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A share: with the advent of the digital era, can the six "digital currency" leaders set off the tide of the era?

Time : 26/05/2022 Author : nudmvi Click : + -
        On the news surface, the Institute proposed to support the innovation and development of financial science and technology, accelerate the pilot of legal digital currency, and do a good job in the implementation of financial science and technology innovation regulatory tools,. According to a report released by McKinsey, a management consulting firm, last year, the macro benefits of the central bank's digital currency are mainly reflected in four dimensions, namely, reducing the cost of providing cash, improving the inclusiveness of financial activities, reducing the danger of private sector digital currency, and strengthening the transmission of monetary policy. According to statistics, there are 68 concept stocks with digital currency in the A-share market. In terms of performance, there are 15 companies in the concept stocks whose net profit attributable to the parent company in the first three quarters of 2021 increased by more than 100% year-on-year.
        Among them, the growth rate of Jingu shares, national technology and Nantian information ranked first, with an increase of 2342.46%, 1512.94% and 1260.07% respectively. At present, the digital RMB payment method has not brought about incremental business income. It is in the relationship of mutual substitution and mutual growth with traditional payment methods such as card swiping and code scanning, and will not have a significant impact on the overall acquirer business scale and business performance. The acquirer merchants and business scope of Haike RONGTONG have not changed significantly. Hua'an Securities said that digital currency is expected to coexist with third-party mobile payment in the future. At the same time, as a new payment method promoted in China, the promotion of digital RMB will bring long-term and sustainable investment opportunities for relevant ecological industries.
        The company's participation in the digital currency pilot is mainly through the state-owned banks and retail and catering industry customers that have long cooperated with the company. The company's reserved NFC technology, trusted identity authentication based on tee on the end side, trusted device authentication, trusted two-dimensional code technology, cloud side efficient and trusted blockchain and privacy computing and other technical applications are all technical reserves for digital currency research. The company's intelligent security chip can be used as the security carrier of digital currency, such as digital currency wallet, and can also be used for data protection and security authentication of digital currency payment process. After the comprehensive promotion of digital currency, the demand space will be relatively large. The company's core products such as the second-generation ID card chip, telecom SIM card series chip and financial payment smart card chip are in the leading position in China. The products are widely used in various domestic application fields and are sold to the international market.
        The core special integrated circuit products such as microprocessors, programmable devices, memories, buses and so on, which are independently developed, are in the leading position in China. They have been widely used in national key projects and have a leading market position. The company has participated in the digital China Summit for four consecutive times. This year, the company was invited to exhibit its smart payment equipment in the exhibition area of the digital currency Research Institute of the central bank. At present, the company's entire series of intelligent payment devices have supported digital RMB payment. New world officially announced that it plans to invest in the establishment of Fujian new world network technology Co., Ltd. and plans to invest 3.3 million yuan to jointly establish it with the holding subsidiary Fujian new world software engineering Co., Ltd. (invested 720000 yuan) and several natural persons, with a registered capital of 6 million yuan. Its main business is to operate in the online game market with Swedish managerzoneab company (MZ company for short).
        The chip of Guoxin technology includes functions such as identity authentication, digital signature, data encryption and decryption and communication interface. The product has passed the security certification of relevant departments and can be used for digital wallet, trading equipment and background security services based on digital RMB. The main customers include digital wallets, trading machines and back-end service manufacturers. The company mainly provides chips and chip based modules, and cooperates with customers to develop new generation chip products. Since its inception, the company has been committed to the research and development of a series of software and hardware security products with independent intellectual property rights, and strives to build the company into a comprehensive solution provider for intelligent security in the Internet of things era.
        Relevant strategic R & D teams of the company have carried out R & D in the blockchain field, including the development of digital wallets. The company's digital RMB wallet project is a digital RMB wallet based on 5g messages, which integrates various recharge and payment scenarios to achieve a closed-loop transaction. It has solved the security problem of H5 payment by leaving users in their mobile mailboxes through the pioneering jump between Chatbot. In the future, it will connect with the central bank or the 5g message interface of major banks without downloading apps, creating rich and complete life services. The company's invention patent for this project - "095 a digital RMB payment method based on 5g messages" is at the acceptance stage.
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