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Professor Chen Zhong of Peking University: blockchain is a subversive innovation in the sense of accounting

Time : 21/10/2021 Author : rcglpw Click : + -
        On November 25, bac2018 blockchain Application Conference was held in Tsinghua University. Chen Zhong, director of the blockchain research center of the school of information science and technology of Peking University, said during the meeting that artificial intelligence improves productivity and blockchain reconstructs production relations. He proposed that the characteristics of blockchain applications are decentralization, full network traceability, distributed destruction resistance, smart contracts, and token incentive mechanisms. He said that if the fundamental innovation of the blockchain is the evolution of accounting technology, the blockchain can be called a disruptive innovation in the accounting sense for 500 years. He believes that the importance of distributed ledger is reflected in the ability to deliver value and construct trusted technologies (deliver value and further evolve).
        Under the current technical load, the distributed ledger needs to judge the application scenario. The business of the government affairs and supervision department is suitable for the application, which is mainly reflected in the aspects of sharing, de media, de intermediation, business association and input-output. At the same time, he pointed out that although the blockchain is at an early stage, its potential for the next generation of distributed networks and applications is very clear; The use of blockchain to enhance trust and avoid fraud needs to be carried out in accordance with legal rules. "In the future, based on the combination of blockchain and artificial intelligence, we should share answers, not data.". He said that AI makes it possible to avoid sharing original data, so blockchain technology is still in the process of development. In the future, especially after separating algorithms and data, trust and privacy issues can be better solved.
        Finally, he pointed out that artificial intelligence has improved productivity, blockchain is reconstructing production relations, cloud computing and big data are the means of production and production objects in the future.
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