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Some blockchain concept stocks announced: "the performance is not yet clear," and investors are expected to calm down

Time : 04/01/2022 Author : 63c7fz Click : + -
        On October 25, A-share and several blockchain concept stocks rose by the limit. Some companies have issued clarification announcements, indicating that the company has no substantial blockchain related business, or reminding investors that the related business has little impact on the company's performance. According to wind data, there are 52 listed companies in the current A-share blockchain index. As of October 25, the total market value of the index was 767.572 billion yuan, up or down 48.29% in 52 weeks. Among the above concept stocks, Shenzhen Datong (rights protection) (rights protection), BGI, gaoweida, Keda shares, SF holdings, agricultural products and other companies. No matter from the statistical data of any institution, the number of blockchain related concept stocks has obviously increased in recent years.
        It is worth noting that not all blockchain concept stocks are real blockchain concepts. Among the blockchain concept stocks counted by wind and choice, windstorm group (rights protection) also ranks among them. It is understood that at the beginning of 2018, some media reported on Fengfeng Group that "Fengfeng BFC bokuyun is the world's first BCN blockchain basic service platform, launched by Beijing Fengfeng Xinying Technology Co., Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Fengfeng Group Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Code: 300431)". After the report was issued, Fengfeng Group issued a Clarification Announcement stating that there was no control relationship between the company and Fengfeng Xinying.
        Similar to Fengfeng Group, there have been announcements of listed companies since last year to clarify the risks unrelated to the blockchain. On the evening of January 11, 2018, Jinzheng issued a Clarification Announcement: the market classified the company as a "blockchain concept stock", so the company's share price rose, "Up to now, the company's blockchain business is in the incubation and exploration period, and no relevant technology has been formed. The current research is only subject research without substantive results. The company has not formed relevant products in the blockchain field, and there is no direct business income generated by applying the blockchain technology research and development results in the company's business income.". On April 12, 2018, Hengyin financial, a listed company, issued an abnormal fluctuation and Clarification Announcement on stock trading, saying that there were media reports on the cooperation between Hengyin financial and Beijing Hongqi software, but the company verified with relevant staff that at present, the company has not participated in the research and development of any of its products and the marketing of new products.
        Blockchain related technologies have not formed any related products or applications or sales in the company, and there is no direct business income generated by applying blockchain technology research and development achievements in the company's business income. Yunsai Zhilian also announced on April 5, 2018: as a new technology, the application and market prospect of blockchain are uncertain. As of the disclosure date of this announcement, the company has not involved in the blockchain business. At present, the company has no blockchain business products and no blockchain related business income. On March 7, 2018, the listed company Kaiying network (rights protection) (rights protection) announced that it was verified that the company was indeed negotiating with Beijing hero mutual Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "hero mutual entertainment") on blockchain project investment.
        As of the disclosure date of this announcement, the two sides have reached good cooperation consensus through many talks and consultations. At present, the specific investment mode, investment proportion and investment amount of this cooperation are still under negotiation. Youboxun issued a Clarification Announcement in January 2018. The company is trying to integrate the blockchain technology with the existing mobile information products in the fields of mobile payment, retail and product traceability, but the relevant technologies and product solutions are still at the stage of research and exploration. Due to the open source nature of blockchain related algorithms, the company has not yet had full-time personnel responsible for blockchain business.
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