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26 million graphics cards to be homeless? Miners and unscrupulous traders may be laid off

Time : 21/07/2022 Author : 2bvxd0 Click : + -
        Countless video cards that were taken care of and loved by game players were then bought by the miners' uncles at a high price and imprisoned in the mines to work. In May last year, the price of some graphics cards was three times the initial price. If anyone can buy a graphics card at the original price, he can immediately become the most flashy guy in the machine maker. However, in recent months, the price of graphics cards has been a wave of flying people. Most of the 30 series graphics cards have fallen below the initial price. The unscrupulous merchants who directly arranged to fry graphics cards took a through train from heaven to hell. Some mining accidents caused by the sharp fall of the currency price (which has risen back a lot these days) are definitely one of the reasons for the reduction of the graphics card price.
        However, the poor reviewer thinks that an upgrade plan called "Ethereum merger" is the biggest killer that really scares miners and unscrupulous traders. Today, I'm going to talk to everyone about what the "Ethereum merger" between the violent video card miners and unscrupulous merchants is. The poor reviewer also made a statement in advance that the following content is purely about blockchain technology. It is not recommended or recommended to speculate on coins. Before we understand the upgrade of "Ethereum merger", we must first understand what Ethereum is and why it needs to be upgraded. The birth of Ethereum is the second blockchain revolution in the circle. Because the function of bitcoin is relatively simple, apart from the simple distributed accounting, the scalability is very limited.
        Nowadays, the trading platform uniswap, the cat raising game cryptokitties and so on are actually applications on this "computer". The smart contract technology is also one of the foundations of the popular Web3 concept in recent years. The new generation of Internet on the "world computer" is no longer a giant's money making machine, because it belongs to all users. It has to be said that the ability of the blockchain to circle the pie is indeed something. All the poor critics are looking forward to seeing what the new generation of Internet looks like. But the assumption is only an assumption after all. Let's not say whether the so-called Web3 model can work.
        The most obvious is that its performance is too high and its energy consumption is too high. Let's put it this way, Ethereum will pack a block every 15 seconds, and each block contains 150-300 transactions. Therefore, I had a plan to divide the ice bank into several districts, such as southeast, northwest, upper, lower, left and right, and called xiaoheipang, hotpot and Shichao together. Each of them was responsible for one district and helped me count the chicken legs together. This method is similar to the "blockchain". It is inefficient, but it can be tamper proof, evil proof and traceable. It is more difficult to steal and fake than to climb to the sky. This is the reason why Ethereum's speed performance is low. People's graphics cards (or other customized mining machines) are used to calculate these problems (that is, people talk about mining).
        In order to win the qualification of packaging and get rewards, more and more graphics cards are used to solve the problem. Under the Ethereum algorithm, the problem is more and more difficult. We can also refer to the fact that the global shipment of independent graphics cards in 2021 is about 50 million (for reference only, after all, the number of mining cards is the stock, and the annual shipment is the flow, so the comparison is not too strict). As a result, Ethereum alone consumes more than 44 billion kwh of electricity a year. You said that you are not a high energy consumption and backward production capacity. Who would believe that? You see that your Ethereum is energy consuming and has high performance. What else can you do to "dream of the world computer"?. They all want to replace Ethereum and become a new "world computer" (the smart contract field is still dominated by Ethereum).
        Of course, in the Impossible Triangle of high-performance (or, in other words, scalability), decentralized and secure blockchain, they all have their own choices. Ethereum itself, when it was born in 2014, had already made plans for the future. Now, Ethereum is in the fourth stage. After this stage is completed, ETH 2.0 will also be the latest form of Ethereum. There are about three main objectives in the fourth stage, namely, beacon chain, merger and fragmentation. Didn't you say that I consume a lot of energy? Then I will update a new version of the ship to drive away all the miners who use the graphics card (or other hardware). It's like counting chicken legs and packing chicken legs. Now we don't need to scramble for qualification with graphics card arithmetic.
        Let's not do that meaningless arithmetic problem. Won't the problem of high energy consumption be solved? At present, the voting beacon chain is parallel to the old calculation chain. The merger is also seen by insiders as a major update of Web3 infrastructure, saying that the upgraded Ethereum will be fairer, safer and more energy-saving. The energy consumption problem is solved, and the last goal is to solve the performance problem. When the time comes, won't the "world computer" with strong performance and low energy consumption become one? Of course, the step of dividing is still a little far for the time being. It is one thing to draw a beautiful cake, and it is another thing to eat it.
        For example, due to the discord within the Ethereum community, etc (Ethereum Classic) branched out in 2016 has become the new favorite of miners. Recently, the price of etc has also been raised under the speculation of miners. However, because the plate of etc is too small compared with Ethereum, the income of digging etc is about 50% less than that of digging Ethereum. I can only say that it's hard to hold it. Some of the miners are not in a hurry. They say that the "merger" has been proposed for a long time, and the time has been delayed. With the past urination, this mine can at least be dug for another year. Anyway, some exchanges are also acting according to the situation. One side supports the merger and the other side is ready to launch a new "private server" currency.
        Sun Yuchen, who was once a pigeon to Buffett and the poor judge, also occupied the first time. He said that if Ethereum diverges, sun Dasheng will strongly support the miner chain. Of course, even NVIDIA was shocked by the Ethereum merger. In NVIDIA's financial report, they talked about the impact of Ethereum merger on them. One is that it will lead to more second-hand GPUs for resale, thus affecting the market price. If you look at NVIDIA's stock price, you can guess how hard they feel. Finally, generally speaking, the era of mining with graphics cards will not end immediately after the merger of Ethereum. People in the Web3 circle are also beating drums and gongs to welcome the upgrading of new infrastructure. It seems that the "world computer" in their mind is getting closer and closer.
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