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Warning of blockchain risks! The central bank released the paper "what can and can't blockchain do?"?

Time : 03/07/2021 Author : 9bna3u Click : + -
        Published the latest working paper & mdash& mdash; What can blockchain do and what can't it do, The authors of the paper are Xu Zhong, member of China Financial 40 Forum (CF40), director of the Research Bureau of the people's Bank of China, and Zou Chuanwei, associate researcher of the Research Bureau of the people's Bank of China. The paper points out the shortcomings of the blockchain in a very straightforward way: "at present, there are few blockchain projects that have really landed and produced social benefits. In addition to the low physical performance of the blockchain, the weak economic function of the blockchain is also an important reason. On the basis of continuous research and experiments, we should rationally and objectively evaluate what the blockchain can and cannot do.
        ”。 The paper also analyzes the advantages and limitations of blockchain, analyzes the main application directions of blockchain technology, and gives a warning to blockchain Technology:. Third, at present, the foam in the field of blockchain investment and financing is obvious. Speculation, market manipulation, and even violations of laws and regulations are common, especially the projects involving public issuance of tokens. Relevant government departments should strengthen supervision to prevent financial risks.
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