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Baidu's baas blockchain platform has been launched for half a year and has supported the authenticity of 50 billion assets

Time : 15/02/2022 Author : bfhv0c Click : + -
        Before the advent of the "prosperity" of blockchain, baidu noticed the technical value and investment value behind the blockchain in 2015 and has quietly laid out for nearly three years. Half a year after the launch, Baidu's blockchain open platform "baas" (which has supported the authenticity of more than 50 billion yuan of assets and has been successfully applied to credit, asset securitization, asset exchange and other businesses. On July 21, 2017, baidu launched the blockchain open platform "baas" , this is a commercial level blockchain cloud computing platform, mainly to help enterprise alliances build their own blockchain network platform, which is also the leading blockchain open platform in the industry.
        Baidu's "baas" platform relies on Baidu trust's blockchain technology framework and is committed to creating the most easy-to-use blockchain tool. Relying on the underlying technical characteristics, it can trace and trade safely, efficiently and at low cost. It is applicable to such fields as payment clearing, digital bills, bank credit management, equity certification and exchange securities trading, insurance management and financial audit. At the same time, Baidu's "baas" platform will customize and flexibly configure the content, templates and mechanisms of various blockchain projects according to the actual business scenarios of enterprises. It supports real-time block writing and query with high concurrency and low latency, supports multi copy replication and multi instance deployment, and ensures data consistency.
        Baidu's "baas" platform hopes to help the real economy optimize the industrial structure, improve the operation efficiency, reduce the cost of enterprises, and improve the level of industrial inclusion through serving enterprises, institutions and alliance organizations. Baidu has long had a layout in the blockchain field. As early as 2015, baidu began to explore the application of blockchain in the financial field and set up a team; In June 2016, he invested in circle, a global blockchain technology payment company in the United States; On May 16, 2017, baidu finance, Baiqian leasing, Huaneng trust and other partners jointly issued the ABS Project supported by blockchain technology; Subsequently, in September 2017, the "China's first exchange ABS applying blockchain technology" was issued. In this project, the blockchain mainly uses technologies such as decentralized storage, asymmetric secret keys, consensus algorithms, etc., with features such as de intermediation trust, tamper resistance, and transaction traceability.
        In the case of limited financial institutions participating in the nodes, in order to preserve the technical characteristics of the blockchain, baidu finance has also made adaptive transformation of the blockchain technology in practice. On October 17, 2017, baidu finance, a subsidiary of Baidu, officially joined the hyperledger "super ledger" open source project under the Linux foundation, becoming another core board member of the project after Accenture, Airbus, American Express, Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group, Daimler, American Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation, Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM, Intel, JPMorgan Chase and other giants in the fields of finance, medical care, Internet of things and aviation.
        The exploration of blockchain applications in the financial field is a protracted war. Zhang Xuyang, vice president of Baidu, once said: "the research and exploration in the field of blockchain technology is a long-term strategic investment. We hope to make use of Baidu's strong technology scene advantages to empower Baidu's financial consumption ecology, and while continuing to accelerate the application of blockchain technology, export blockchain technology solutions to more partners to achieve win-win cooperation.". In addition, Baidu blockchain technology has also carried out research work in the fields of unmanned vehicles, Internet of things, divide and conquer computing, AI and so on, hoping to open up Xintiandi through new technologies. Illegal and bad information report telephone report email: professional ethics supervision of news practitioners telephone supervision email:.
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