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Cai Kangyong, tutor of strange flowers: talking about wages at work can lead to negative emotions

Time : 19/06/2022 Author : nlp0zs Click : + -
        In the seventh issue of strange flowers, Cai Kangyong mentioned a point that only talking about wages at work would lead people to negative emotions. Under the reward of salary, we have to go to work. Most people do jobs they don't like under the encouragement of salary. In the end, we live all day for money, busy with life every day, and lose the real me. The year he graduated from college, his classmates were poor and his tuition was borrowed. He usually liked to eat steamed bread and salted pickled vegetables for 1 yuan. He lived a very simple life. However, he studies very hard and ranks first in his major. On the day of graduation, the counselor asked him what his ideal job would be in the future. The classmate replied that I will be a certified public accountant and earn a lot of money as an accountant.
        After graduation, the students insisted on studying hard and worked as certified public accountants. As expected, they came to a law firm to work as an accountant. They were busy dealing with numbers all day. A few years later, my classmate's accountant's annual salary reached 300000, and he became the most successful person in our class. His life should be as happy as he wished. But he said to me: I regret that I have been admitted to the CPA. I have been focusing on numbers all day. I don't like it very much. In those years, I chose the accountant because I had a lot of money. Since I started working, I feel very confused. I go to work like a robot all day. I live at two points and one line. I am very tired. If we choose a career for money, we will lose our hobbies and interests, thus losing our original spirit of striving for progress, falling into the slave of money, and making more and more people fall into the negative theory of wages.
        The salary is negative, the salary is getting higher and higher, and the future is more and more confused and anxious. In order to make our life meaningful and not be confused by money, we must study the future and the future. First, master the emotional fluctuation and establish the rational axis; second, break the inherent thinking and establish the independent way; third, excavate and avoid their own ability. Emotions we often say that only those who have good control over their emotions can control their own lives. Sometimes, once the emotion is stimulated, the human brain will be full of emotion rendering and cannot make correct judgments. Since the popularity of bitcoin, many people have been fascinated by investing in blockchain. They think that investing in bitcoin can make money, and investing in other blockchains can also make a lot of money. Besides, friends around them also make money in Amway blockchain, claiming that they have also made a lot of money.
        Under the exaggeration of such positive emotions, people tend to make emotional decisions and ignore the objectivity of the facts. Therefore, many people have lost a lot of money on the blockchain, becoming what people call leeks, causing huge losses. Master the emotional context. For anything, there will be a trigger factor that urges people to act. When we encounter urgent, anxious and angry things, our emotions will affect our decision-making, thus losing the most basic judgment. On a live broadcast platform, a video host said that she was harassed by the massage shop, and the indifference of the staff in the milk tea shop next door hurt her heart deeply, and she was still crying and wronged.
        The ending was reversed. Some netizens exposed the video. In fact, the video owner did not give money to the owner of the massage shop, and threatened to threaten the owner of the massage shop to pay 5000 yuan. The two sides had a dispute. Finally, the video owner deleted all the videos. In this case, the video owner took advantage of the anger of fans and netizens, pretended to be aggrieved, and incited netizens to condemn the store one after another, thus making netizens a tool to vent others. The rational axis is that when our brain is full of emotions and needs to make decisions, the rational axis can empty our brain and enable our brain to make relatively rational decisions. First, to get rid of emotion is to let the brain in emotion cool down temporarily. The simplest way is to count the numbers, from 1 to 10. Naturally, people will gradually get rid of the brain controlled by emotion.
        Second, find out the results, analyze the reasons, and ponder the reasons. For example, we see that some people invest in blockchain to make money, and we also want to follow the investment. In this way, we are driven by positive emotions. When we face emotional choices, we need to stop emotional fluctuations, establish rational motivation, find out the reasons for applicability, and substitute ourselves for testing. Especially when we face rewards, we often think that it is good to have money. But most of the time, we work for money. At the beginning, we are happy. At the end, we become decadent and lead a confused life. My friend works as a sales manager in a company. He travels everywhere every day to do business and make achievements. One day, he was confused. He did not know that so many achievements were made only for money, but for a better road? He can't see where the future development road is??.
        The purpose is the direction that can lead you forward. What kind of person you most want to be, or what kind of goal you want to achieve, all these should be determined in your mind, and then go in this direction. For example, I want to become a marketing expert, which belongs to the purpose. Even if there is no reward and no money, we should still carry out our goals, so as to ensure the implementation of our goals. In the early days, Alibaba was completely clean and had no money or power. When Jack Ma had no money to pay his salary, he had to borrow money from employees to run the company. First, we want to build a company that has survived for 102 years. Second, we want to build an e-commerce company that serves small and medium-sized enterprises in China. Third, we want to build the world's largest e-commerce company and enter the top 10 global websites.
        Success is not only about making money, but more importantly, an enterprise needs to have a purpose and the determination to build a world ranking to achieve the greatest enterprise. Autonomy is to form a strong sense of responsibility according to self-arrangement, without external pressure and leadership urging. Many people go to work because of a key word, that is, pay. In fact, it is also very important to pay wages. After all, people have to rely on the material foundation to survive. However, people's material desire can not be satisfied, and they will constantly ask for better requests. It is far from enough to only drive by money. My friend works in a start-up company. He works late all day. Sometimes, he works late until early morning.
        I asked him how hard he worked. Did the boss give you a lot of money. My friend said no, but when I first came in, the boss asked me what the purpose of your coming to the company was and what purpose you wanted to achieve. My friend replied, "I want to be an excellent engineer.". Therefore, he worked so hard to become an excellent engineer, so he would work so hard to do things. In fact, many people said he was stupid, but not all of them. Although I worked very hard, the company went bankrupt. However, he went to another new company, but his salary was increased and he became the head of the Department. Concentrate, concentrate on doing things better, concentrate on the best, and enter the state of flow.
        Entering the state of heart flow will greatly improve people's attention and complete tasks better. It's like people who are half hearted can't achieve great things, while people who focus on one line will do things well instead. For example, some people have mastered many skills, the level is half a bucket of water, and they can't do anything. Compared with dedicated people, they tend to get things done. Because they are dedicated to one thing, success will come naturally. As for the inherent way of thinking, it is more important that we break the thinking of interests and make scientific selection to find out the successful way to adapt to self-development: purpose, independence and specialization. When we are not tempted by money, we need to constantly tap our own ability to maximize our ability.
        And give up the ability you are not good at. For ability, we often make a mistake, that is, you can't, you are very good. In fact, this is only one aspect and does not represent the ability of the whole person. When I was at school, I met a classmate who was extremely poor in sports. He was tired after running for five laps on the playground. People around him would ridicule him for his poor ability. In order to save everyone's impression, he ran every morning and kept practicing. Finally, he was able to run for five laps. But at the same time, it also brings a problem, that is, his art ability is very poor, and under the ridicule of everyone, he began to learn art and painting every day. Students live in the mouth of people around them all day, but they become more and more unlike themselves.
        It is true that people have advantages and disadvantages and cannot be perfect. Even a god man has shortcomings. Under the influence of external pressure, we have to analyze clearly which skills are useful and which are not. First, we should admit that we are powerless and let go of our self obsession. We can't take a positive attitude to improve our incompetence. After all, we have specialized skills, and we can't require everyone to master all skills. We need to give up useless skills properly. For example, if a person is a dancer and has one leg amputated in a car accident, she can give up her career and find a suitable position in the future. Fill in a variety of possibilities and find the best characteristics.
        When we are faced with many possibilities and need to try one by one, we can choose to limit the time to choose and try. Increasing marginal income of ability: with the increase of input of knowledge and skills, the knowledge and skills we have can make the benefit of skills show an increasing trend. And with the change of time, the ability will become more and more valuable. For example, with the copywriting skills we have mastered, we can use copywriting to solve our own work, and we can also solve the problem of external solicitation to obtain income, or we can operate our media accounts to obtain higher income. On the contrary, there is no increasing trend, that is, the ability is single. For example, a porter who sells physical strength can only carry 50 bags of rice a day, and his ability is limited.
        When we are faced with the skills we are not good at, we should not waste our time by stubbornly avoiding them. This will lead us to be busy. Therefore, I have to look for it from three aspects. First, I admit that I am powerless and put down my obsession. First, fill in a variety of possibilities and find the best characteristics. Third, the marginal income of capability is increasing. For the vast majority of people, working for money is a natural thing, but for a long time, people will feel confused. In order to avoid this kind of thing, we need to master the correct choice:.
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