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The first batch of blockchain talent certification examination certificate examination continues to be popular - certification examination system

Time : 15/10/2021 Author : qhalnf Click : + -
        In mid July, the blockchain application operator (Level 4) certification examination was held in Shenzhen. The college award that passed the examination won the Tencent education certification certificate and the blockchain application operator (Level 4) certificate. This is the first batch of blockchain application operators with certificates in Guangdong, It is also "one test and two certificates" (two certificates obtained in one test) In order to realize the innovative practice of more diversified talent evaluation methods. Most of the first batch of people to take the first examination in China are practitioners in the blockchain industry, and there are also some people who are interested in blockchain. Because this examination has certain threshold requirements for applicants, they need to graduate from a major or above and have been engaged in relevant industries for more than 1 year.
        The whole test is divided into theory test and skill test. It is realized through online examination and computer examination. The certificate has a high content of gold, and obtaining the certificate is equivalent to having a stepping stone. Since then, different levels of examinations will also respond to different training contents, and there will be pre examination training, simulated examinations and other links to provide complete services for the talent evaluation of the whole chain. In 2020, the Ministry of human resources and social security, together with the State Administration of market supervision and the National Bureau of statistics, released 9 new occupations including blockchain application operators. Blockchain is a very popular industry in recent years. According to the report of China business intelligence, the compound annual growth rate of China's blockchain market is 87.58%, and it is expected to reach 1.409 billion yuan in 2022.
        Global well-known institutions predict that the talent gap of China's blockchain will continue to expand, and the talent gap will reach 750000 in the next five years. Talent shortage has also become one of the bottlenecks for the rapid development of the blockchain industry. This certification examination will provide a more formal talent assessment for the development of the whole industry and alleviate the shortage of blockchain talents. Return to Sohu for more information.
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