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What are the unmet potentials of thing Yuanyang

Time : 24/07/2022 Author : xr8e3l Click : + -
        The game industry has experienced a great revolution since its early days. From the Nintendo game machine era in the 1980s to the emergence of large-scale multiplayer online games (MMO) such as final fantasy, to the emergence of play to early games and the highly immersive virtual world, the game world has proved that in the field of technology, the possibilities are endless. According to a new report, the value of the game industry has exceeded 300 billion US dollars, exceeding the total value of the film and music industries. The recent surge in the industry is due to the increase in mobile games and online social interaction during the pandemic. In addition to the perfect storm created by the proliferation of big stream behavior games, the booming industry can also be attributed to the emergence of blockchain games.
        This sub industry takes off because it can provide more control for end users and less control over game publishers. Since the publisher no longer has full power over whether to cancel the game or delete certain functions, the power has been transferred back to the end user. In fact, according to the report of dapprad and the blockchain Game Alliance in the first quarter of 2022, the blockchain game industry has grown by more than 2000% in the past year alone. Venture capital and other investors are investing heavily in blockchain games and Yuan Jie projects. By 2022, the market investment will exceed US $2.5 billion. Financial institutions are also estimating that the economic potential of the decentralized yuan is at least $8 trillion, and the market value is only in China.
        Despite the vigorous development of blockchain, compared with other game fields, blockchain games still only account for a small part of the whole game field. As the game market continues to snowball, there is huge untapped potential in the blockchain game market. Shiryo is a perfect example of a project entering the trading card game (TCG) space, bringing games reminiscent of hearthstone legend and magic cards into the blockchain game market. The creators of the platform saw the market gap and wanted to create something they wanted to play. Shiryo's immersive virtual world environment will provide users with social spaces, stores and battlefields within "shiryoverse".
        The game play is divided into areas of each element of the card game, and the user will be able to select the place they want to visit on the map and be transferred to the virtual world. Users will be able to upgrade their deck by going to the immersive store environment, where they will be able to purchase different supplementary packages and card upgrades to personalize their deck to anything they want. As innovative projects enter the blockchain game field, it is obvious that the game industry has huge unrealized potential. There are so many different industries in the game itself. It is only a matter of time before we begin to see that various projects establish their leadership positions in their respective niche markets.
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