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Who is the big winner in the blockchain era?, Ten year history of Chinese blockchain

Time : 19/05/2022 Author : 54slhc Click : + -
        On October 24, the Political Bureau of the 19th CPC Central Committee conducted the 18th collective study on the current situation and trend of the development of blockchain technology, emphasizing that blockchain should be regarded as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technology and accelerating the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. This article will comb the history of China's blockchain in detail. At 18:15 on January 3, 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the first open source code of the blockchain. Although the code is very simple, it marks the creation of the first block in the bitcoin world. Since then, this day has been called "creation day" by bitcoin believers, and this block is called "creation block", and Nakamoto became the "creator".
        Nakamoto has successfully realized his dream: to develop a crypto electronic currency system in a completely point-to-point form, without the involvement of a trusted third party, oppose central control, reject secular authority, and be recognized by all. Before the invention of bitcoin, there was no blockchain in the world, and before the invention of blockchain, there was no bitcoin in the world. It is the existence and collision of blockchain that produces bitcoin. Blockchain is the most basic core technology of bitcoin, and bitcoin is the earliest application of blockchain technology. So bitcoin and blockchain are produced almost simultaneously. Because of its decentralized and anti authority characteristics, blockchain has been shining with mystery, science fiction, freedom and equality since its birth. It is a value carrier after the Internet has developed to a certain stage. It is both technological and philosophical, realistic and dreamy, and soon attracts Chinese geeks and science fiction lovers.
        However, at that time, there were only a few Chinese people who could understand and love bitcoin: Wu Jihan (net name: qqagent), Liu Zhipeng (net name: Changjia), Zhang Nangeng (net name: Pumpkin Zhang), Zhao Dong, Mo Buyi, Wu Gang (net name: XingKong), Duan Hongbin (net name: laoduan), Gong Ming (net name: Prince Gong of the tyranny) & hellip& hellip;。 On November 16, 2010, the big cryptographer Hal & middot; Finney spent the 10 bitcoins presented by Satoshi Nakamoto, completing the continuous transfer in the history of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin can be transferred online for consumption, which means that another way of wealth growth appears.
        In 2011, Chang Jia, a well-known cutting-edge writer in the science fiction circle, Wu Jihan, a science fiction enthusiast who graduated from Peking University, and a young man named laoduan decided to establish the first media in the blockchain world & mdash; while sitting in Hangzhou to share Liu Cixin's "three bodies"& mdash; Babbitt forum. Among them, Wu Jihan thinks back to Columbus who discovered the new world in those years. He thinks that if he can build a Chinese American continent in the network virtual space and realize his utopian dream there, he will be excited all his life. So he quickly founded "bitland" and became the founder of "bitland". Chinese have their own positions in the blockchain world.
        With the birth of bitcoin and blockchain, a series of new terms came into being. Bitcoin is buried in the collision probability of blocks, so the process of searching for bitcoin is quite mining. The first bitcoin was mined by Nakamoto with CPU. However, with the recognition of bitcoin, more and more people are mining, the computing power of the whole network continues to rise, and the mining difficulty gradually rises. Mining has gone through the following four stages: CPU Mining & mdash& mdash; GPU Mining & mdash& mdash; Professional mining machine & mdash& mdash; Mine pool mining. China has surpassed the professional mining machine in the mining stage and started to lead the global mining trend.
        At the beginning of 2013, Zhang Nangeng, who was still a graduate student at Beihang University at that time, developed the first generation of mining machine that can dig bitcoin in his spare time & mdash& mdash; The FPGA pumpkin machine is much more efficient than the GPU mining machine, so it is very popular in the market. A mining machine with a cost of several thousand yuan is fired up to 400000 yuan. Zhang Nangeng earned the first bucket of gold in his life. Now, his Jianan Yunzhi has been attracted by Hangzhou, which has vowed to build a universal blockchain center. The Hangzhou municipal government even specially solves the problem of "Xue" and "Fang" for its employees' children. In 2011, the roasted cat came into contact with bitcoin, attracting the founder of xuanchain "crazy Xiaoqiang" to join in and invest. Through successful public offering in glbse exchange, the spot USB miner was officially launched in June 2013, holding 20% of the computing power of the whole network. In that year, the roasted cat was worth more than 100 million yuan, and the fable of blockchain bitcoin making wealth was so exciting that people could not sleep at night.
        However, in the era of rapid development of computing power, everything changes rapidly. After the glory, the roast cat suddenly lost contact in 2014 and disappeared. In 2014, the ant mining machine of Tsinghua University Graduate Zhan tuanke's team was born. Zhan tuanke and the founder of bitland, Wu Jihan, fought side by side. For a time, the strong and strong United, and they were invincible in the blockchain field, with boundless scenery. Mao World Bank, a graduate student of Zhejiang University (whose net name was changed to "seven color fairy fish", later changed to "divine fish"), smelled the business opportunities and immediately convinced his family to quit school and start a business. After that, he became the first mining pool in China & mdash& mdash; F2pool mine pool (fish pond) came out. After several years of life and death, the fish pond has survived from 2013 to today, and finally ranks among the four largest bitcoin mining pools in the world.
        During the same period, more Chinese with sensitive sense of smell joined the blockchain. Mobuyi founded btc123, a navigation website for bitcoin. He thought that since there is money, there is a bank in the sky. He began to create a blockchain "currency bank" and became a well-known "President" of the blockchain Jianghu. The same thinking led Yang Linke to create a bitcoin China trading platform, and the colorful fairy fish began to establish its own mining pool & hellip& hellip;。 It is not necessary to make money if you can understand it. The key is to be able to smell out the business opportunities. Li Xiaolai, a New Oriental English teacher, first met bitcoin in 2011 and began his journey of fame and fortune. Yang Linke, a Wenzhou native, neither knows technology nor bitcoin, but on June 9, 2011, he founded the first bitcoin exchange in domestic history & mdash& mdash; Bitcoin China.
        2013 was the turning year of bitcoin. Entrepreneurs began to turn to the blockchain world, starting the first commercialization of blockchain. Thus, four years after the birth of the blockchain, the price of bitcoin began to rise all the way, far exceeding that of gold. In this year, as the governments of various countries stated that prices fluctuated, many investors flocked to bitcoin, and bitcoin was recognized by the laws of some countries. In 2013, shenzhou-10, carrying three astronauts Nie Haisheng, Zhang Xiaoguang and Wang Yaping, broke away from the gravity and soared toward the vast space. How can a mortal overcome the strong gravity and leap up to the dream wealth paradise? Guo Hongcai, head of the Sales Department of Pingyao beef Group Co., Ltd., came to the bustling imperial capital of Beijing to learn technology. However, because he accidentally came into contact with bitcoin and knew Li Xiaolai, the godfather of the coin circle, he embarked on a life counter attack journey on this soaring wealth rocket.
        In July 2013, a group of early bitcoin investors and miners gathered in Shenzhen Dijing international hotel to establish the earliest bitcoin investment alliance in China. In September 2013, the platform Huobi online line invested by Sequoia Capital, Li Lin and Du Jun, completed the transformation and upgrading from entrepreneurs to bosses. In October, okcoin was launched, and Xu Mingxing changed from CTO of to CEO of OK. In addition, other platforms such as the cloud coin network and the bitage have also joined the ranks of sharing the cake. Huobi and OK are jokingly called "Huangpu Military Academy". Zhao CHANGPENG, He Yi and Zhang Jian, the founder of fcoin, who are now well-known, were all born here.
        In 2014, Guo Hongcai built the world's largest bitcoin mine in Inner Mongolia, which can dig up 500 bitcoins in a day. When the value of bitcoin exceeded US $20000, the myth of creating US $10 million a day was laid. Today, Guo Hongcai is already the second master of treasure. With a gold chain, he is like a grassroots rich man who is a big brother of the underworld. He got the American green card in a very short time and bathed in the warm sunshine of California. He bought a white Rolls Royce phantom for his wife Jin Yangyang with 25 bitcoins, and stopped beside his limited edition Rolls Royce. He has always had a dream: spend 100 bitcoins on the moon and watch the sunrise and sunset 16 times a day.
        Liu Zhipeng's pseudonym is Chang Jia. In 2000, he began to write science fiction when he was 16 years old. He won the "Galaxy Award", the highest Science Fiction Award in China, for three consecutive years. In December 2011, he left a message to a confused college student on Zhihu, asking him to buy all the 6000 yuan he had in his hand into bitcoin, then forget about it, and look at it five years later. This message received 25792 approval and was widely circulated in the coin circle. At that time, the price of bitcoin was US $3, and it rose to US $20000 six years later. In 2013, after 1990, sun Yuchen was studying for a master's degree in law at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. Through the media, he learned about bitcoin, which is more valuable than US dollars.
        After a small test, I was excited and decided to dedicate my youth to the blockchain. By the second half of 2017, the total market value of the wave field Tron project reached US $20 billion, and the transaction volume was once close to bitcoin and Ethereum, ranking the third in the world. In the first half of 2019, sun Yuchen caused a nationwide sensation by spending a record $4567888 to photograph Buffett's 20th Anniversary Charity luncheon. Li Xiaolai, Zhao Dong, er Bao, Wu Gang, Li Lin and Xu Mingxing often gather in Beijing's garage coffee, old cat, early summer tiger, Da Hongfei, Xu Yiji, cancer and mobuyi often gather in Shanghai's IC coffee, and Shenyu, forest man, worm brother and Alex often gather in Huilong Village, Lin'an, Hangzhou. Therefore, these three places have become the three holy places in China's blockchain history.
        Behind the holy land is a long list of people of the blockchain: Huobi Li Lin, bitcoin XingKong, okcoin Xu Mingxing, fcoin Zhang Jian, bitgulu Lu Bin, roasted cat company Jiang Xinyu, bitsu Luo Jinhai, dark net Shentu youth, bitwatch Liu Aihua, bithui Yao yuan, bitage Huang Tianwei, longkuang Zhai Wenjie, lightning miner Liao Xiang, bitcoin international Yang Jianjun, bitband Wang Jin, Biyuan chain changzha, quchain Li Qilei Fast Chen Weixing, bottom public chain nervos Xie Hanjian, Erbao and Yangyang, Zhao Dong, Wen Hao, Zhang Nangeng, Zhang Shousong, early summer tiger, Prince Gong of the tyranny, Da Hongfei, Xu Yiji, cancer, Neptune, Zhao CHANGPENG, He Yi, Lang Yu, Qu Zhaoxiang & hellip& hellip;。
        Later, some good people created a "coin circle poker boss". The king and Wang were the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto and the genius vitalik buterin. China's Li Xiaolai, Bao Erye, Wu Jihan, Chang Zha, sun Yuchen and other famous people are naturally on the list. In 2016, Mr. Bao Er was really like a coal mine owner, whose name was unknown to the outside world. That year, he was invited by the Davos economic forum to attend the meeting. Unexpectedly, he thought it was a group of brothers sitting there bragging and chatting, so he went there wearing big pants and slippers. Through the coordination of the project party, the security guard allowed him to enter the site. Looking around, everyone was dressed in suits and shoes. Only he and the hostess showed their legs.
        After the live video came out, Bao Erye became popular and became the spokesperson of Li Xiaolai in the coin circle. In 2017, almost all wealth myths and technology myths talked about blockchain and bitcoin. No one wants to miss this high-speed train, which triggered a wave of speculation. In 2017, ICO was born in the sky, and the wealth effect it brought moved the whole world. ICO (initial coinoffering, meaning initial currency issuance) became the hottest investment project of the year. There is no threshold and no supervision. As long as a white paper is issued, the currency price will rise tenfold and hundredfold. In this year, there are many projects with a return of 100 times. The wealth effect opened by the blockchain makes the Internet world salivate.
        Even a project without team and technology can earn billions in three months with only one concept and one white paper. Neo, Biyuan, Yuanjie and Xingyun have entered a new spring. The "tuyere" mentioned by Lei Jun came into our minds. Isn't the second master Bao, who sells meat, carried to the sky by the wind? The power of an example is infinite. In the heart of each leek, you are a sickle. This is the secret of Chinese leeks that can not be cut off and spring wind blows again. There are green leeks all over the place. Those who advertise to be vegetarians feel that they are really embarrassed not to cut them. Li Xiaolai and Bao Erye are the platforms for many world-famous ICO projects, and the domestic celebrities are also testing the water. Otherwise, it would be like Putian people do not have many hospitals in their hands, and they would be embarrassed to sit together and chat in the new year.
        In 2017, at the time of the popularity of ICO, sun Yuchen re killed the coin circle and launched the wave field Tron project. Although it was doubted that it was the largest "air coin" in the world, the oxygen in Tibet was also very valuable, not to mention the human face of the air, just like the song sung by the Korean people & mdash& mdash; I can't live without you. Changjia has also made its own ICO and launched the Biyuan chain. In that year, it was close to US $1 billion, ranking among the top 30 currencies in the world. Investment celebrities Xue Manzi and Xu Xiaoping also entered the venue in a high profile. Xue Manzi posted a group photo on Weibo, holding Li Xiaolai's shoulder and laughing heartily.
        Li Xiaolai, Xu Xiaoping and Xue Manzi have great demonstration effects. For a time, commercial capital rushed in frantically, and many enterprises scrambled to follow up. In the whole blockchain world, fraudsters and experts flew together, and capital and sand fell. The crazy result is that in addition to bitcoin, there are more than 1200 digital currencies circulating in the market. The tulips in the digital currency are faintly open, and the whole blockchain emits the flavor of Pu'er tea in those years. The rumored regulatory shoe finally fell off. On September 4, 2017, the central bank and other seven ministries and commissions jointly issued a document, clearly stipulating that ICO is an illegal financing act. At that time, the blockchain coin circle was filled with grief.
        However, the real blockchain application has also entered a new stage. The Internet will enter the "blockchain Internet Era" from the "classic Internet Era". After the roller coaster rise and fall of bitcoin, more and more people began to focus on the underlying blockchain technology of bitcoin. Blockchain is an open source program, a cryptographic algorithm, a P2P Electronic payment system, a world-wide computer, a new underlying operating system, and a holographic imaging instrument. With the development of blockchain technology, it will bring more benefits to mankind by virtue of its intensive, convenient and intelligent advantages. With the development of the blockchain, regional differences and cluster effects have gradually emerged. In the blockchain world, there are coin circles and chain circles. Thus, the blockchain has formed two circles: coin circles and chain circles.
        Such as Xie Hanjian of miape technology, Huang Butian of Yunxiang blockchain, he bin of imtoken, Huang Minqiang of gongxinbao, Da Hongfei of Xiaoyi, Duan Xinxing of Biyuan chain, Shuai Chu of quantum chain, Gao Hang of Shuqin technology, Li Wei of Qulian & hellip& hellip; All started to develop the underlying technology. In order for a blockchain sports car to get on the high speed, it must first lay the foundation, pave the road and build the bridge. In 2015, driven by Xiao Feng and Shen Bo, Wanxiang Group was the first to establish a blockchain laboratory. Other Internet giants will not calm down naturally. Netease's "star base", Baidu's "duuniverse" and Alibaba's "Ma Kebao" compete for the racetrack one by one.
        The old bat is like this. The new TMD, JD and pinduoduo are not willing to lag behind. At the same time, the research and development institutions of various universities and local governments also flock to it. 2017— In 2018, various new blockchain concepts and technologies such as alliance chain and basic public chain were also promoted
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