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Yuanli Society: an inventory of blockchain related policies (domestic)

Time : 20/07/2022 Author : 6dcxu8 Click : + -
        (www.ecosoc. Com) in recent years, unicorn enterprises in China have developed rapidly. Unicorns in new technologies, new models and new industries have been emerging continuously, and the contents of "specialized, special and new" and "hard science and technology" have become more prominent. Unicorn enterprises further deepen the technological, digital and cultural empowerment of the upstream and downstream links of the industrial chain and the end customers. As the core technical feature of the blockchain, decentralization has been continuously explored in recent years and has become the cornerstone of many future industries, such as Web3, metauniverse, and current NFT / digital collections. As an emerging technology with great potential, both at home and abroad have shown great enthusiasm for it. From the introduction of policies to the specific support measures of various localities, they are actively guiding and promoting the rise of blockchain related industries.
        For enterprises and individuals, paying attention to relevant policy trends and actively participating can better seize the opportunities of the times. The following is a summary of some policies at the national level since blockchain was included in the development plan in 2016. It comprehensively expounds the development status, typical application scenarios and application analysis of domestic and foreign blockchain, puts forward the road map of China's blockchain technology development and the road map of blockchain standardization, and puts forward relevant policies and application suggestions. In terms of major tasks and key projects, it is mentioned to strengthen quantum communication & hellip& hellip; Basic R & D and cutting-edge layout of new technologies such as blockchain and gene editing, to build a first mover leading advantage in new venues.
        Promote information technology service enterprises to improve their comprehensive integrated service capabilities under the "Internet +" environment. Encourage the development of personalized software using open source code, and carry out pilot applications based on new technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. We will carry out research and development of key core technologies and products of the industrial Internet, and promote the application research of emerging frontier technologies such as edge computing, deep learning, augmented reality, virtual reality and blockchain in the industrial Internet. Clarify the information security management responsibilities of blockchain information service providers, standardize and promote the healthy development of blockchain technology and related services, avoid the security risks of blockchain information services, and provide effective legal basis for the provision, use and management of blockchain information services.
        Support the integrated application and innovation of 5g, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and blockchain in the field of cultural industry, and build a number of digital application scenarios for cultural industry. Accelerate the promotion of digital industrialization, cultivate and expand emerging digital industries such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, cloud computing and network security, and improve the industrial level of communication equipment, core electronic components and key software. It is clear that by 2025, the comprehensive strength of the blockchain industry will reach the world's advanced level, and the industry will initially take shape. The application of blockchain has penetrated into many fields of economy and society, cultivating a number of well-known products in the fields of product traceability, data circulation, supply chain management, etc., and forming a scene demonstration application.
        Strengthen the role of standards in the quantization of measurement, the intellectualization of inspection and testing, the marketization of certification and the globalization of recognition, and improve quality governance and promote quality improvement through the comprehensive application of new generation information technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain. Build the blockchain infrastructure, enhance the service and enabling capacity of the blockchain through strengthening the construction of the blockchain infrastructure, better play the role and function of the blockchain as an infrastructure, and provide innovation impetus for technological and industrial transformation. We will strengthen standard verification, implementation and supervision, and improve the standard system in the fields of modern circulation, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, fifth generation mobile communication (5g), Internet of things, and energy storage.
        The e-commerce database of "e-commerce treasure" of (all registered free experience) is based on the 12-year precipitation of the e-commerce industry, including data of 100 + listed companies and new third board companies, data of 150 + unicorn, 200 + Qianlima companies, 4000 + initial investment and financing data and 100000 + Internet app data. It comprehensively covers the e-commerce of "head + waist + long tail". It aims to help understand the e-commerce industry through data visualization and tap the market potential of the industry, Help enterprises to make decisions, and be a "good staff" for e-commerce people to study and make decisions.
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