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Blockchain afternoon news, Credit Suisse Group: the US economy may experience a more serious and longer recession

Time : 22/05/2022 Author : l7zwf9 Click : + -
        On August 7, according to the official Weibo of the higher education press, it was announced that the recommended book "blockchain technology and application" compiled by Gu Lumi was promoted to the whole society, which also marked the beginning of the systematic teaching of blockchain in Universities in China. This also marks that China's blockchain theory has once again led the world. On August 7, according to the tweet of bitcoin analyst bitcoinarchive, the president of the Central African Republic expressed support for the use of bitcoin throughout the country. It was reported on August 7 that the U.S. Senate voted 51 votes in favor and 50 votes against to promote the proposed inflation reduction act.
        The legislative content of the bill includes coping with climate change and expanding the coverage of medical care. The bill will be put to a final vote in the next few days. According to the financial news of China's blockchain network, Zoltan pozsar of Credit Suisse said that the U.S. economy may need to experience a more serious and longer recession than investors currently expect to control inflation. According to the financial report of China blockchain network, according to the data compiled by Bloomberg, in the past 18 months, cryptocurrency companies have invested more than $2.4 billion in sports sponsorship, all of which are to attract more users to enter their Web3 world.
        Binan has worked with football idol Cristiano & middot; Cristiano Ronaldo has signed a contract with the African cup of nations. Coinbase has cooperated with top NBA star Kevin & middot; Kevin Durant reached an agreement. FTX has cooperated with the major league baseball, the Miami Heat of the NBA and the electronic sports team TSM in franchise rights. Even the drone competition alliance is getting cryptocurrency funds. According to the financial report of China blockchain network, the first NFT series "nftiff" launched by Tiffany & amp; CO, an American jewelry brand, has been sold out in 20 minutes after opening at 22:00 Beijing time. A total of 184 independent wallets have been cast. However, according to the latest data, there are still 183 "nftiff" that have not been redeemed, accounting for 73.2%.
        According to the transaction data, the current transaction volume of "nftiff" has reached 1.2 million US dollars, with a market value of 12.92 million US dollars. According to the financial report of China blockchain network, BlackRock has lost $1.7 trillion of customer funds in the first half of this year. At the company's earnings conference call, Larry Fink, chairman and CEO, said that for stocks and bonds, 2022 was the worst start in 50 years. It is reported that at the end of June, BlackRock actively managed only about a quarter of its assets to beat the benchmark. It is worth noting that this proportion is lower than one-third of that in 2009, when BlackRock acquired Barclays global investment company and became a leader in the ETF field.
        In the past decade, BlackRock has about $21 billion flowing out of active stocks and $730 billion flowing into index stocks. Therefore, the company's passive stock holdings are ten times that of active stocks. Salim Ramji, global head of iShares and index investment at BlackRock, said that we will continue to study and focus on the cryptocurrency itself, including bitcoin, focusing on whether there is a way to make it easier and easier for investors, as we have done in the bond market, the gold market and other markets around the world. It was reported on August 6 that recently, the people's Bank of China held a working meeting for the second half of 2022 and proposed that the scope of the pilot test of digital RMB should be steadily expanded.
        With the approval of the State Council, the digital RMB pilot area has been expanded from the original "10 + 1" pilot area to 23 areas in 15 provinces and cities. With the deepening and expansion of the scope and content of the digital RMB pilot, and its increasingly important role in the fields of residents' consumption, government services, enterprise capital settlement, etc., the voice for improving the relevant legislation of digital RMB is growing. The relevant person in charge of the people's Bank of China said that it would study and introduce relevant laws and regulations and industry supporting policies on digital RMB, continue to improve the technical standards of digital RMB, and consolidate the legal foundation of digital RMB. According to the financial report of China blockchain network, Beijing Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology officially released the first special support policy for the digital people industry in China, the Beijing action plan for promoting the innovation and development of the digital people industry (2022 & mdash; 2025). By 2025, the scale of the digital people industry in Beijing will exceed 50 billion yuan, and a technical system, business model and governance mechanism with the characteristics of Internet 3.0 will be initially formed.
        On August 6, vitalikbuterin (V God) said at the webinar on Saturday that the merger of Ethereum would not have an adverse impact on the casting of new tokens on etc. He does not expect any adverse impact on the blockchain because most Ethereum communities support mergers. There are concerns that the influx of miners to etc may disrupt the merger. Developer Tim beiko says that ideally, users should not notice any difference. Buterin added that etc has a strong community and strong products to provide POW for. Etc community strongly advocates POW values.
        Nevertheless, the market may still split. (BeinCrypto)。 It was reported on August 6 that the global maritime decarbonization Center (GCMD) of Singapore is leading an alliance of 18 companies to carry out a pilot project to test the use of biofuels as marine fuel. In this pilot project, blockchain and traceability start-up bunkertrace is responsible for using synthetic DNA and blockchain technology to track the footprint of marine fuel. According to the financial report of China blockchain network, according to the official official account of Jiushi smart sports, the first Shanghai virtual sports open (hereinafter referred to as SVS) was opened on the 5th.
        The SVS event is the first virtual sports comprehensive event in China, which includes five items: virtual rowing, virtual racing, virtual skiing, virtual cycling and virtual golf. According to the financial news of China blockchain network, bitmex, a cryptocurrency trading platform, is expanding beyond cryptocurrencies. It is entering the traditional financial market and launching a perpetual contract linked to foreign currencies. The company announced on Friday the launch of foreign exchange permanent swaps (fxperps), which will allow its users to trade more than 20 foreign currency linked contracts, even during after hours trading in these currencies. This is the most eye-catching move in the field of non encryption related products since the company changed its name and hired Alexander hoptner, a senior person of the exchange, to replace Arthur Hayes, the founder, as its CEO.
        When hoptner joined bitmex, the company said that this indicated that the company would explore "a broader vision". Nevertheless, there have been setbacks, including the recent layoffs and the company's cancellation of its acquisition of a German bank. The launch of fxperps reflects the ongoing strategy of providing bitmex's existing and new users with "a wider range of crypto margin contracts, including products that allow traders to access a range of currencies and commodities". Bitmex's quants said in a statement: "for institutional users, Forex perpetual contracts provide a new way to create synthetic cryptocurrency pairs for arbitrage, such as bitcoin quoted in non US dollar currencies.
        ”。 According to the message on August 6, defillama, a defi data provider, said that in view of the latest news about saber, the switch of "double counting" has been set to off by default, which eliminates the double counting between protocols. At present, the total amount of locked positions of defi displayed by defillama by default is 69.5 billion US dollars. The total amount of locked positions of Lido, convexfinance and other agreements is no longer included in the total amount of locked positions. If the option of "double counting" is selected, the total amount of locked positions is 90.6 billion US dollars, which means that defillama indirectly reduces the total amount of locked positions of defi displayed by default by more than 20 billion US dollars.
        On August 6, harmony posted the details of the cross chain bridge theft of nearly 100 million US dollars, saying that it was a collaborative attack and phishing attack against its internal infrastructure, and about 64000 wallets were affected. So far, there is no evidence that the cross chain bridge smart contract or blockchain protocol has been damaged. Specifically, decrypting the cross chain bridge key requires multiple operations in a group of secure servers to generate the key on the server with privileged access (authorization role). Harmony believes that the attacker 1) uses the phishing scheme to lure at least one software developer to install malicious software on his laptop, 2) enables the attacker to read the chat thread to understand how to operate the cross chain bridge, and / or gain access to the non-public cross chain bridge infrastructure code, and 3) gain back door access to one or more servers to perform hacker attacks.
        The perpetrators succeeded in doing these three things. On August 6, nomad, a cross chain interoperability protocol, tweeted that so far, 86 wallet addresses have returned assets worth 32 million US dollars to nomad's recovery wallet. It is hoped that white hat will continue to return the funds to 0x94a84433101a10aeda762968f6995c574d1bf154 address (ETH / erc-20). Yesterday, nomad said it would provide up to 10% reward to attackers who return at least 90% of the stolen funds. Previously, according to the oklink analysis report of oklink cloud chain, the nomadbridge attack incident involved 1251 eth addresses and 14 currencies, with a total amount of about 190 million US dollars.
        On August 5, mester of the Federal Reserve said that the US economy is not in recession now, but the risk of recession has increased. The Federal Reserve is committed to reducing inflation to the target value and needs to further raise interest rates to ease demand. The inflation path will determine the scale of interest rate increase in the future. And said that considering the size of the balance sheet, the Fed should discuss selling some mortgage-backed securities. He also expressed the hope that the balance sheet size would be reduced to US $6.5-7 trillion.
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