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Snow of snow (what does snow's father do)

Time : 08/05/2022 Author : b6qdws Click : + -
        Under the snow, also known as father under the snow, is the debut character of Duhang's novel "my youth love story is really wrong" and its derivative works. The official library of the original light novel "my youth love story is indeed problematic" has published the chapter of Xue Nai side. In the chapter of Xue Nai side, Duhang wrote the sixth chapter "so, there is a new enemy in front of him". Taking Xue Nai's father as the first perspective, it tells the story of Xue Nai's father after he confessed, and also tells the love history of Xue Nai's parents. We all know that Xue Nai's family is a political family, Moreover, it is a very rich family, but xuenai's father was not originally named Xuexia. He came from an ordinary family and was chased by Xuexia's mother into the Xuexia family.
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