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What is a blockchain,What role will blockchain play in the era of digital asset navigation?

Time : 12/09/2021 Author : ic6h0p Click : + -
        From October 27 to 28, the industry summit of "infinite future & mdash; the era of blockchain navigation in 2020" was held. What role will blockchain technology play in the upcoming era of digital asset navigation? The participants discussed the future development and challenges of blockchain technology around this topic. At present, the digital economy is in a period of vigorous development. According to the report of the China Academy of information and communications, the total added value of China's digital economy has reached 35 trillion yuan in 2019, accounting for 36% of GDP. This proportion is still rising. Li Guoquan, a professor at Singapore's Xinyue University, said that the biggest value of blockchain is that it can change society.
        From a global perspective, the fourth industrial revolution is coming. The most important driver of the fourth industrial revolution, namely, blockchain and token economy, realized point-to-point value transmission. "As far as technology is concerned, blockchain is not complicated. Nakamoto has opened our minds with blockchain technology, and then can bring 60% of the world's people who do not use the banking system and are not in the economic circle into a new economic structure." Li Guoquan said. Founder of Huobi Group & amp; CEO Li Lin said that industrial blockchain and digital finance will be deeply integrated in the future. Some products do not have digital assets, but only credit infrastructure, such as digital identity and digital notarization. The future society should be the infrastructure of the industrial blockchain. These infrastructure include traditional digital assets and may also include new digital assets, which together form a new value Internet in the future.
        However, the difficulties and challenges faced by the asset chain cannot be ignored. Deng Jianpeng, a professor of the Central University of Finance and economics, said that the asset chain involves five processes of registration, certificate keeping, right confirmation, circulation and transaction, and these five processes will face various regulatory and legal problems. He believed that only by promoting regulatory pilot projects first can digital assets and digital economy usher in stable development under the condition of compliance and safety. When looking forward to the future world of digital economy brought by blockchain, Zhu Jiawei, COO of Huobi group, described three scenarios: first, there is no thief in the world, cash is digitized, and everyone uses digital tools to pay, and thieves may gradually disappear; The second is a global integrated world. The development of blockchain and digital economy will connect all countries in the world and form an efficient global network; The third is a clear and private world, which is clear from the big data analysis behind it. It can clearly know the coming and going of every dollar and protect the privacy of users through encryption mechanism.
        He also believes that under the trend of global compliance, the financial infrastructure and Inclusive Finance of the blockchain will enable people around the world to enjoy the convenience of payment and life scene services brought by the blockchain. (Economic Daily reporter Wang Yichen).
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