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The 31st Guling scientific conference was held in Quanzhou. Experts and scholars talked about blockchain

Time : 01/04/2022 Author : gohajb Click : + -
        China news network, Fujian news, January 20 (Sun Honglin's follow-up study) the 31st Guling science conference was successfully held in Quanzhou a few days ago. Experts and scholars, relevant heads of government departments, representatives of scientific research institutes, industry associations and vocational education groups gathered together to carry out academic exchanges and discussions around the theme of "blockchain technology and industrial development". Lin kuiran, member of the Party group and deputy director of the Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Department, said that the Fujian provincial Party committee and the provincial government attach great importance to promoting the innovation and integrated application of blockchain technology, pay attention to strengthening policy support, optimizing innovation coordination, and improving the ecological system, support Universities and institutions to strengthen the basic research and Application Research of blockchain, lay out the construction of Digital Fujian blockchain Engineering Laboratory, and support the construction of a comprehensive experimental area of blockchain economy, Accelerate the cultivation of emerging blockchain industries.
        "This forum was held in Quanzhou, focusing on the innovation and application of blockchain technology. It is of great significance for us to grasp the opportunities of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, explore the application of blockchain technology in many fields of our province, and promote the orderly development of blockchain technology and industry in our province." Lin kuilan said so. In recent years, Quanzhou Municipal Party committee and government have attached great importance to the development and application of blockchain technology, and are gradually exploring how blockchain can be deeply integrated with real economy and social development. At the same time, we will intensify investment attraction for emerging industries such as blockchain, and focus on strategic emerging industries such as artificial intelligence and blockchain that are expected to overtake the curve, so as to seize the development opportunities of the digital economy.
        Zhu Qiping, vice mayor of Quanzhou, said that in the next step, Quanzhou will increase its support for the development, application and training of blockchain technology, actively introduce a number of leading enterprises, leading experts, high-level innovation teams and outstanding young talents in the blockchain field, and vigorously create a good atmosphere to support the development of blockchain. At the same time, Quanzhou will also standardize industrial development, actively explore development laws, and promote the safe and orderly development of blockchain. Lin Dong, executive vice president of Quanzhou Institute of information engineering, pointed out that the university will actively participate in and promote the exchange and cooperation among the government, enterprises, industries and universities in the field of blockchain technology development with the help of the Guling science conference, and strive to promote the development of blockchain technology and Industry to take new steps.
        At the theme forum, experts such as Zheng Zhiming, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Yang Jun, academician of the Canadian Academy of engineering, made thematic reports on the development of blockchain technology, industrial applications, performance collaborative optimization, and standardization. The round table held special discussions on "blockchain standard line & mdash; entering Fujian" and "blockchain and intelligent manufacturing" to explore the application of blockchain technology in many fields in Fujian Province. It is understood that the Guling science conference was founded in 2013. It has held 30 conferences focusing on the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, basic scientific research, frontier leading technology exploration, key core technology innovation, transformation of scientific and technological achievements and industrialization. More than 180 well-known experts and nearly 1000 scholars at home and abroad, including Nobel Prize winners and academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, have been invited to inquire about major issues of innovation driven development and scientific and Technological Development in Fujian Suggestions and suggestions have produced positive social repercussions.
        The conference was sponsored by the science and Technology Department of Fujian Province and the people's Government of Quanzhou City, and organized by Quanzhou science and Technology Bureau and Quanzhou Information Engineering College. (end).
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