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Relying on the blockchain technology to improve the transparency of the industry and finance system, Ruixing industry and finance added more credit

Time : 10/12/2021 Author : 293r86 Click : + -
        Recently, Ruixing coffee released the financial report of the second quarter of 2022, and revealed in the performance conference that Ruixing will take the lead in introducing blockchain technology for industrial and financial data management, further improve the transparency of Ruixing's business and financial system, and continue to strengthen the credit enhancement of financial data. This also makes Ruixing a pioneer in introducing blockchain into operation and financial system in the catering consumption industry. Blockchain technology has the characteristics of multi-party participation, non tampering, traceability and multi-party verification. Through the real-time chain storage of key control links and important data, the reliability of business and financial control will be strengthened. The industry believes that the application of blockchain technology in the field of industry finance data credit enhancement can meet the requirements of audit, supervision and the traceability and verification of industry finance data by the company's management and related institutions, and is expected to greatly improve the transparency of industry finance management, thus promoting the effective improvement of business and financial control level.
        This time, Ruixing takes the lead in the application and exploration of blockchain technology in industrial and financial data management, which is another measure of Ruixing's unremitting efforts in history cutting, governance improvement, internal control compliance and other aspects to rebuild the credibility of the enterprise, and also an embodiment of the "truth-seeking and pragmatic" values of the new management of Ruixing. Technology introduction and continuous innovation in the fields of transparency of industry and finance system and data credit enhancement are also expected to become an important direction and core force to promote the development of Chinese enterprises. According to the financial report, the total net income of Ruixing coffee in Q2 was 3.299 billion yuan, an increase of 72.4% over the same period last year. In the second quarter, the number of Ruixing stores increased by 615, and the total number reached 7195.
        The average number of monthly trading customers reached 20.7 million, with a year-on-year increase of 68.6%. While the scale advantage is further strengthened, the operating profit rate is also steadily increasing. The same store sales growth rate of self operated stores reaches 41.2%, and the profit rate of self operated stores reaches 30.6%.
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