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Hubei's regional equity market was included in the China Securities Regulatory Commission's blockchain construction pilot

Time : 04/08/2022 Author : rds8f9 Click : + -
        Hubei Daily (reporters Zhang Yangchun, correspondents Chen Jing and Xia Zhiqiang) learned from Hubei provincial local financial supervision and Administration Bureau on August 12 that Hubei regional equity market was included in the block chain construction pilot of China Securities Regulatory Commission. In the national blockchain innovation and application pilot work, the "blockchain + equity market" pilot was included in the pilot scope of blockchain innovation and application in the financial field. As the main operator of Hubei regional equity market, since last year, Wuhan equity trusteeship Trading Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wujiao center") has actively promoted the pilot of "blockchain + equity market" under the support and guidance of the provincial local financial supervision and Administration Bureau and other departments. The regional equity market blockchain pilot mission has been successfully approved by the CSRC.
        Hubei's regional equity market ranks in the forefront of the country in terms of the number of entrusted and listed enterprises, total financing and other indicators. By the end of July, there were 6912 registered enterprises under custody and 6142 listed enterprises in total. 3214 equity financing transactions have been completed for 519 listed enterprises under custody, achieving a total financing of 167.605 billion yuan. Through the blockchain construction pilot, more than 6000 small, medium and micro enterprises in Hubei listed in the Wuhan communications center will be "linked". According to the pilot plan, by the end of 2022, the construction of the basic platform of the blockchain and the cleaning and uploading of the basic data will be completed. Embracing the blockchain, the function of Hubei regional equity market will be comprehensively improved.
        It is reported that our province will carry out the construction of blockchain application scenarios from the three aspects of "blockchain + registration and trusteeship", "blockchain + corporate portrait" and "blockchain + credit service". Through "blockchain + registration trusteeship", the basic business data and business process of equity trusteeship business, such as basic account management, initial registration of equity, equity transfer, equity capital increase, equity pledge, can be linked, forming a closed-loop business data, further improving the credibility, traceability and market standardization of the data. Through "blockchain + enterprise portrait", the data information base of enterprises on the chain will be established to realize hierarchical and classified services and management of enterprises and reduce investment and financing risks.
        Through "blockchain + credit service", a data sharing mechanism based on the regional equity market will be established, which can alleviate the problems of "difficult financing" and "expensive financing". The Hubei Daily client focuses on Hubei and world events. It not only provides users with authoritative policy interpretation, fresh hot information and practical convenience information, but also introduces a series of features such as handheld newspaper reading, newspaper materials, learning and online interaction. Return to Sohu to see more.
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