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36 krypton interview - scene lab Wu Sheng: small programs are worth all, in blockchain social fair will be popularized in 3 years

Time : 19/08/2021 Author : 7lafkz Click : + -
        Since the launch of the new species experiment program, Wu Sheng has a longer-term vision than others. Wu Sheng, who forecasts new commercial species every year, has just made predictions and 20 specific suggestions on the outbreak of six new species, including 2.5-dimensional, family members, new retail of knowledge, and space regeneration. While predicting the future, Wu Sheng also invests in the future. As the founder of the scene lab, Wu Sheng this year focused on the scene transformation and scene application of small programs and spaces (including shared office, new retail, boutique hotels, etc.), as well as the application of blockchain in specific scenes. Blockchain social project. The identity is confirmed through a more trusted ID. there will be a "knowledge social" scenario. The product is still in the test period.
        In the aspect of small programs, attention was paid to two "offline retail companies". One is to cut into the office convenience scene from the unmanned convenience store, and the other is in the bookstore field. Wu Sheng calls it the store Omo transformation around small programs. Help a company founded by a host to define IP and redefine the category of brokers. Use new technologies and methods to make brokers into IP system. Some people in the industry think that the scenario Lab is a bit like a Chinese ycombinator (the famous American business incubator, referred to as YC). Wu Sheng expressed his respect for YC. This is just a convenient analogy. If there is any similarity, it is YC's tutorial system.
        This is also the methodology and attitude of the scene lab towards entrepreneurial enterprises. In addition, the scene lab is hard to match YC in terms of scale, strength and global influence, and its business models are also different. In an interview with 36 krypton a few days ago, Wu Sheng, founder of scene lab, talked about his views and opinions on small programs, social e-commerce, short-term rental of homestay, blockchain social networking and other industries with examples. Wu Sheng: many people do not realize that small programs are worth allin. They did not realize the real traffic, real user behavior, and the relationship with lifestyle represented by the applet, which led them to miss the traffic dividend and the window period of the new species.
        Wu Sheng: Frankly speaking, this return is not simply a matter of advertising or e-commerce or games, but a new business model, new operating system, new lifestyle, new traffic relations and new transaction logic. We don't care whether its application scenario is online or offline. Wechat or small programs are online, but they are often operated offline. For example, wechat code scanning and wechat wallet payment have penetrated all the scenarios you can imagine. The Omo business model is the closed-loop property of payment means and the ability to connect and empower small programs. Based on the integration of wechat channels, it has reshaped the space and shaped ourselves. Wu Sheng: they are different. Alipay's payment scenario has a trusted ID, so Alipay's small programs also put more emphasis on strong ID identification and strong fund security, and it is difficult to become a new social and gaming consumption scenario.
        First, payment means is still the standard configuration of Alipay; Second, the Alipay applet will become a reliable and convenient entrance to public utilities, because it does not need a strong social scene, and no one wants to share with others how much they have paid for electricity and water at home; Third, Alipay mainly empowers the b-end to help merchants conduct data mining at the C-end. Alipay and the new retail formats of Alibaba, such as Koubei, hungry, and HEMA Xiansheng, are connected and logically self consistent. They are more based on the b-terminal than the C-terminal. Wu Sheng: I prefer the merchant empowerment system represented by Alipay applet. Including Baidu smart app, it has no intention to pursue every C-end user to use it, but Baidu can help brand owners with the long-term and active search behavior of users. At this time, its value is very obvious.
        The same is true of JD Kepler small program empowerment system. Wu Sheng: I think there are at least 5 new companies, which do not refer to "0 to 1" and "from scratch". Although there are also such companies, such as handing business cards and pushing technology; "Good clothes storehouse" is said to be "good clothes storehouse"; The three types of companies, the pirate coming and the magic hand, are all generated from small procedures. But what I care more about is the company that is regarded as the mobile Internet. It can now be seen that at least four companies based on the real allin of small programs have obtained excessive returns, such as Tongcheng Yilong, sing bar, Zhuanzhuan, vipshop and mushroom street, which does not include Jingdong shopping and pinduoduo.
        According to the usual cognition of these companies, you don't think they are very pure companies based on wechat ecology. However, without the wechat ecosystem, mushroom Street will become a thing of the past like the beauty of its M & A. In addition, companies located in the second square of knowledge payment, such as ten point reading, Youshu and xinshixiang reading club, have become very typical dividend recipients due to wechat groups and small programs. Wu Sheng: this issue is like "there are several interesting headlines" in our discussion. There is a company that is a replica of interesting headlines, called zantoutiao. The data is very good and it rises very quickly. These are the traffic opportunities brought by the wechat lifestyle. The sinking of this part of the population is due to the penetration ability of the Internet application itself.
        When our parents or young people in third and fourth tier towns have completed their familiarity with smartphones at the payment end, the commodity information flow represented by interesting headlines and pinduoduo will naturally be able to better achieve new game categories & mdash& mdash; Power, punch in, split orders, join groups, and bargain are all game mechanisms in essence. This game mechanism can be realized quickly and effectively in small programs. Therefore, pinduoduo will certainly become a typical c2m. Wu Sheng: it's definitely not easy to surpass. Although vipshop has also built a vipshop warehouse, it doesn't mean that you can call social e-commerce. Vipshop has a profound understanding of goods.
        The essence of social e-commerce is not to discuss whether there is a concept of social e-commerce, but based on people's relationship insight; Social interaction is the underlying scenario. For example, it may be Weibo + Tiktok, Facebook + pinterest, or YouTube + Kwai. These social IDS will mark and define us. So all the life scenes today are actually social scenes. There is a fitness method in Sweden called plogging (running to collect garbage), which is a public welfare activity that is particularly popular on instagram. In today's era when even carrying a brand-name bag is inevitably considered "cheap", picking up garbage will be different.
        It doesn't make much sense to pick it up on your own. You must share it and let everyone see it. It's not a waste. We choose to work in Wework and krypton space, not because of how much the work station is, but because we are defining "my tonality", and we want to tell you that "I am a fashionable person". So if you don't share it through instagram, it's not fashionable. Today, we have evolved the logic of this underlying social scene into concepts such as "social e-commerce", "social retail", "social mobile games" and so on, just for convenience of discussion. Most fragmented scenes are connected through social means.
        Wu Sheng: the gene of vipshop is the special sale. Their understanding and cognitive ability of special sale is deeper than many players, and they have been studying for ten years. Pinduoduo has encountered so many problems now, because it runs too fast and does not have a deep understanding of the goods. Vipshop's user experience and logistics distribution will also be more advantageous than new players. Whether it is love inventory, good clothes warehouse or vipshop warehouse, all rely on social special sales bonus, and this mode has great opportunities. Social retail still has a lot of space to be filled, and vipshop has created the sinking of special sales categories. When the social connection ability becomes stronger and stronger, you will find that the social sale has further filled the gap that was not filled in the original online shopping.
        It can be said that pinduoduo has filled the gap left by Taobao; Love inventory, good clothes warehouse and vipshop warehouse have filled the space left by vipshop. This progressive relationship is very reasonable. The categories of Aiku, Haoyi warehouse and vipshop warehouse are very similar, which are all based on users' demands for low customer unit price represented by clothing and not easy to form complaints. But even if it is a special sale, I don't think it is a once and for all market. There are still many new models. For example, there must be a lot of good demand for agricultural products, and these models must be supported by cold chain logistics and delivery efficiency. In this scenario, blockchain technology will have a good place to play.
        36 krypton: the capsule hotel you predicted last year failed to subvert airbnb. Neither Bo Siqi, President of airbnb China, nor Yang Changle, COO of Tujia, think that short-term renting of B & B will break out in a year. Do you agree?. Wu Sheng: I agree, but this homestay is different from the previous one. The B & B is constantly developing in the direction of boutique and hotelization. Our judgment logic for the outbreak of B & B is the degree of hotelization and digitization of B & B. The homestay naturally has its own characteristics, which will be reflected in the IP and theme of the homestay. If the B & B can not be Hotelized, and can not achieve the fineness of hotel service, management and operation and maintenance, then there will be no outbreak.
        Wu Sheng: there is no such thing as subversion. It is a more integrated and symbiotic form. We are more predicting a logic. The prediction that "capsule apartment will overturn airbnb" is actually discussing a new lifestyle. Young people may increasingly hope that they live in a shared community. In fact, when many young people first enter the workplace or work in other places, they will give priority to the quality community that they think is younger, cooler and more intelligent. Young people's cognition of living has changed from socialization, socialization, and then to socialization. Wu Sheng: the blockchain is a demand for the B & B industry, but it does not need to be large-scale and industrialized at present.
        Intercontinental hotels have long used blockchain to check in to protect the privacy of guests, and the B & B also has credit needs in the business model of two-way scoring. However, the B & B industry is still in its infancy, without large-scale data capacity and it operation and maintenance means, and has not yet reached the stage of scale and industrialization. However, I believe that blockchain technology will enter the B & B industry faster than we expected. With the support of blockchain technology, the landlord does not need to know who I am, but only needs to know whether I have a criminal record, whether my credit is good, or put forward some additional requirements, such as the assets must be more than 1 million. This will be a process from redundant information squandering and information consumption to a matter of fact.
        If this point can be very clear, then I think that for the B & B industry, blockchain technology will become a rigid demand and standard configuration. Wu Sheng: I think this is inevitable. Frankly speaking, credit has become a scarce asset today. The value of a platform is two: one is the credit capacity formed by operating rules. For example, if I choose to buy digital products in, I don't need to consider whether it is fake; If you choose Xiaomi home, you don't need to worry about its price rising. The second is that in the era of information explosion, the cost of choosing between platforms or ordinary interpersonal relationships is getting higher and higher. At this time, new ways are needed to reduce the difficulty and cost of choosing.
        The relationship between people and goods can provide auxiliary value for decision-making, so as to judge whether a person is reliable. Why should we consider the mechanism of "female oriented" product design? This is essentially because this mechanism can more effectively balance the credit relationship. Generally speaking, if women's feelings are not taken as the product logic, the ratio of men and women and the credit relationship are completely unbalanced, and even bad money will drive out good money. Therefore, it's better to be a stranger or to explore; Whether it's wechat or Weibo, whether it's strong or weak, there is an extension of credit logic behind it. However, the more the credit logic develops, the more difficulties to be solved.
        Wu Sheng: for example, it is difficult to judge whether the brush stand-alone system and the anti brush stand-alone system are one foot higher than the devil or the other way around. The requirements for individual identification are getting higher and higher. For example, some people lost their money overnight. Now, not only hackers, but also liars have much stronger learning ability than us. Their skillful use of social networks will challenge personal privacy and property security. This urges us to have a new credit mechanism to "guarantee, protect and preserve", so I am very optimistic about the application of blockchain in this field. Wu Sheng: blockchain social networking is just a saying, or a common word. As we said, social games and finance must be good application fields of blockchain technology.
        As long as the essence is to strengthen the establishment of credit relations and form the confirmation of credit assets, it will be the place where the blockchain can be used. Wu Sheng: it is not easy now. The blockchain is still in the stage of infrastructure construction, and a large number of elements about the blockchain have not been well solved. Therefore, some people say that it is still a common foam of ideas and technologies. Wu Sheng: the value of digital asset exchange is overvalued by speculators, but undervalued by industrial users. From this perspective, the blockchain technology has not reached the point of either one or the other, and the practical application is not so urgent. However, blockchain is a solution to credit crisis, credit confirmation and credit scenario. Its development speed must be much faster than we think.
        There are two directions for future business evolution, one is efficiency, and the other is credit. Blockchain is a new efficiency and new production relationship, but the most important thing is "trustmachine" to solve the credit problem.
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