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Blockchain + collectibles, differentiation of three typical application paths in the world

Time : 02/03/2022 Author : ea9q1l Click : + -
        Blocktianyan app news: blockchain has the characteristics of openness, transparency and non tampering, so it is of great value to the scenarios that need to be confirmed, such as: copyright, invoice, evidence chain, and supply chain traceability that has been applied in many food industries. Another direction is the combined application of blockchain and Collectibles industry. This application direction is being explored not only at home, but also in Europe, America and the world, However, in the way of landing application, it has taken a completely different differentiation route, which is worth reference. Since 2018, domestic Internet giants such as "batj" have started to catch up with each other on the blockchain track. Relying on their own resources and business advantages, they strive to take the lead in the blockchain + industry.
        Ant follows the financial line, JD follows the traceability line, Tencent follows the entertainment line, and Baidu relies on its choice to work in the field of culture and Expo. It has established the "culture and Expo art chain" to promote the online collection of 327 museums in the encyclopedia museum plan. On the blockchain, the name of the collection, the museum, the introduction of the collection, the storage time, the blockchain storage ID and the hash value are recorded, so as to verify and protect the copyright of the collection. Most of the collections of these museums are precious historical relics. Another role that the cultural and Museum chain can play is to prevent the collection from being lost overseas after being stolen or from being certified as authentic after being sold. This direction is aimed at the fan economy. Hollywood stars have a large number of fans, and they will also buy various products of stars, especially limited editions.
        James middot, captain of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek; Kirk is played by William & middot; Shatner, an old evergreen star, cooperated with wax blockchain to digitize and chain private commemorative photos, make blockchain digital collection cards, and sell them to fans around the world. The photos on these cards have never been exposed before. They record the precious scenes of his career and personal life. A total of 125000 copies were issued and packed in 10000 digital bags. They were sold out nine minutes after they were officially sold out at the end of last month. Because the supply exceeds the demand, some collectors began to resell in the secondary market and enter the circulation.
        William & middot; Shatner himself has always been very optimistic about the product business opportunities of blockchain development, so this is why he took the lead in Hollywood to try to chain his own IP derivatives. He wrote on the social network: some people say that uploading to the network can be permanently stored. I don't agree with this. Uploading to the blockchain can be permanently stored. This digital collection card based on Star IP applies non-homogeneous token NFT to confirm, trace and trade. Each NFT has its own unique attributes, which are unique and cannot be forged or. William & middot; Shatner's card also has a puzzle type, which requires three pieces to see the complete picture. This kind of playing method brings NFT to a new level, that is, after the puzzle is complete, new rare products appear, with higher value.
        Auction houses are more active in exploring the application of blockchain in the UK, and Christies (Christie's), a British Art and luxury auction house, has become the first major international auction house to record auction data using blockchain technology. In 2018, Christie's cooperated with the blockchain technology provider artry to auction Barney a Before ebsworth's collection, it first uploads the past transaction history of the collection to the blockchain for buyers to browse, so as to enhance the confidence of buyers in the authenticity of the collection, mainly for the purpose of "anti-counterfeiting". This is the biggest problem in the collection industry, and it is hoped that blockchain Technology will be a breakthrough solution.
        Christie's has been expanding in the direction of digitization. From the linear virtual preview space to the high price sale of artificial intelligence paintings, blockchain is one of the directions. At present, Christie's still takes the "up chain" of physical collection transaction records as the main application landing point. It is believed that in the future, with the deepening of Christie's digital collection, other values of blockchain will be better explored and applied. To sum up, from the above three cases, we can clearly see three different application paths, each focusing on cultural relics protection from the top to the bottom, public collection from the bottom to the top, and digital business transformation from the horizontal expansion. Although the landing points are different, the core is the attempt of new business forms of digital economy based on blockchain.
        Although the above three cases are now separated from each other, with the in-depth understanding of the traditional industry on how to use the blockchain, it is believed that in the near future, not only the above three directions can be applied in series, but also more new scenarios will be developed, so that the bottleneck problem that plagues the collection industry can truly achieve a breakthrough in the whole chain.
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