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Blockchain world status,II. Talking about currency: cross beam bridge technology to open up the multi chain world

Time : 31/08/2021 Author : q12uka Click : + -
        With the soaring price of Ethereum, the performance of the chain, the transaction miner's fee and other issues make people rethink. Will the future of cryptocurrency be a multi chain coexistence or a single chain dominance? The future is the blockchain world. Is it a value island or a value exchange? With the rise of BSC, Solana, etc., the development of Ethereum layer 2 network and the promotion of cross beam bridge technology, it seems likely that the future will be multi chain coexistence. The solution to the problem is to provide value. The technology of cross beam bridge is an inevitable product of history. What is a bridge? If Ethereum and bitcoin are compared to highways, the cross chain bridge is like a national highway connecting expressways, opening up all expressways. Through the collapse of the bridge, the value can be transferred between expressways, thus reconnecting the whole blockchain world into a large network.
        It is obvious that the bridge can be used as a bridge to facilitate the cross chain transmission of user assets, improve the liquidity of assets, and provide a fast and excellent user experience. For the main chain, the bridge can relieve the pressure of the main chain and make the processing speed of the main chain faster. Once the number of users using the cross chain bridge increases, it can be predicted that it can also become a main chain, forming a competitive trend with the current main chain. It is obvious that the LVT amount of many projects in Ethereum L2 is very large, and the experience of handling fees and transfer speed is very good, so it attracts a large number of users. In order to compete among multiple chains and bridges, what ordinary people can do is to keep up with the development of the industry and find the right opportunities! But don't forget your roots. This is the root.
        In addition, there are many so-called cross chain bridge projects in the market at present, which are genuine and fake, so as to improve the identification!.
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