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TC, Hangzhou | blockchain is so popular TC, how can there be less exhibition area

Time : 21/08/2021 Author : k9hr70 Click : + -
        Blockchain is a topic that cannot be bypassed this year, and TC has not bypassed it. It also set up an exclusive exhibition area for it at the techcrunch International Innovation Summit Hangzhou 2018. These include the open source community created by Shuai Chu & mdash& mdash; Quantum chain, quantum chain can realize point-to-point value transfer through value transfer protocol, and build a decentralized application development platform supporting multiple industries (finance, Internet of things, supply chain, social games, etc.) according to this protocol. The Internet of things blockchain company that won the first place in the techcrunch Entrepreneurship Competition & mdash& mdash; Ruff, which has entered the public's view from the stage of entrepreneurial dark horse, is now developing rapidly.
        It is understood that ruffos is an IOT operating system, which supports JavaScript development applications, provides an open, efficient and agile IOT application development platform for software developers, and makes IOT application development easier. The newly launched ruffchain provides a unified and standardized IOT operating system for the access of the IOT layer, which is an architecture combining the IOT and blockchain. It includes a distributed IOT operating system and a public chain based on the IOT field. There are also well-known blockchain projects such as blockchain ventures, which have received tens of millions of financing, and newly started blockchain start-ups.
        Many blockchain enthusiasts and investors stopped to talk on the spot. The booth leader introduced his own entrepreneurial ideas and imagined the future of blockchain technology in various industries. The Innovation Exhibition is a characteristic part of the techcrunch International Innovation Summit. In addition to the blockchain exhibition area, there are also six theme exhibition areas, including smart life, smart travel, robots, international exhibition groups, and new product release area. More than 100 enterprises participated in the exhibition.
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