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OKx and LinkedIn jointly wrote the global blockchain industry talent Report

Time : 01/04/2022 Author : gxsn37 Click : + -
        Victoria, Seychelles, Aug 122022 (globenewswire) -- OKx, the world's leading cryptocurrency platform, and LinkedIn, the largest global professional network, jointly wrote a report, emphasizing the imbalance between supply and demand of qualified talents in the global blockchain industry. This in-depth study based on LinkedIn's exclusive big data analysis takes data from 180 countries / regions collected from January 2019 to June 2022. It covers the blockchain industry, as well as sub industries such as encryption, quantum computing and distributed accounting, and at least 15 other related sub industries.
        The report shows that as of June 2022, the supply and demand of talents in the global blockchain field is unbalanced and there is a shortage of candidates. The total number of LinkedIn members working in the blockchain field increased by 76% year-on-year, but the countries / regions traditionally the main source of candidates in the blockchain field are experiencing negative talent growth. In China, the growth is stable, which is an exception to this trend. Haider RAFIQUE, chief marketing officer of OKx, said: "we have conducted research in cooperation with LinkedIn, and the results reflect our continuous pursuit of talents in OKx. We previously announced that we would increase the total number by 30% by the end of next year, and our previous announcement is still valid.
        I believe that OKx's leading position in the cryptocurrency exchange, our determination to continuously innovate and improve the user experience, and our belief that blockchain and Web3.0 are the future will enable us to continue to attract the best talents. The research also shows that the demand for core talents has shifted from financial oriented to technical capable candidates. From the number of Posts released, the global demand for R & D professionals is the largest, followed by the global demand for information technology professionals. The number of job announcements in product management, marketing and human resources followed closely. In terms of recruitment demand, the demand for financial candidates now ranks sixth.
        Another challenge highlighted in the report is the short tenure of candidates and the high turnover rate of talents. According to the report of LinkedIn global talent big data insight, the average tenure of global blockchain talents is 1.2 years. The report also shows that in addition to the influx of talents from traditional financial and technology companies, the talent flow in the global blockchain industry is mainly based on intra industry flow. Linda TSE, global talent recruitment director of OKx, said: "as a booming frontier industry affected by the talent trend of the whole blockchain industry, the competition for high-quality candidates and the frequent flow of talents are inevitable to a certain extent.
        Nevertheless, OKx's high emphasis on innovation, professional development, work life balance, and our mission driven thinking model are supporting our talent growth strategy. In May 2022, we received nearly 19000 job applications, and the number is still increasing. ". OKx is a leading cryptocurrency trading application and a Web3 ecosystem. OKx is trusted by more than 20 million global customers in more than 180 international markets. It is famous for the fastest and most reliable cryptocurrency trading application and has become the first choice for global investors and professional trading users.
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