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Concept hype can not support the future of blockchain

Time : 20/12/2021 Author : 2s7d81 Click : + -
        Recently, the blockchain concept has become the strongest outlet in the market and has attracted the attention of investors. But judging from the performance of the stock price, there is more speculation. It is worth noting that the popularity of the blockchain concept has also triggered hot spots among many listed companies. Personally, as a new technology, the hype of the blockchain concept is inevitable, but the hype alone cannot support the future of the blockchain. Stimulated by the high-level collective learning news on the development status and trend of blockchain technology, on October 28, blockchain concept stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets rose strongly. During the day, more than 100 blockchain concept stocks rose by the limit, and dozens of "one" concept stocks also rose by the limit.
        As of the closing of the day, there were still more than 90 blockchain concept stocks with the trading limit. Affected by the rising limit of blockchain concept stocks, the number of stocks in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets has reached 160 on that day, while the number of stocks in the last five trading days has never exceeded 50. This shows the extent to which blockchain concept is pursued by the market. On the one hand, the blockchain can be widely pursued by market funds, which is related to the characteristics and prospects of the blockchain itself. Blockchain technology has the potential to play a role in industrial changes such as digital currency, supply chain finance, medical informatization, and educational resource sharing. Moreover, the blockchain technology has five characteristics: decentralization, non tampering information, collective maintenance, reliable database and openness and transparency. It has the natural advantages of transparency, security and credibility in clearing and settlement.
        At present, 24 national governments have invested and built distributed accounting systems, and more than 90 multinational enterprises have joined different blockchain alliances. On the other hand, the profit seeking nature of market funds determines that blockchain concept stocks will be subject to speculation. After the rebound in the first quarter of this year's A-share market, the market has stepped into adjustment and downturn. The opening of the science and technology innovation board has become a hot spot in the market. However, as the science and technology innovation board has an investment threshold of 500000 yuan, the number of investors actually participating in it is relatively limited. After the popularity of the science and technology innovation board has cooled down, there are almost no hot spots in the market, and there is no concept and theme to drive market funds.
        At this time, the concept of blockchain came into being and became the best speculation excuse for profit seeking funds. However, due to the limited benefits generated by the blockchain technology itself, the current speculation on blockchain concept stocks is actually a conceptual speculation. On the 29th, blockchain concept stocks showed a general downward trend. The "one-day tour" of blockchain concept stocks is the inevitable result of blind speculation in the market. In fact, the market's speculation on blockchain concept stocks is mostly irrational. Just one message can stimulate the crazy rise of blockchain concept stocks, which does not have a solid foundation. More importantly, the market's speculation on blockchain concept stocks is still in a chaotic and very chaotic state.
        For example, more than 300 listed companies have recently announced their involvement in blockchain through announcements or interactive platforms. Among them, there are not a few hot spots. The market fund's speculation on the stock prices of listed companies that rub hot spots also does not have the basis for rising, and the emergence of the "one-day tour" market is inevitable. Relying on blockchain technology to significantly improve the performance of listed companies is at least unrealistic at present. At present, among the listed companies, Zhongjia Bochuang is the one that has really set foot in the blockchain and achieved the highest operating income. In 2018, its wholly-owned subsidiary, Changshi communications, engaged in the construction and maintenance of professional computer rooms of the blockchain. In that year, it realized more than 50 million yuan of income, but it only accounted for 1.65% of the total operating income of 3.031 billion yuan of zhongjiabo Chuang in 2018.
        The proportion is very low, let alone other listed companies. With the gradual maturity and promotion of blockchain technology, listed companies that truly become bigger and stronger through blockchain technology will certainly be born. At present, the market's speculation on blockchain concept stocks may be just a preview in advance. Those listed companies that rub hot spots and those that are purely conceptual speculation will eventually be washed out by the waves, just like the "one-day tour" of many pseudo blockchain concept stocks, which can not withstand the scrutiny of time.
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