02611) believes that the market rebounds under the driving force of technology stocks, and the trading volume is significantly enlarged. In the short term, it is concerned whether the popularity of blockchain concept stocks can be maintained. The continuity of this round of market will be determined by the connection of most of the blockchain listed companies on the board in the next two days. Therefore, investors who have already boarded the bus can embrace the rebound, and their holdings are waiting to rise. For off-site investors, it is suggested to chase higher cautiously, and blockchain concept stocks will gradually differentiate.
        Zhao Xianghuai, an analyst at Everbright Securities (Hong Kong stock 06178), "Blockchain technology has been paid more attention, and non bank finance has benefited directly. The core potential of blockchain lies in the characteristics of distributed database, which helps to improve transparency, security and efficiency. The financial industry will first benefit from the development of blockchain technology. On the one hand, blockchain technology improves information transparency, solves the current & lsquo; Information Island & rsquo; problem, and solves the problem that a customer's credit can not be fully developed by relying on the data of a credit agency alone The emerging problems are to reduce the risks arising from one-sided decision-making, improve the operational efficiency of non banking institutions dominated by trading, reduce potential risk losses, and truly enable trading; On the other hand, blockchain technology improves the speed of completing transactions, clearing and settlement, and reduces labor costs; In addition, the revival of blockchain technology is also an inevitable result of the continuous development and improvement of financial technology in the process of new financial development.
        Financial institutions need to use new technologies to improve service efficiency, improve risk control system, integrate multi-party data, and finally complete digital transformation and upgrading. Blockchain can help financial institutions improve efficiency in many aspects. Traditional financial institutions are eager for technological empowerment. At present, many cases of cooperation between large financial institutions and financial technology companies have emerged in China. It is suggested to pay attention to the non bank institutions that actively deploy financial technology. ". Among them, Zhongan insurance related blockchain applications landed earlier. Li Xuefeng said that since 2015, Zhongan insurance has established a blockchain team to reserve core technologies and explore the deep integration of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. So far, it has submitted 129 blockchain related patents.
        Up to now, Zhongan insurance has a blockchain professional team with a master's degree of more than 50% and engineers and technicians accounting for 54.5%. Li Xuefeng said that in view of the common problems in the insurance industry such as the storage efficiency of electronic insurance policies and the protection of users' privacy in the claims settlement process, Zhong'an Technology launched the blockchain distributed storage products titanium empty cabin and titanium storage certificate. Titanium empty warehouse is a distributed encrypted storage product to ensure data security; The titanium deposit certificate uses technologies such as Zhongan chain smart contract, distributed storage and cryptography developed by Zhongan technology to securely encrypt and store the deposit certificate files. "In the future, Zhongan technology will continue to break through the underlying technologies of the blockchain, including contract engine, contract language, consensus algorithm, ledger structure, privacy protocol, computing model, etc., to solve the problems of blockchain scalability, security, centralization, etc.; at the same time, it will strengthen the combination of blockchain and cloud computing. On the one hand, it will deeply explore the automatic deployment, node management, node dynamic addition, chain monitoring and operation and maintenance of the vertical blockchain SaaS ; On the other hand, it complements the traditional cloud computing microservice architecture in the form of middleware, adding its features such as non tampering, multi center, self certification and self audit.
        ”Li Xuefeng said. In addition to Zhongan insurance, Ping An of China (Hong Kong stock 02318) also has an early layout in the blockchain field. In the field of supply chain finance, Ping An financial one account launched "Fujin all link system". In the investment field, Ping An financial one account also released Alfa intelligent ABS platform and Alfa smart contract cloud platform. In the field of cross-border transactions, Ping An financial one account has completed the Tianjin Port blockchain verification pilot project, which has realized the verification application of blockchain technology in cross-border trade, and solved the industry pain point that cross-border trade data is fragmented and difficult to verify. Ye Wangchun, chairman and CEO of financial one account, said that blockchain technology is considered to be the most subversive core technology of the next generation after steam engine, power and Internet.
        Due to its characteristics of non tampering and traceability, blockchain can realize the transmission of trust mechanism on the premise of ensuring data authenticity and data security. It is internationally recognized as a technology with great potential, which can be used in international trade and realize trust automation. In 2018, the annual transaction scale of Ping An blockchain exceeded 20 trillion yuan. In addition, as early as last August, China Taibao (Hong Kong stock 02601) and JD Group officially launched the first electronic project of value-added tax special invoice using blockchain technology in China, and applied it in the "Internet procurement (e-procurement) platform" of China Taibao.
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