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Part of "the most innovative enterprise of China yuancosmos in 2022"

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        Yuancosmos has brought the transformative power of digital technology to all walks of life, changed the way of mass production and life, provided new ways for work, social intercourse and entertainment in the post epidemic era, effectively improved the elasticity, business efficiency and sustainable development potential of the supply chain, and opened up a new direction for the development of the era. The meta universe industrial chain covers all aspects of the digital economy, including hardware, technology, software, services, applications and other aspects. It covers Internet infrastructure, computing hardware, perceptual interaction equipment, development technology, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence technology, interaction technology and other aspects, and is inseparable from the daily life of the public.
        On July 25, meta released the meta universe white paper prepared by the international consulting company analysis group, which predicted the impact of meta universe technology on the global economy based on the development of mobile devices. The "most innovative enterprise of China's yuan universe in 2022" was jointly released by the yuan universe heart team and Chongqing Financial Technology Research Institute. Under the guidance of the yuan Universe Development Research Working Committee of China Council for the promotion of international economic and technological cooperation, the opinions of industry tycoons, experts and scholars and investment institutions were integrated, and many popular tracks such as AR / VR, virtual human, games, AI, data collection platform, games, underlying infrastructure and Yuan universe social networking were targeted, Sort out the unlisted enterprises with great characteristics and development potential in China's yuancosmos industrial chain.
        After the information collection and screening in the first week, the team of the heart of the meta universe selected 20 representative enterprises from among the booming unlisted enterprises in China according to the in-depth mining of the industrial chain of the meta universe and released them in the first stage, which is also the first part of the list. MOFA technology is committed to providing intelligent and industrial infrastructure for 3D virtual content production. Provide full stack technology and product services for creating, educating and employing people in the virtual world, and create a virtual world infrastructure platform. The whole stack of MOFA technology has developed the core technology of intelligent chemical industrialization virtual content production, virtual live broadcast and AI virtual human core technology. It has built an intelligent cloud platform for collaborative production of 3D virtual content, virtual live broadcast and offline real-time interactive products, and a full intelligent virtual digital human capability platform, enabling pan entertainment, culture and tourism, consumption, e-commerce, finance, education, medical care, communication and other industries to create benchmark virtual digital people, Promote virtual + X innovation for good and sustainable development.
        The second world culture is committed to exploring the form of human existence in the digital world. It realizes the exploration of b-end virtual human through the derivative IP of customer real person, the original IP of "symbiosis" with stars, and the independent original IP. In the future, the second world culture will focus on exploring the mode related to virtual human and digital identity at the C-end, and develop the VBS digital identity system based on the construction technology of meta universe infrastructure such as AI, blockchain, AR / VR and cloud rendering. It is committed to promoting the intelligence and scenario of virtual IP, promoting the identification of users to digital identity, realizing the multi scene intercommunication of users' digital identity, and realizing the intelligence and scenario of virtual human IP. Pico bird look is one of the first domestic technology companies focusing on mobile virtual reality technology and product research and development. It is committed to VR R & D, virtual reality content and application, creating a coverage industry upstream and downstream, providing consumers with end-to-end product and service experience, creating a global leading mobile VR hardware and content platform, and offline sales channels covering more than 40 domestic cities in seven regions.
        Lexiang technology is a technology driven product company. The company's business areas include the research and development of virtual reality terminals and the construction of virtual reality content platforms. While benefiting the vast number of users, it provides a complete set of virtual reality technology solutions to various enterprises. Its core product is lightweight head display Dapeng VR. Currently, Dapeng VR has users in more than 40 countries overseas, serving more than 13000 developers around the world, and is deeply engaged in the vertical segmentation of education, medical, industrial and entertainment industries. Veer focuses on the production and distribution of global high-quality VR content. Its core businesses include veer global VR content platform, zero space VR cinema and VR film studio veerstudio.
        Veer global VR content platform collects global high-definition VR content, has the world's largest boutique VR video library, and is committed to providing users with a continuously updated high-quality movie viewing experience. It is a leading VR video platform on mainstream VR equipment at home and abroad such as htcviveport, Skyworth, Huawei, oculus, steam, Pico, and cooperates with China Mobile, telecom, Unicom and other operators. It is an important video content copyright supplier and co producer in the VR field. Insta360 shadow stone is one of the leading brands of panoramic cameras. Through independent R & D and technological innovation, we meet the image needs of users in different scenarios and provide intelligent image solutions for various industries. Our main products include consumer level intelligent image equipment such as onex2, oner, go motion camera, professional level intelligent image equipment, accessories and other products.
        Insta360 shadow stone is committed to enabling users to share wonderful moments with the world and record all of the present. Fangtian Shenghua has a number of domestic best core technologies in the fields of computer vision, photographing and video portrait removal. It is committed to R & D of AR / VR technology, expanding diversified application scenarios and establishing more abundant content. Fangtian Shenghua applied AR and platform technology to the cultural and tourism track, built a meta universe smart cultural and tourism cloud platform, expanded diversified application scenarios through ar virtual tour guides for cultural interpretation, interactive group photos, and real-life navigation, established richer content, improved tourist experience and improved the management quality of the scenic area. Suiguang technology empowers various industries with science and technology, improves efficiency, creates value, and opens more possibilities for human-computer interaction.
        Suiguang technology provides a variety of solutions such as Mr hardware equipment, Mr space multi person interaction industry application, Mr customized interaction system, Mr edge rendering system, and Mr live broadcast system. It has 257 valid patents and patent applications. It has been applied in many fields such as smart education, entertainment, exhibition hall, smart fire protection, industrial simulation, and smart medical care, bringing multi person interaction MR equipment experience and intelligent enjoyment to users. Prism holography is a leading holographic technology company in China. It is committed to achieving 3D aerial imaging of holography through cutting-edge innovative technologies in the world, breaking away from medium dependence, and realizing all-round three-dimensional imaging of any object without medium.
        At present, it provides solutions for automotive holographic vehicle products, smart homes, media and cultural and tourism industries to build a smart living space in the future. At present, prism holography and Geely Automobile released the world's first holographic intelligent cockpit, officially opening the era of no screen for automobiles, and promoting the construction of intelligent travel ecology with unlimited imagination. Metaimage xverse is committed to creating a seamless ecosystem integrating the Internet and the real world. It introduces cloud rendering, artificial intelligence, video coding and decoding and system engineering into digital twin application scenarios to achieve online and offline integrated interactive experience. Its goal is to become one of the operating systems (OS) and important content providers of the all true Internet.
        Connect hardware, software and users in a decentralized ecosystem, make the intermediate process from idea to design zero for creators, narrow the distance between users and the virtual world, and create a true Internet. Lingdi style3d reconstructs the fashion industry with 3D digitization, comprehensively promoting the supply side reform of the clothing industry. Its style3d is the world's first 3D digital service platform for fashion industry chain. Its core products include style3dstudio digital modeling and design software, style3dfabric digital fabric processing software and style3dcloud R & D whole process collaborative platform. Lingdi style3d and Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Zhejiang University CAD & amp; CG State Key Laboratory and other companies and universities have cooperated in depth to enable the digitalization of the clothing industry, help the sustainable development of fashion, gradually realize the diversified business value expansion of digital clothing production, combination of virtual and real clothing, digital asset trading, fashion industry interconnection, and realize the flexible and fast response supply chain management of the service industry.
        Bud is positioned as a new generation of UGC social application platform and a global meta universe social platform. It provides users with simple and easy-to-use code free tools to create personalized 3D interactive content, build hot and fashionable virtual social scenes, help users achieve personalized creative expression and enrich their social experience. We are committed to becoming a new choice for the social platform of generation Z. Yigou technology is a global cloud communication service provider with rich experience in RTC field. Its self-developed audio and video engine services cover the world and link 500 million end users. At present, it is committed to providing users with an overall solution for creating a meta universe, integrating and shaping virtual people, custom meta universe scenes, RTC, Zim and other capabilities, and providing infrastructure for creating a meta universe for Pan entertainment, live broadcast and online social networking.
        Zero technology aims to create a data value circulation infrastructure through blockchain and privacy computing technology, ensure the reliable and orderly circulation and safe and efficient application of data among multiple subjects, and serve the deep digitization of automobile, finance, government affairs, double carbon and other fields. The service customers include government departments, large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, industry associations, etc. It has provided necessary infrastructure for many fields such as identity authentication and digital collections in the meta universe. The National Information Center, China Mobile Communications Group Corporation, China UnionPay Co., Ltd. and Beijing Hongzao Technology Co., Ltd. jointly launched the blockchain service network BSN. Hongzao technology provided technical support for the blockchain service network BSN, and launched the DDC / NFT infrastructure network with Chinese characteristics, establishing a network with diversified technologies, wide distribution, transparent mechanism, flexible authority and favorable price, And a long-term DDC / NFT chain environment network.
        The basic network is composed of more than ten BSN open alliance chains with perfect technical systems and different characteristics. By deploying BSN official DDC smart contracts with cross chain mechanism, it provides fast access services to platform parties with DDC / NFT business needs, so that they can flexibly manage the generation, update, transfer and destruction of DDC / NFT. It provides the necessary infrastructure for compliant issuance of digital collections. Weizhong bank has led the research and development of fiscobcos, the underlying open source platform of the blockchain, and established an open source community around it, gathering more than 40000 individual developers and more than 2000 enterprises and institutions. It has built cross chain collaboration, middleware, privacy protection, data governance, blockchain governance and other tools and solutions, which have been applied in government, finance, public welfare, medical care, education and other fields, and provided necessary technical support for the meta universe.
        Yuchain technology is one of the first batch of blockchain technology enterprises registered by the national network information office in China. It has realized the integration of blockchain software and hardware, completed the end-to-end direct uploading of physical world data, and truly realized the mapping of data on and off the chain. Yuchain technology is the only trusted data infrastructure technology service provider in the world with the trinity of "chip + Chain + cloud". It has more than 60 patents, independently researched and developed blockchain underlying technology, baas cloud service, security chip, trusted object storage service, etc., and provided blockchain + industry overall solutions. It has practical use cases in public welfare, public security, automotive aftermarket, smart city, environmental protection and other scenarios.
        Cocafe is a pioneer in the development of digital collections in China, and is committed to meta universe marketing and creator economy. Coffey technology owns Codeco creative studio and colab blockchain studio. It has rich design resources, contracted artists at home and abroad, first-class product technology team in the industry and mature digital collection distribution and application experience, covering the ecological link from creative production to distribution and sales. Coffey technology, together with famous brands such as China Guardian, McDonald's, Oreo, haiwenjiao, Porsche and Naixue tea, has created the first issuance of many digital collections, and has cooperated closely with industry leaders in entertainment, consumption, automobile and retail, becoming the explorer of the meta universe era.
        Mihayou is committed to technology research and development and exploring cutting-edge technologies. It has accumulated leading technical capabilities in cartoon rendering, artificial intelligence, cloud game technology and other fields, and is committed to creating a virtual world in which one billion people in the world are willing to live. It is headquartered in Shanghai, China, and has a global layout in Singapore, the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions. It has more than 4000 employees and has launched the original God Many products, such as collapse School Park, artificial desktop and miyou society, have been created around IP, such as animation, comics, music, novels and surrounding products. Lilis game is one of the representatives of China's Mesozoic game companies. It maintains a leading position in the Chinese game market. It has developed many popular games such as sword and expedition, the awakening of all nations, and the medal of war. It is committed to providing users with a better game experience and becoming a global game company.
        "The most innovative enterprise of China's yuancosmos in 2022" will select the most representative 100 unlisted enterprises in the current yuancosmos industry and lead you to explore the development of the domestic yuancosmos industrial chain!. At present, the list is under internal invitation. Individual recommendation and enterprises are welcome to participate in the evaluation. We will focus on the original intention, work hard, and define the future of the meta universe together!. Technology giants such as meta, Microsoft, Alibaba and Huawei announced the establishment of the metauniverse Standards Forum, and welcome any company to join the organization to achieve "real world interoperability" in the metauniverse. The heart of metauniverse aims to create a comprehensive and in-depth information platform to gain insight into the latest news of the industry.
        Excavate the value of metauniverse from news, perspectives, columns, industry trends and other perspectives. For more details, click:. Disclaimer: as a meta universe information platform, the information provided by this site does not represent any investment suggestions. Investment is risky and you should be cautious when entering the market. Metacosmology will continue to invest a huge amount of money in the metacosmology project. The "magnetic attraction ar glasses" of the metacosmology weekly and Xiaomi are authorized.
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