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"Item search network" offline scientific and technological innovation special project docking salon was successfully held

Time : 20/07/2022 Author : zvs5at Click : + -
        On July 21, the fifth offline project docking salon was held by the "item search network" of Chongqing Xianjie Technology Group Co., Ltd. The theme of this salon is a special session for scientific and technological innovation. More than 30 enterprises participated and 20 projects were shared. At the beginning of the meeting, Li Yuexu, general manager of Chongqing Seeker Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the public level SME Service Platform "seeker" of Xianjie technology group to the guests present. "Item search network" is positioned as a new type of digital marketing service provider for small and medium-sized enterprises. It provides comprehensive intelligent marketing services for small and medium-sized enterprises through the combination of online intelligent promotion, offline activity docking, supply and demand information push and other modes. The platform provides services including investment promotion, channel cooperation, public relations docking, investment and financing docking, and redefines the project promotion with new technologies and new models.
        The 2022 (Chongqing) SME digital marketing empowerment Development Forum will be opened on August 9. The event is hosted by Chongqing Xianjie Technology Group Co., Ltd. under the guidance of the Counselor's office of Chongqing municipal government, Chongqing Federation of industry and Commerce and Chongqing Yuzhong District People's government. According to the data of the fourth national economic census, there were 18.07 million legal entities of small, medium and micro enterprises in China, attracting 240 million employees, accounting for 79.8% of the total employment of enterprises. It can be seen that small, medium and micro enterprises occupy an important position and play an active role in social and economic development, and are an important force in China's social and economic development. However, against the background of the current COVID-19 epidemic, small, medium and micro enterprises are limited by their own scale and strength, their ability to resist risks is weak, and their development speed is also restricted.
        Therefore, how to make small and medium-sized enterprises survive and even grow stronger with the help of existing policies and resources has become a major challenge for the whole society. This forum helps small and medium-sized enterprises to develop and relieve their difficulties, connects high-quality project resources and channels, and exchanges new models of digital marketing. The purpose of this forum is to jointly discover many problems faced by small and medium-sized enterprises from different angles such as policy assistance, development guidance, and enterprise cooperation through the government, industry experts, financial institutions, and enterprise representatives, explore new paths for enterprise development, enable enterprises to develop high-quality new projects, and seek new ways for enterprise growth. At the forum, we will analyze the current situation of small and medium-sized enterprises under the epidemic situation, discuss the investment promotion, resources and promotion methods of small and medium-sized enterprises, share the new promotion mode of "looking for good projects", and 10 colleagues will introduce their projects on the spot, from theory to practice, from project channels to marketing promotion, to help thousands of small and medium-sized enterprise entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.
        After the customer successfully publishes a piece of project information, the background system will automatically identify potential customers for accurate matching and docking. The publisher can get the information of potential customers at the first time and conduct resource interaction. If you have resources, you are welcome to become the owners of the circle and hold your own salon. The "item finding network" will do a good job in assisting and building the platform together with the owners of the circle. The "item search network" platform encourages you to share all kinds of business opportunities, whether it is parks, talents, investments, channel providers, service providers, expert consultants, etc. you can search what you want and share what others want. China soft international has the ability to integrate 5g, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, Internet of things and other comprehensive digital infrastructure.
        Its business includes software service business, smart city, cloud business, and deep participation in Hongmeng open source and aiot ecological construction. In 2019, China soft international signed a cooperation agreement with Liangjiang New Area to jointly establish a digital the Belt and Road software ecological base in Liangjiang New Area. The base is located in the Internet Industrial Park of Liangjiang New District, Chongqing. It is one of the 28 bases of China soft international in China. Meanwhile, China soft international and Liangjiang New District provide a series of support policies for the base. Wujing digital technology has more than 15 years of professional digital vision integrated services, focusing on digital technology application and digital product development; The application of digital technology spans the three fields of digital exhibition, digital media and digital twin, specifically including multimedia interaction, immersive cinema, interactive projection, holographic imaging, 3dmapping, AR, VR industry applications and other digital vision solutions.
        Qingbo intelligence is a technology company with big data and artificial intelligence as its technical chassis, providing intelligent services for government departments, enterprises, media and universities. Based on the advantages of double space-time data and AI multi-modal algorithm, in 2021, Qingbo accumulates its strength to layout the meta universe, creating the industry's first meta universe science and technology city integrating virtual human, virtual assets and space-time intelligence, and providing customers with comprehensive meta universe services such as brand marketing and industrial services. Chongqing Yungan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on smart home and home robot racetrack. Its product Yungan intelligent body chair is a new concept of personal entertainment intelligent equipment.
        If you are interested, please contact us. Qikeduo relies on big data + Al technology to quickly build an integrated marketing system of "customer acquisition, management and operation" for enterprises. It is a new generation of enterprise level SCRM products, which is more intelligent, flexible and efficient to help the continuous growth of enterprise performance. The "Tianxiang blockchain e-student card" project, based on the latest policies of the Ministry of education and the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission on "mobile phone control for primary and secondary school students" in 2021, was jointly built by China Mobile Chongqing company and chuangmin technology group. It mainly focuses on the three core needs of "mobile phone replacement", "security management" and "auxiliary epidemic prevention" for primary and secondary school students. It can not only avoid the harm caused by the use of mobile phones by primary and secondary school students, but also solve the many contradictions in the various links of the "band restriction", "ban" and "unified management" of students' mobile phones.
        The application of blockchain technology focuses on solving technical problems such as data security, privacy protection and trusted flow. Barrier technology service is committed to creating a multi-user barrier free communication community for the hearing impaired, relatives and friends, disabled people's federations, communities, public welfare organizations, enterprises and healthy hearing people. Provide a set of professional and complete barrier free interpretation services for museums, hospitals, banks, airports, transportation, etc. in the form of text, pictures, videos, sign language and other information visualization. Provide partners with professional services such as user public opinion feedback, planning, packaging and implementation of disability assistance projects for the main hearing-impaired groups, and improve product value and industry influence. Provide shooting and post production services for customers.
        Project direction: integration of educational videos, disabled videos, public welfare propaganda videos, popular science knowledge explanation videos, animation propaganda videos, enterprise propaganda videos, special documentaries, etc. Provide customized services according to the needs of customers, including barrier free consultants for hearing impaired people, sign language promotion program formulation, sign language teaching project development, and visual display system development for barrier free content of public service institutions. The organization is a digital enterprise operation distribution and settlement management SaaS; Help small and medium-sized enterprises to conduct digital and structured business settlement management; Give SMEs the ability to form compliance, efficient, low-cost, public-private distribution and settlement.
        Maxhub smart conference solution is based on smart conference and integrates the smart capabilities of maxhub software and hardware to provide an integrated smart conference solution. Redefine your office space through the whole process of alot smart IOT, cloud collaboration and conference. Chongqing Xizhong Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a one-stop service platform specializing in industrial investment promotion and supporting the provision of finance, taxation and human resources service outsourcing. The company is headquartered in Liangjiang New District of Chongqing, and has set up investment promotion centers and Park industrial service centers in Chongqing, Shanghai, Sichuan, Henan, Shenzhen, Jiangxi and other provinces and cities. Xizhong promotes the development of the company with the business philosophy of scientific and technological innovation, professional credibility and focus on Zhiyuan. Now it has established cooperative relations with more than 30 parks and more than 6000 enterprises and institutions in more than 10 provinces and cities across the country, and has won unanimous recognition.
        After years of development, Xizhong has become a leading enterprise in the western region with its mature service system and good market reputation. Established in 2012, Chongqing Guangqian group is an enterprise management consulting company that is mainly cultivated and developed by the functional departments of Yuzhong District government. Guangqian group is committed to providing policy interpretation, human resources, education and training, electronic digital information management and other services for social growth enterprises to control risks, reduce costs and increase performance. Provide employment opportunities for ordinary people, improve professional skills, improve the promotion of academic qualifications and titles, and improve the level of file management. Business, founded in 1994, is one of the most influential commercial and financial brands in China. For 28 consecutive years, it has ranked first in the circulation of China's commercial journals, covering more than 100000 domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, more than 30 million new media fans, and more than 13 million entrepreneurs.
        Position the entrepreneur group, serve the business community, promote innovation, and become a value creation platform that promotes global innovation and local resources. Nuohankang medical was founded in January 2017 and is located in Building 1, Chengdu hi tech Incubation Park. It is a leading enterprise with southwest clinical nucleic acid sequencing research as its main business; There are more than 40 employees, 30 R & D and technical personnel, and 15 people with doctorate or master's degree. Nuohankang medical is a genomics high-tech enterprise focusing on the transformation and application of precision medicine. It provides scientific research sequencing services, clinical tumor sequencing, clinical infection sequencing, non-invasive pre implantation genetic testing, early screening of tumors, genetic diseases and other precision medical sequencing services, and carries out research and development of clinical testing reagents, testing methods and equipment, and personal genome management sequencing.
        The laboratory is equipped with high-throughput second-generation sequencing platform, ont third-generation sequencing platform, qPCR, high-performance computer cluster and other software and hardware, and has complete hardware conditions for the application of gene detection technology. Chengdu nuohankang precision medical technology development Co., Ltd. was established in November 2021 and is located in hemin Street (Chengdu Frontier Medical Center 10) of Chengdu high tech Zone. It is fully responsible for the full-time marketing of the "nuohankang" brand. Chongqing denominator smart technology is a national high-tech enterprise committed to providing professional and high-quality information technology service providers for enterprises and governments across the country. It is based on solving customer informatization problems, creating value for customers, and mining and researching innovative solutions for the industry.
        It mainly provides government / enterprise informatization construction, industry solutions, big data platform construction and high-end mobile platform development (APP, wechat, small programs) and other services. At present, the customers are all over the automotive, medical, health, education, government, transportation, manufacturing industry and other industries, including China Automotive Research Institute, Yaoyou pharmaceutical,, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Poly Group, MCC CCID and other well-known enterprises and institutions. Chongqing Yunmeng Valley Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in class clothes, group clothes and cultural shirts. At the same time, we can customize all kinds of sweaters, long and short sleeve polo shirts, as well as various gifts and office supplies.
        It is committed to providing professional customized service solutions for enterprises and institutions such as campuses and companies, and providing a complete set of one-stop customized services for enterprise culture products. We are committed to spreading customized culture, leading the trend of customized culture, and providing professional and systematic customized services for the surrounding fans. The affectionate crab meaning brand was founded in 2016 and has always been committed to providing consumers with high-quality Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. In 2017, we expanded the product scale and set up store cooperation systems in Chongqing, Xi'an, Guiyang, Suzhou, Chengdu and other places to better serve customers. In 2017, soulful Xieyi proposed and implemented the "standardized operation mode of the hairy crab industry", and established five hairy crab loading centers around the industry standards, effectively solving the problems of inconsistent quality and slow delivery time of hairy crabs. Therefore, it won the honor of "hairy crab credit management enterprise" for five consecutive years.
        In 2021, the quality standard of "gold producing area" of hairy crab was proposed. In the same year, the supply scope of live hairy crab was expanded from Yangcheng Lake to Taihu Lake, Gucheng Lake, Baoying Lake, Gaoyou Lake, Hongze Lake and other high-grade Lake crabs, which won unanimous praise from customers. "Learning guide No." eye protection learning lamp is a learning machine jointly launched by learning guide education and Alibaba cloud, which is specialized in after-school guidance. At the same time, it is also a table lamp with AAA level eye protection function. It has three major advantages: a large question bank of 50 million synchronous teaching questions, Alibaba cloud computing technology and Foxconn's electronic product production technology. This special salon for scientific and technological innovation has been full of enthusiasm since the beginning of registration. The projects brought by this salon are full of science and technology, and there are many bright spots.
        "Nuohankang medicine", "katuzi stem cell", "Alibaba cloud" project "smart home robot" and "yuermeng technology - barrier free visualization service provider" have attracted much attention both online and offline. After the meeting, some have reached cooperation agreements and some are conducting in-depth exchanges. This salon will be successfully concluded. With the implementation of the 14th five year plan and the outline of long-term goals for 2035 With the release of the 2022 government work report and the proposal of the concept of "information innovation", China pays more attention to the development of strategic emerging industries at the national strategic level, and pursues the independent control, safety and efficiency of core science and technology. The fundamental purpose is to take the real economy as the focus of China's economic development, promote the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, and promote industrial modernization and high-quality development.
        As the main body of scientific and technological innovation, scientific and technological innovation enterprises need long-term, stable, sufficient funds and healthy financial mechanisms to support their healthy development. Especially in the hard technology field of lower core technology, such as semiconductor, industrial software and biotechnology, they need the long-term support of patient capital. Enterprise funds, individual investors and government master funds are the main contributors of investment institutions in 2021, accounting for nearly 80% of the institutional capital sources. The results of the questionnaire with market-oriented institutions as the research subjects show that in 2021, based on the judgment of their own capital volume and investment logic, the investment rounds are mainly concentrated in early and medium-term entrepreneurial projects, and the investment in round C and later projects is less; The investment exit mode is mainly domestic and overseas IPO.
        2022 is still the investment era of "hard technology". Institutions are most concerned about the subdivisional technology track of the hardware layer, including chip semiconductors, medical devices, batteries and other electrical equipment; The specific use scenario of hardware is a key factor for institutional investors to consider when making investment decisions. The hardware and related system software related to new energy vehicles and automatic driving are all hot tracks that institutions pay attention to;. At the technical level, industrial Internet and big data related technologies are the two directions that institutional investors are most concerned about, while the attention of artificial intelligence has been weakened; The year 2021 is the "first year of metauniverse", and the metauniverse track in 2022 will still maintain a high degree of enthusiasm in the field of science and technology industry investment.
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