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Sun Yi: blockchain has a bright future

Time : 07/08/2022 Author : 9lzafk Click : + -
        Sun Yi, academic leader of blockchain and head of blockchain Laboratory of Institute of computing technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said at the conference that the future of blockchain is very bright, but the bright future must be accompanied by twists and turns. In Sun Yi's view, the blockchain mainly faces the problems of supervision, intelligence and interoperability. With the development of the blockchain industry, regulation is an unavoidable topic. The technical characteristics of the blockchain also determine that it is suitable for regulation in many scenarios, such as whether the openness and transparency of the blockchain can achieve penetrating regulation; However, as the blockchain is a distributed system, it also poses a certain challenge to its own supervision. The intelligence problem includes two aspects, one is blockchain intelligence and the other is intelligent blockchain.
        The so-called blockchain intelligence is how to use blockchain to help artificial intelligence. Blockchain can help solve the problems of data, algorithms and computing power. It can help people solve the problems of data islands with incentive mechanism and open and transparent mode. It can solve the problems of computing power with collaboration. With the update of data, the collaborative artificial intelligence of distributed algorithms can be truly realized. On the other hand, artificial intelligence can also manage the blockchain and help the blockchain. Blockchain is limited by complex network environment, very Asynchronous User Behavior and complex transaction Association. After learning these, it will be very efficient to design the blockchain in turn. The last one is interoperability. Now we can realize reliable transfer and value transfer between single chain users. But in the future, we will not only want to transfer value to users on our own chain, so we need to study the interconnection between chains.
        There is a preliminary framework for this issue, and this is also a very important direction in the future.
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