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Violence has increased by more than 12%!, Ethereum software comprehensive upgrade is coming soon, can the future market be expected?

Time : 29/09/2021 Author : bv4aiu Click : + -
        According to the Zhitong finance app, the price of Ethereum rose sharply today. As of the press release, Ethereum rose 12.36% to US $1887.69/piece. Today, the cryptocurrency once exceeded the high of US $1910, more than double the low of US $900 in June, reaching the peak level in two months. The rise in the same period far exceeded the rebound of the world's largest market value cryptocurrency bitcoin. The price of Ethereum reached a new high in more than two months today, mainly because there are signs that the upgrade plan of Ethereum blockchain has passed an important test, which may pave the way for one of the most important changes in the cryptocurrency field.
        Ethereum is one of the most important commercial blockchains. It has realized the uplink in the optimistic mood surrounding the merger of Ethereum's main network, just like the well-known planned network upgrade & mdash& mdash; This has become a symbol of the recovery of cryptocurrency from this year's painful rout. The goerli test conducted late Wednesday, New York time, is a key "dress rehearsal" to transform the Ethereum network from a proof of work operation to a more efficient and energy-efficient proof of interest system. It is expected that a comprehensive transformation will take place next month. Vitalikbuterin, co-founder of Ethereum, forwarded a tweet saying that the test activated the proof of interest.
        Another tweet shows that the test of the migration plan to a more efficient system seems to have been successful. Tim beiko, a computer scientist responsible for coordinating Ethereum developers, released a screenshot, indicating that a merger test in the plan has been successful. Software upgrade has been carried out for many years, and Ethereum's dominant position as the commercial highway of cryptocurrency highlights the sensitivity of this change. The blockchain supports more than 3400 active decentralized applications, allowing all applications from games to transactions. According to the statistics of coinmarketcap, the market value of Ethereum is about $229 billion.
        If the goerli test does go smoothly as expected, the Ethereum core developers may determine the final date of the blockchain's long-awaited software update on Thursday, local time.
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