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Fengchuang blockchain under Wenchu has become one of the ten supporting institutions for talent ability evaluation in the blockchain field

Time : 20/10/2021 Author : r2n50o Click : + -
        On March 28, the talent exchange center of the Ministry of industry and information technology officially issued the notice on publishing the list of talent capacity evaluation support institutions in key fields of industry and informatization in 2022. Fengchuang blockchain under Wenchu was once again selected as the talent capacity evaluation support institution in key fields of industry and informatization. According to statistics, Fengchuang blockchain is one of the ten selected enterprises in the field of blockchain, among which 10 enterprises have been selected by the 2022 talent capacity evaluation support institution in the key fields of industry and informatization. As the selected institution, Wenchu will, under the guidance of the center, continue to promote the construction of evaluation system and support work around the actual needs of blockchain talents in the future, and carry out the construction of evaluation system, question bank, examination organization, teacher team construction, talent evaluation and other related work related to the improvement of talents' ability. At present, the independently developed examination platform and training platform of Wenchu education have been officially launched and put into use.
        Wenchu education will also adhere to the teaching concept of "making blockchain learning easier" and continue to carry out professional services, ability guidance, organization and implementation and application promotion to provide students with a simpler and more efficient learning experience. On this basis, the center will provide training for those who participate in ability improvement guidance and ability evaluation, The center will issue the "industrial and information technology talent capacity improvement certificate" and the "industrial and information technology talent post capacity evaluation certificate" respectively, which will be incorporated into the center's talent database to improve the students' employment competitiveness, and at the same time, train and transport professional talents for the development of China's blockchain industry. Guangdong Wenchu blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wenchu blockchain") is a blockchain infrastructure service provider integrating blockchain technology research and development, government enterprise solutions, professional training and certification, and industrial investment.
        Wenchu will adhere to the enterprise values of "pragmatism, sincerity, openness, innovation, long-term and win-win" and the enterprise mission of "making the blockchain simpler", and is committed to the technological breakthroughs and industrial applications of the blockchain.
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