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Two year "ups and downs" of the blockchain world from 2017 to 2018

Time : 10/03/2022 Author : wv93za Click : + -
        Many friends who have not experienced those things in the coin circle and chain circle from 2017 to 2018 are either unable to systematically listen to hearsay in the circle of friends, or choose to start from the profound technical flow and popular science, and it is easy to be confused from outside the circle. In this industry, there have been rapid performances of sudden wealth, and there have also been people who shed tears after returning to their original form. "One day in the coin circle, one year in the world". There are too many stories to be told by people with stories. Uncle Ni is a well-known technology we media. He has written a lot of screen level articles. Out of his professional sensitivity to the tuyere, uncle Ni belongs to a group of people who contact the tuyere of the blockchain. After the ups and downs of the industry like a roller coaster, he also made a lot of money. At present, he has another identity, that is, the partner of Ruichi capital. He also pays attention to some excellent blockchain entrepreneurial projects and makes investments.
        At the invitation of a Xing, uncle Ni shared the evolution of the blockchain world he had experienced in 2017 and 2018 in the "blockchain Xiaobai upgrade group" of Lafeng finance. This article has a large amount of information and can bring a thrilling view of the currency circle and the chain circle. As a core digital currency, bitcoin has experienced more than ten ups and downs, and the price of bitcoin is more than ten times. The last round of our current round, the previous one, went up all the way from 2012 to the first half of 2013. However, after 2014, we fell into a bear market for more than a year, which broke out the "Mentougou road running event" of the largest exchange at that time. Since then, from 2014 to 2016, the price of bitcoin was several hundred to several thousand yuan each, which once drove 90% of the old leeks out of the market.
        Most of the famous bitcoin tycoons have paid their tuition fees in the last round of bitcoin foam. After two or three years of layout, they have achieved today's achievements. Mr. Bao was a beef salesman before, and later met his wife to know about bitcoin. After the foam burst in 2014, he built a bitcoin mining "mine" in Inner Mongolia. Now he has an advantage that it is difficult for others to catch up. Every time the digital currency recovers, its influence will be expanded, and more people will participate in the "game" to push the currency value to a higher position. And the reason why this round we experienced is so crazy is that the important driving force behind it is "love Western Europe" (you know, I won't explain more).
        The operation mode of aisio is a bit like issuing new shares. Users exchange their tokens in a certain proportion for the tokens of aisio. The project party can raise funds from institutions and retail investors. In March and April 2017, the first people to make love to Western Europe were quantum chain and gongxinbao. They raised money in some communities. Although they were not fully funded at that time, the people involved basically earned hundreds of times of income. The unilateral rise of bitcoin's own price and the love Western Europe model promote each other, and love Western Europe brings more liquidity. Therefore, the price of bitcoin as a value anchor currency rises most obviously, with the highest point of more than 10000 US dollars, that is, nearly 80000 yuan (as of June 26, the price of BTC was about 40000 yuan).
        "Love Western Europe" was once very concerned by the regulatory authorities. Fortunately, in the first half of 2017, the regulatory authorities made a detour and decided to control cash loans first, which cushioned the pressure of many projects and bookmakers. Most of the sudden wealth was probably completed in love Western Europe in the first half of last year. Generally, the operation process of "love Western Europe" is to publish the project, set the proportion, exchange according to the ETH proportion, send the token to the subscriber's (digital currency) wallet, tell the subscriber which exchange to issue, recharge at the exchange at that time, and then obtain income through trading. In order to ensure that the project has sufficient value support, the project party will generally raise eth as the cornerstone first.
        Why is Ethereum (ETH) generally chosen as the exchange chip for the Western Europe project? Compared with bitcoin, Ethereum has faster transmission speed, relatively stable price and relatively low handling fee. In the bull market stage of the first half of 2017, almost all the users who participated in "love Western Europe" earned money. Users spent money to participate in the "love Western Europe" project to enjoy the project appreciation bonus; After the project party raised funds through Aixi Europe, the project party also made money when the price rose; The project party puts the currency in the exchange, and the exchange also makes money. At that time, all people frantically participated in the "love Western Europe" and asked for the quota from the project party. The unilateral rise in bitcoin prices also made the makers make a lot of money, and the whole love Western Europe market was extremely excited.
        Since the end of July 2017, the regulatory authorities have noticed the risk of illegal fund-raising in the hot Western Europe project, and the corresponding voice of strengthening supervision has appeared in some blockchain communities and media. By August, it was a little nervous. Until the afternoon of September 4, 2017, the people's Bank of China, the central network information office, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission jointly issued the announcement on preventing the financing risks of token issuance, which was called the "September 4 incident" in the industry. The whole bitcoin and Ethereum were hit to a very low position. At that time, ETH was only 800 yuan, and most people thought they needed "pills", Most domestic mainstream exchanges have issued statements to return all the coins to users. After the return, the exchange will be closed.
        According to the past experience of Internet finance projects, once they are identified and regulated by the state, they will basically die. It is strange that there are still a large number of users who are still attached to it. A large number of off-site users are still active in currency trading. They have never experienced a (financial) project that the whole world has participated in. Even if the domestic love of Western Europe has ceased, other countries are still engaged in it. After "1994", many projects and exchanges were transferred to Japan, South Korea and other countries (including Cambodia, Thailand and other places). Before 1994, there was a "jucoin network" which was very popular, but after 1994, coin an and OK became popular. Many channels privately told the old leek exchange to reopen.
        In just one month, the price of digital currency has risen rapidly from the trough. The rapid filling of the overseas market has enabled the price of bitcoin to rise from 20000 to 50000 within one month. The emergence of the futures market for bitcoin on Wall Street means that formal finance has begun to accept bitcoin trading, because the rules that bitcoin cannot be tampered with and will not be issued will help maintain the future financial order. More and more people in China regard bitcoin as a financial product. The price of bitcoin continues to rise, and the value of digital currencies led by eth is also rising rapidly. At that time, the price of Ethereum rose to more than 5000. Xu Xiaoping called on everyone in the founder community of Zhenge fund to call on the allin blockchain, and specifically noted that it should not be spread. As a result, the whole network was spread everywhere. After that, a large number of traditional VCs entered.
        There are more and more coin issuance private placement projects in the market, leading to the need for a large number of incremental users to enter the market. According to the experience of previous financial projects, when the aunts come, it is time to close the network. In November 2017, a large number of Western Europe projects appeared "breaking tide". For example, you used five Ethereum to buy 10000 tokens. After the project was listed, you found that the cost could not be recovered by selling the coins. In the whole traditional VC industry, in the wave of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" from 2012 to 2014, there were not so many enterprises making money, a large number of startups died, many equity investment funds had to pay a lot of money and wait for a long exit process, and some funds that looked very good did not make so much money, and the story was not so legendary. Compared with those who worked in the secondary market of the stock market, The investors in the primary market are particularly hard pressed. The secondary market makes money faster, and it does not have so high technical content, let alone so much gambling. As long as they have enough funds, they can fry any project that is even worse. Therefore, the traditional VC plays a role of making slow money in the whole traditional financial order.
        However, aisio mode may be an opportunity for VC to turn around. Investment institutions have invested some half dead start-up companies in the past few years to let them all raise money through aisio, and immediately disband and and withdraw after financing. In this way, many VC's invested some negative assets or non-performing assets, which were suddenly revived in the way of loving Western Europe. In the past, it may take more than five years for a startup company to be listed. Now, it may take two or three months to operate a project. Therefore, for the VC industry, this is an opportunity to change its fate. Therefore, a large number of VCs will hoard eth as soon as they enter the market. I understand that investors buy Ethereum for 10000 or 10000, and the price of Ethereum is quickly raised from 5000 to 10000.
        This is the highest point of the whole story. Since January 2018, that is, one month after Xu Xiaoping's words, the whole industry has been going down until June. There will be repeated, shocks and pullbacks in the process. The bitcoin price has dropped by 7000 US dollars. Although it is very low, no one can guarantee that it will continue to fall. In 2017, there were no less than 20 "coin gods" around me. By may 2018, few of them could truly preserve the fruits of victory. Generally speaking, they still made a profit of one or two million yuan, but most of them are unable to win the market. If they are lucky to make money, they must be steady and leave the market as soon as possible.
        2017 brings you to buy coins and earn money is your benefactor; 2018 is likely to become an enemy. From January to April 2018, it was in the bear market stage, which has been halved compared with the peak in 2017. If Ethereum fell by 50%, then the virtual currency with value of Ethereum (ETH) definitely fell by 70 to 80 or even 90%. Many traditional VC's that buy tens of thousands of Ethereum at a time are all trapped in it. There is not such a large amount of liquidity in society to accept the offer. Some people who broke out before may spit in this wave and may lose money. If you are an ordinary retail investor who wants to obtain market dividends by buying coins and are optimistic about the future, you can consider buying a small amount of bottoms at this time. If you are not so optimistic about the future, it is recommended to operate cautiously, especially try not to buy air coins, and try to identify mainstream currencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum; It should be noted that the trading depth of the digital currency exchange is not enough compared with that of the stock market, so that sometimes even if it has fallen by half, it can not be cleared completely because there is no one in the market to accept the order.
        With the transparency of the blockchain industry, more and more transaction information has been made public. In the past, the two sides of the "agent investment" collected the agent investment fee from the user, and then collected the rebate fee from the project side, and deducted the proportion privately. Basically, the makers are sure to make a profit without losing. Now all the risks are transferred to the retail investors, and the market continues to fall. All people are conservative or pessimistic about the market expectation, At this time, there is no way to play the "agent investment" business, and it is also difficult to finance the Aixi project of the new currency. Therefore, there is a high probability that participating in aisio will not make money. There are basically three types of entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry from my side. The first type is to issue coins, the second type is to help the industry with supporting services, and the third type is to do public chain or applications.
        As for the coin issue project, it is the most mainstream method of blockchain entrepreneurship. Although no one has been caught and imprisoned for issuing coins, there are indeed policy risks. Therefore, many people will retain a foreign nationality or have a three-year visa from the United States to prepare for it. Some companies registered in Singapore issue consumables similar to game props instead of securities to ensure compliance. For entrepreneurs who want to participate in the blockchain, I suggest that they can no longer simply issue western Europe or find a shell of a startup company to put it in the past; However, the coin free blockchain in response to regulation has not yet found a good profit model. As for supporting services, there are mainly blockchain media, community operation, FA, market value management, etc. However, there are now thousands of blockchain media in the market. Whether or not they are able to bind customers with good heads needs a differentiated approach.
        As for the public chain or application projects, the entrepreneurs who have raised funds and intend to do long-term landing applications are scrambling for the "public chain". I predict that a "thousand chain war" will break out in the second half of 2018. From the perspective of the Internet industry, the public chain is the platform for future blockchain projects, which is equivalent to building a bat platform similar to that in the blockchain world. Everyone is seizing such a time and opportunity. From the perspective of landing, the whole industry is still relatively early and has not reached the scene of rapidly gathering a large number of users through a blockchain product. The opportunity to build a platform still exists. The reason why eth is so powerful is that it is the most complete ecological chain at present. Many applications are based on the birth of its chain. Currently, the dau (daily life) of blockchain projects is relatively low, and it is a long distance from the real landing.
        (this article was first published in titanium media) return to Sohu to see more.
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