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The "chain learning block" small program is online today! Learning blockchain is a must for everyone!

Time : 15/05/2022 Author : jps2q8 Click : + -
        This time, the "national blockchain line" collective learning has set the tone to take blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies. Blockchain has become the biggest opportunity in this era. Perhaps you have heard of industry terms such as "bitcoin", "Ethereum", "Distributed Accounting", "white paper", "mining", "public chain", "computing power" and "smart contract", and you know that bitcoin has created the highest price in history of US $20000. Or you can't help but decide to join the "blockchain revolution". But do you really know what is a blockchain?. To tell you a good news, the blockchain popular science small program "chain learning block" under gyro finance has been officially launched! Through the way of vocabulary learning, we can help everyone from the beginning to the mastery of blockchain. Here, Xiaobai can also understand blockchain!.
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