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Ten blockchain goddesses check their appearance and talents!

Time : 23/11/2021 Author : nv4f80 Click : + -
        Since 2018, the three words "blockchain" have become the hottest topic. Blockchain is a new thing, and the circle is not large, but the number of people is not small, and most of them are men. Before them, there are a number of technical giants such as V God and BM, and then there are Li Xiaolai, the richest man of bitcoin in China, and the "four kings of the coin circle" led by him. The concept of blockchain has been heated. For a while, the male hormones of blockchain burst out. As the discussion on blockchain becomes more and more heated, some female entrepreneurs who have gone deep into the industry have become the focus of this circle. They can eat on their appearance, but they just want to step into the volatile blockchain circle and stand firm among men by virtue of their courage, wisdom and strategy. What are the abilities of these female entrepreneurs to stage such a Jedi to survive? He Yi, the "first sister of the coin circle", is a well-known host, successful entrepreneur and the first beauty of the coin Circle & hellip& hellip; These glittering titles are added to her because her resume is too rich.
        In 2014, he joined the blockchain digital asset trading platform & mdash& mdash; Okcoin became the co-founder, and the perfect cooperation with Zhao CHANGPENG made okcoin the largest trading platform in the bitcoin industry. In 2018, he joined bitcoin enterprise binance bitcoin as CMO & amp; Co founder and director. With his tenacity and perseverance, He Yi has constantly made progress towards an ideal life and has become the "first sister" of the domineering female president of the world-famous bitcoin trading circle. Zhang Yijia graduated from the school of Mathematical Sciences of Peking University. Before that, he worked for Ogilvy & Mather China and Baidu. He was the co-founder and COO of xtecher.
        Since 2015, Zhang Yijia began to contact startups in the field of science and technology and made a lot of relevant reports. During this process, she noticed that technology entrepreneurs need to demonstrate their business capabilities, and business holders also need technical support. The connection point between the two sides is a technology service company such as Jiazi Lightyear. In 2017, Zhang Yijia founded the new company "Jiazi Lightyear", which is committed to promoting the application and landing of AI, big data, blockchain and other scientific and technological innovations in the industry. At present, Jiazi Lightyear has completed 7.9 million Angel round financing. EVA foo, the goddess of the chain circle, graduated from the University of Electronic Science and technology and the Sorbonne University.
        Master of computer and applied physics. When I was in high school, I joined China Red League. I founded a game studio in University and sold the products to Tencent. Later, he established a game and software development company and led the project to obtain mobile terminal products with a monthly flow of more than 100 million yuan. Fu Anwen, the current CEO, has profound insights into blockchain technology and industry. Under her single-hand operation, scry has become the first blockchain open source protocol based on real data sources in the world and an international community project. Zhong Ping, CEO of yourong media and CEO of Hashi finance, was born in Qingdao in 1992, studied in Wuhan, practiced in Beijing, and finally moved to Shanghai. She has created yourong media, a leading enterprise in the field of financial new media marketing.
        In just a few months, Hashi finance has completed the magnificent transformation from a new media editor with a monthly salary of 3000 to a CEO with a value of 10 million. Hashi finance has become a leader in blockchain we media. Zhou Yuliang, nicknamed Zhou Xiaoxue, is the operating partner of chain de. she is an Aquarius girl born in 1994 and graduated from Hunan University majoring in Applied Physics. In her sophomore year, Xiaoxue and three partners of Tsinghua University successfully founded Ivy online education technology as CEO, with an annual revenue of more than one million yuan. Because of this experience, she received Baidu at the beginning of 2018 when she graduated. She joined the chain de (the blockchain vertical media under the titanium media) to be responsible for the operation and market, and realized the growth of 100000 users in 10 days.
        Zai Zai, formerly known as Yu Yan, is the co-founder and director of Yuejia fund, an early bitcoin holder, a well-known blockchain investor of the post-90s generation, and a new goddess in the currency circle. From a monthly salary of 1800 yuan to managing Yuejia fund valued at hundreds of millions, this 93 year old girl, with her high sensitivity to business and deep insight into the market, is at the forefront of the first batch of blockchain entrepreneurs. At the end of March this year, Zai Zai and his team successfully held the 2018 China Israel artificial intelligence and blockchain Industry Summit Forum, which was gathered by industry leaders, and became the only female representative of the Chinese side who signed a contract with the Israeli side, which gained high popularity in the industry. Lou Jiyue, a well-known blockchain investor, studied at Zhongnan University of economics and law. She studied with her tutor the ability to see the price and do the band. At the recommendation of her father, she joined Qian Xiangjin, a well-known investment consultant, to learn how to become a professional trader.
        Almost all of her hundreds of classmates came from families with financial background in China. They graduated from university and joined an investment bank with an annual salary of millions. Lou Jiyue decided to leave the investment bank after contacting the blockchain, and mortgaged the real estate to enter the currency circle. In just a few months, the fund increased from 5 million to 80 million +. Yu Fang, co-founder of bitwatch, former senior operation manager of Huawei, former product manager of Tencent, well-known professional operation manager in China, and one of the few early entrepreneurial women in the blockchain field, joined bitwatch in 2013. Founder and producer of the large-scale documentary bitcoin & mdash; reshaping the future. Zhang Hua, CEO of chain bank, worked as a strategic consultant in a fortune 500 enterprise after graduation from Shangjiao. In 2014, he left the consulting and private placement industry and formally entered the currency circle.
        At first, Zhang Hua only did consulting research. Later, he was recognized as the source technology of bitcoin & mdash& mdash; Attracted by the blockchain, until 2015, the chain bank began to build its brand, team formation and technology research and development. Subsequently, the chain bank developed rapidly and grew together with some old platforms. Shen Dan, the founder of Jiandan finance and economics, was born in the 1990s. She was the host and chief content officer of Shaanxi satellite TV's Entrepreneurship Program. She was also the special host of CCTV's leaders talk program. At a young age, she has indeed visited many famous celebrities: Li Kaifu, Pan Shiyi, Zhou Hongyi, etc. Then Shendan stepped on the top of the wave and founded we media in the blockchain field & mdash& mdash; Jian Dan finance, a young we media company, has gained a high reputation in the blockchain field under her pioneering efforts.
        Yureehong, founder of Singapore blockchain ladies Asia Group, said: "we all know that the number of women engaged in it and finance is lower than those engaged in other industries. Since most people in the blockchain industry often come from it and finance, the lack of gender diversity in this industry is more obvious." In the male dominated circle of blockchain, female players lack advantages in terms of number. However, these young girls, with their intelligence and courage and strategy far beyond their peers, have just realized the transformation of life in this new field. Looking at their family history, it is not difficult to conclude their common points in personality: daring to think and do, amazing courage Business has a keen sense of smell and does not miss any opportunity.
        Who said that women should live in peace? These equally excellent female entrepreneurs will tell you that in the unpredictable new circle, no matter how impetuous it is or how male dominated it is, women can still go deep into the gold market with delicacy, intelligence and courage to realize their life value. After all, who wins or loses has nothing to do with themselves and gender.
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