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The six major old-age fraud routines are shocking, and the elderly are being accurately hunted

Time : 25/04/2022 Author : agwkcl Click : + -
        In recent years, fraud crimes involving the elderly have occurred frequently, new and old scams have been renovated and upgraded, and a large number of elderly people have become targets of scams. In April this year, the national special action to crack down on pension fraud was officially launched. A few days ago, eight courts in Beijing made public judgments on 15 old-age fraud cases. The Beijing Higher People's court revealed common scams in old-age fraud cases and severely cracked down on old-age fraud crimes according to law. More than 140 old people mistakenly entered the collection selling scam, and even "lost money and house"; Some elderly people were lured to download the square dance app for "financial management" to attract investment and earn rebates, but they were actually "cut leeks" & hellip& hellip; On August 4, eight courts in Beijing made public judgments on 15 cases involving pension fraud and disclosed the details of the above cases.
        In the case announced on the same day, the defendant with the heaviest sentence was sentenced to life imprisonment. A special company was set up to cheat more than 100 old people with a total of more than 24 million yuan in the name of holding exhibitions and helping to sell collections. On the same day, the people's Court of Chaoyang District, Beijing, announced four fraud cases involving the collection of elderly people, and disclosed the 14 person Gang fraud case. From January 2016 to March 2019, Feng and Jin set up two cultural Co., Ltd. in two office buildings in Chaoyang District, Beijing. Feng, together with the employees of the company, invited the victims by making up a phone call to hold an exchange trade exhibition and other reasons, and charged membership fees, deposits, booth rentals, service fees and other fees on the ground that they could help them sell their collectibles.
        Among them, Feng and others also lured 4 people into signing a house purchase and sale contract and going through procedures such as house ownership transfer and transfer on the ground that they could get dividends and sell their collectibles free of charge by investing in the company. Several victims lost their house ownership. By the time of the case, more than 160 victims had reported the case, and the economic loss totaled more than 24 million yuan. Among them, more than 140 victims were over 60 years old. Since the national campaign to crack down on old-age fraud, the Beijing court has concluded 14 cases of old-age fraud involving "collectibles" and "health products", accounting for the highest number. In this kind of crime, the criminal organizations all adopt corporate operation, rent high-grade office buildings in well-known business circles, and openly recruit employees to publicize.
        "The division of labor within the group is clear. Some are responsible for recruitment, some are responsible for training & lsquo; script & rsquo;, some are responsible for contacting customers, some are the so-called & lsquo; appraiser & lsquo; auctioneer & rsquo;, some are responsible for operating the website, and some are responsible for collecting fees, forming a complete organizational structure." Sun Jingkun, vice president of Chaoyang District People's court, said, "when introducing business to customers, signing contracts and issuing receipts, the actor uses an alias to hide his real identity and avoid tracing.". This kind of fraud often charges a variety of names and complete processes, forming a "one-stop" fraud routine.
        Some collect fees such as subject matter fees, acceptance fees, publicity fees and service fees, some collect membership fees in the name of preferential treatment for membership cards, some collect entrance fees through holding auctions and other activities, and some collect mortgage fees in the name of sending company collections. "In order to recover the losses, some people even had to give the criminals benefits in exchange for part of the money back after they were deceived, so that they were deceived again and again." Sun Jingkun said. In a case of illegally absorbing public deposits announced and judged by the first intermediate people's Court of Beijing, the criminals attracted the elderly to register the company's app in the name of organizing square dancing, and then illegally raised funds from the elderly through the app platform.
        Since July 2018, more than 100 elderly people over the age of 60 have been reported to various districts of Haidian District, Beijing. The old people reflected that they had all purchased a fund management product in a company. The financial product has not been cashed for nearly one year, and most of the company personnel who connected with them have lost contact. According to the investigation of the public security organ, since 2015, the company has launched and publicized a fund management product to the public, signed a contract with the investor, and promised to repay the principal and interest at an annual rate of return of 8% ~ 14%. The square dance app provides the elderly with square dance music, square dance teaching and searching for nearby square dance venues as a gimmick. Participate in activities in the app to receive points and exchange points for gifts, attracting a large number of elderly users.
        On the one hand, the app is embedded with the content of promoting corporate financial management projects to attract the attention of the elderly and make them think that the company has development prospects and is worth investing; On the other hand, it also developed square dance organizers and lead dancers as part-time salesmen of the company to attract investment and earn rebates. As of the case, the company has accumulated more than 880 million yuan of public deposits, involving more than 1200 fund-raising participants, and 330 million yuan of fund-raising funds have not been paid. In April this year, the Haidian District Court made a judgment of first instance, and six defendants appealed. On August 4, the Beijing first intermediate people's court ruled to reject the appeal and upheld the original judgment. In the name of national policies, some lawless elements create panic for the elderly and maliciously set up traps by taking advantage of the poor financial prevention awareness of the elderly.
        In this concentrated sentencing, the defendant sentenced to life imprisonment came from a fund-raising fraud case sentenced by the second intermediate people's Court of Beijing. The defendant Guang induced the elderly to mortgage their real estate to obtain funds for purchasing the financial products of their company, resulting in the loss of both money and houses. Guang was also sentenced by the court to life imprisonment for his criminal acts, deprived of political rights for life, and confiscated all his personal property. Infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly in the name of providing "elderly care services", investing in "elderly care projects", selling "elderly care products", pretending to "provide for the elderly with housing", acting as an agent for "old-age insurance", and carrying out "old-age assistance" & mdash& mdash; Luo Yong, the person in charge of the second criminal division of Beijing Higher People's court, introduced that these are the six types of pension related fraud cases sorted out and analyzed by the Beijing court.
        In the Wu fraud case pronounced by the third intermediate people's Court of Beijing, the criminal Wu tried to help the victim pay the fees of the nursing home and hire a nurse on behalf of him. He cheated the elderly over 80 years old for many times and then fled; In the case of Wang Mou's fraud concluded by the people's Court of Xicheng District, the criminal falsely claimed that he could make up for the old-age insurance for the victim and collect the "insurance premium" for his own use; In the fraud case of Li and others concluded by the people's Court of Shijingshan District, the criminals bought health care products at a low price, used free medical consultation, voluntary diagnosis and treatment and other gimmicks to attract the elderly to participate in the lecture, and pretended to be the famous doctor of the famous third-class hospital "pulse" and "see a doctor". After exaggerating the disease, they falsely constructed health care products as special drugs and sold them to the elderly at a high price.
        Sun Lingling, vice president of the Beijing Higher People's court, introduced that in order to maintain the strong offensive of the special action to crack down on and rectify old-age fraud, the Beijing courts have made full use of legal means such as property punishment, recovery and confiscation, increased the punishment of fines and confiscated property, and fully reflected the spirit of being strict according to law. The reporter learned that recently, since the launch of the national special campaign to crack down on old-age fraud, the public security organs have cracked 11500 old-age fraud cases, smashed 1580 old-age fraud gangs, arrested 24000 suspect, arrested 848 fugitives, and recovered stolen goods to recover losses of 11.8 billion yuan; Member units around the country have identified 12060 hidden dangers of pension fraud, and more than 9300 have been rectified.
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