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Aerospace Information: deepen the application of blockchain and create new opportunities for industrial development

Time : 25/04/2022 Author : 4j60zu Click : + -
        In April 2020, the national development and Reform Commission defined the scope of "new infrastructure" for the first time, and the blockchain was officially listed as the information infrastructure in the new infrastructure. At present, blockchain, cloud computing, 5g (the fifth generation mobile communication technology), artificial intelligence and other information technologies are being organically integrated to form an important infrastructure for the digital economy and smart society. Like the power consumption in the industrial era, the "chain consumption" may be combined with the "cloud consumption" in the future and become an important indicator of the economic society in the digital era. This coincides with the strategy of Aerospace Information Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "aerospace information") to deepen the application of blockchain and create new opportunities for industrial development. Ma Tianhui, chairman of aerospace information, said in an interview with the reporter: "blockchain is the key driving technology for the future development of the Internet. Its transparency, credibility, collaboration and sharing are the foundation for the development of the digital society.
        ”。 Aerospace information is taxable. The value-added tax anti-counterfeiting and tax control system developed at the beginning of its establishment uses technologies such as secure password algorithm to realize the anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting and tax control of the whole process of special invoices, which effectively ensures the national tax security. Therefore, before entering the blockchain, aerospace information has been exploring the industrialization of information security for many years and formed profound accumulation. The reporter learned that aerospace information started research and exploration in the blockchain field as early as 2016. Now, a special working organization for blockchain has been established to provide organizational support and resource support for the development of blockchain technology and industry. In 2019, the aerospace information blockchain platform passed the filing of the national network information office and passed the functional test and performance test of the trusted blockchain of the Ministry of industry and information technology.
        In recent years, relying on the "1 + 4 + n" blockchain product system, i.e. taking the aerospace information blockchain platform as the basic platform and the four application platforms of blockchain data sharing, electronic storage, data security control and quality traceability as the support, a number of solutions have been developed and implemented, and the applications in the fields of electronic invoice, vehicle purchase tax, vaccine supervision, freight logistics and supply chain finance have been realized. In the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic this year, the most moving thing is the research and development process of the covid-19 vaccine. It is reported that on July 20, the international medical academic journal The Lancet published online the results of the phase II clinical trial of the coronavirus vaccine developed by the team led by Chen Wei, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and researcher of the Academy of military medicine of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences: the vaccine is safe and can induce immune response.
        This provides further evidence for the safety and immunogenicity of the vaccine in a wider population, is an "important step" in the evaluation of candidate vaccines, and also gives people a shot in the arm. Of course, there are still many problems to be solved in the implementation of new vaccines: how to improve the validation and production of vaccines, how to establish the emergency research and development and production platform of vaccines, and how to guarantee the traceability and supervision of vaccines. When it comes to vaccine traceability regulation, the "de trust" and "non tamperability" features of the blockchain can also play an important role. Ma Tianhui told the reporter, "in November last year, the blockchain based vaccine traceability and supervision platform constructed by aerospace information was launched in Tianjin and connected with the national platform, realizing the traceability and supervision of the whole process from production, circulation to use of vaccines, serving the public, production enterprises and regulatory departments.
        ”It is worth mentioning that this is the first provincial-level vaccine traceability supervision platform in China to implement the requirements of the new vaccine law and follow the new standards. It runs through the systems of the food and Drug Administration and the Health Commission, and realizes the traceability supervision of the whole process of vaccines. It was learned from the interview that after the implementation of Tianjin vaccine project, in 2020, aerospace information won the bid for vaccine traceability and supervision projects in Yunnan, Tibet and other places. It is believed that after the official implementation of the covid-19 vaccine, the platform will add a heavy color to the answer paper of "digital warfare". In addition to outstanding achievements in vaccine traceability and supervision, aerospace information is also featured in the use of blockchain technology to help provinces and cities build smart cities.
        Recently, the Dalian vehicle information blockchain credit platform constructed by aerospace information has become the first landing scenario for the blockchain application of Dalian municipal government. It is understood that the platform is jointly developed and constructed by Dalian Taxation Bureau and aerospace information. Based on vehicle information, the platform uses the blockchain data sharing mode to realize the common storage and maintenance of information data across departments and regions, improve the application ability of information data of all parties in the alliance, improve the collaborative handling and effective supervision ability of vehicle related businesses, and provide new ideas and measures for blockchain to help the construction of a digital society. In addition, aerospace information actively carried out the innovative application of blockchain in the field of transportation, successively cooperated with the Academy of Railway Sciences and China Railway Group in the fields of multimodal transport logistics tracking and China Europe Express Freight application, and cooperated with China Merchants ships in the field of trade and transportation, giving full play to the role of blockchain in promoting data sharing, optimizing business processes and reducing operating costs, Innovate the new cooperation mode of the transportation industry and improve the efficiency of intelligent transportation.
        In recent years, the innovative technologies of the blockchain have been constantly emerging, the application scenarios of the blockchain industry have been constantly enriched, and information security has also received more and more social attention. The introduction of the national password law provides a strong legal basis for the use of domestic passwords in blockchain related platforms and services. Ma Tianhui believes that cryptography is the core technology of blockchain. The aerospace information blockchain products take cryptography technology as the core, break through a number of key technologies, adopt the national secret algorithm conforming to the national secret standard specifications in all directions, and realize a set of high-efficiency national secret algorithm library. At the same time, the terminal hardware and other devices fully support the national secret standard, ensuring the safety and compliance of the system, and laying a foundation for the long-term development of the blockchain.
        Talking about the development prospects of the blockchain industry, Ma Tianhui said in the interview: "There may be two positive changes in the blockchain in the future. First, the state will pay more attention to the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity. With the rise of the blockchain as a national strategy, governments at all levels have issued policies to support the development of the blockchain industry, and government services are expected to become a key area of blockchain applications. Second, with the rapid development of the online economy, the society's data sharing, privacy protection and business for online businesses Coordination, openness and transparency will be more emphasized, and the demand will be stronger. The blockchain industry will usher in a good opportunity for development. Blockchain technology will also be recognized by the society in solving practical problems and further improved in the process.
        ”。 Ma Tianhui also said that with the deepening of the application of blockchain, many fields will establish their own blockchain systems. In the future, cross chain cooperation and intercommunication among these blockchain systems will also be an inevitable trend. Cross chain technology is the key to the realization of value Internet by blockchain. As an enterprise participating in the China international big data industry expo (hereinafter referred to as the digital Expo) for four consecutive years, the series of achievements and other products of aerospace information based on the blockchain have been widely praised in the previous digital Expo. Ma Tianhui said that in the future, aerospace information will also use the international platform of digital Expo to discuss the hot issues of blockchain with all circles, share the development opportunities of digital economy, create social value with data drive, and make continuous contributions to the national digital economy construction.
        At present, the blockchain economy is booming. According to the report released by the world economic forum, by 2025, 10% of the global GDP will be stored in blockchain based technologies. Blockchain is "a gold mine with unproved reserves". "Father of digital economy" Tang & middot; Don Tapscott also predicted that blockchain will be a black technology that will affect the next few decades.
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