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China currency network (what are the domestic blockchain digital currencies and how many are there)

Time : 04/06/2022 Author : etyk3j Click : + -
        Before answering this question, let's take a look at the top ten mainstream digital currencies in the world: 1. BTC bitcoin 2, ETH Ethereum 3, XRP ripple coin 4, BCH bitcash 5, EOS grapefruit coin 6, XLM stellar coin 7, LTC litecoin 8, usdt TEDA. None of these mainstream digital currencies were invented by Chinese. Only the name of Li Qiwei, the inventor of litecoin, looks like Chinese, but he is actually an Asian American. Obviously, in the field of digital currency, we are obviously lagging behind. However, in fact, many public chains, private chains, alliance chains and DAPP applications have emerged in our country, which is dizzying. There are so many varieties that we can't even remember their names.
        According to statistics, more than 95% of the digital currencies traded by Chinese people are issued by domestic people. Since the domestic digital currency market is still in its infancy, it is inevitable that good and bad people are mixed. Copy a white paper and find a few people to issue coins. Therefore, from the perspective of investment risk, it is significantly higher than the top ten mainstream digital currencies abroad. Because of their good liquidity, it has become a consensus to hold mainstream currencies. Thanks to China's huge population base, although we do not have an advantage in digital currency, it is indeed the home of the Chinese people in terms of market transaction volume. It is understood that the top digital currency exchanges are all founded by Chinese people. The trading volume of digital currency is increasing year by year, and the market is also hot.
        For example, BNB, the platform currency of Bi'An, has risen from a few months ago to nearly 300 yuan. Some of the content, pictures, videos and other template presentation data covered by this site could not be contacted with the original author. If copyright issues are involved, please inform us in time and provide relevant supporting materials. We will delete them in time! Thank you for your understanding and support!.
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