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Collect quickly! The most complete information of the second digital China Construction Summit is here!

Time : 24/05/2022 Author : z3mi7u Click : + -
        In order to thoroughly implement the strategic deployment of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on building a network power, a digital China and a smart society, the second digital China Construction Summit co sponsored by the state Internet Information Office, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the people's Government of Fujian Province was held in Fuzhou, Fujian Province from May 6 to 8, 2019. The summit is positioned as: China's information development policy release platform, e-government and digital economy development achievements display platform, digital China Construction theoretical experience and practice exchange platform, and a cooperation platform that gathers global forces to promote digital China construction. The agenda of the summit mainly includes: opening ceremony, main forum, sub forum, achievement exhibition, report release, innovation competition and closing ceremony.
        11: 45-12:00 the responsible comrades of the state Internet Information Office released the report on the construction and development of Digital China (2018). The 2019 Digital China innovation competition is aimed at outstanding data scientists at home and abroad. It sets up three major types of algorithm questions: big data, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet, excavates technological applications and business models with innovative value, stimulates the innovation vitality of professionals, and builds a new platform for industry university research cooperation in high-tech industries. The 2019 Digital China Innovation Competition finals will conduct public defense and review on the excellent works of 18 teams that have been promoted in the regional finals, and select excellent data scientist teams and solutions to promote the in-depth integration of the new generation of information technology and traditional industries, promote the resolution of the pain points and difficulties in the development of digital economy construction and help the construction of Digital China.
        In this closed meeting, representatives of the organizer of the innovation competition, representatives of well-known investment institutions, well-known experts, scholars and enterprise executives, senior executives of the enterprises that put forward the questions, and representatives of the players of the final team were invited to participate in the meeting. The experience, achievements and contents that can be improved of the digital China innovation competition were thoroughly summarized and the next innovation competition was prospected. At the same time, we will conduct in-depth discussions on the integration of talents, technology and capital, and use the power of capital to promote the innovation of talents and technology, and help the transformation and upgrading of the real economy, so as to discuss the development of the digital economy. South rear street of Sanfang Qixiang (interactive experience of digital technology scene) & mdash& mdash; Three ancient courtyards including xiaohuanglou, Guo Baiyin's former residence, and Liu Qixian's former residence (branch courtyard dialogue) & mdash& mdash; Water Pavilion stage (dialogue and group photo of guests).
        Government leaders, experts and scholars in the field of digital economy and leading figures of well-known enterprises are invited to gather on Minjiang River cruise to focus on the field of digital economy, appreciate intangible cultural heritage, appreciate the night scenery on both sides of the Strait, and discuss the cooperation and development, opportunities and challenges of digital economy construction around the hot topics of digital economy. Taijiang wharf & mdash; Minjiang River Bridge & mdash; Fanchuanpu Church & mdash; Aofengzhou Bridge & mdash; Taijiang Wanda 3D lighting show area & mdash; Eastern office area & mdash; Huahai Park & mdash; GUSHAN Bridge & mdash; Minjiang Century City & mdash; Century Jinyuan Hotel & mdash; Strait Exhibition Center & mdash; Sheraton Zhonggeng Hotel & mdash; Taijiang wharf.
        Strait Exhibition Center & mdash& mdash; Smart junmen Community & mdash& mdash; Juchun Garden (smart restaurant) & mdash& mdash; Dongbai commercial center (credit block, full scene face brushing payment, interactive experience of business district service platform, etc.) & mdash& mdash; Nanhou Street (smart scenic area exhibition hall, commercial consumption visual management platform, digital technology experience, etc.) & mdash& mdash; return journey. Strait Exhibition Center & mdash& mdash; Cangshan District No.1 central Kindergarten (campus health care and child safety intelligent management cloud platform) & mdash& mdash; Feifeng mountain intelligent park in Cangshan District (apolong unmanned car experience, unmanned sales car experience, intelligent device experience) & mdash& mdash; return journey.
        Strait Exhibition Center & mdash& mdash; Digital China Exhibition Center (East Lake digital town) & mdash& mdash; Health care big data center (big data Industrial Park) & mdash& mdash; Rongqiao saibode Bilingual School (smart campus) & mdash& mdash; Changle base of Netdragon network company (Netdragon smart town) & mdash& mdash; return journey. Fujian, referred to as "Min", is located in the southeast coast of China, facing Taiwan Province across the Taiwan Strait in the East. The land area is about 480 kilometers wide from east to west and 530 kilometers long from north to south. Most of the province belongs to the middle subtropical zone, and part of southeast Fujian belongs to the south subtropical zone.
        The total land area is 124000 square kilometers and the sea area is 136000 square kilometers. The land coastline is kilometers, ranking the second in the country; The coastline ranks first in the country. The forest coverage rate ranks first in China. Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province, was built in 202 BC and is a national historical and cultural city. Fuzhou is one of the first 14 coastal port cities open to the outside world, the gateway of the maritime Silk Road and one of the three zones of China (Fujian) pilot free trade zone; Fuzhou was also one of the five earliest open trade ports in modern China. Fuzhou has a typical ancient city style. The Minjiang River passes through the city. There are three mountains (Wushan, Yushan and Pingshan) in the city, making it a unique city with "mountains in the city and cities in the mountains".
        It is also known as "banyan city" because banyan trees were planted all over the city more than 900 years ago, "the city is covered with green shade and the summer is not covered". Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center (hereinafter referred to as the Strait Convention and Exhibition Center) is located on the Convention and Exhibition island in Cangshan District, Fuzhou City. It covers an area of 670000 square meters and has a total building area of 440600 square meters. The layout of the building complex is in the shape of "V". It is composed of two pavilions on the left and right sides connected by the conference center. It is one of the largest pavilions in China at present. The comprehensive area of the exhibition and conference venues ranks first in China. Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center was completed and put into use in 2010. Fuzhou Digital China Convention and Exhibition Center is located in Changle District, Fuzhou City. It covers an area of 66.6 Mu and has a total construction area of 116000 square meters. It has two floors above the ground (including three floors in some parts of the two floors above the ground), and one floor underground. It can meet the needs of various high-end conferences and top-level exhibitions.
        The design concept of the center is "digital blessing ship, sailing with the wind". Fuzhou Changle is the starting point of Zheng He's voyages to the West. Fuzhou Digital China Convention and Exhibition Center echoes the concept of "blessing ship" in architectural modeling, becoming a brand-new "digital blessing ship" in Fuzhou City, carrying the connotation of "digital economy" and "the Belt and Road" and setting sail. Fuzhou Changle International Airport is about 55 kilometers away from the city center. It has Fuzhou railway station and Fuzhou South Railway Station. Metro Line 1 connects Fuzhou Station and Fuzhou South Station in a north-south direction; Metro Line 2 is the East-West main line of rail transit in the main urban area of Fuzhou. There are 3 main long-distance bus stations in Fuzhou.
        Fuzhou has a subtropical marine monsoon climate, warm and humid. May is the rainy season in Fuzhou. The rainfall is frequent and concentrated. The average monthly rainfall in the urban area is 189.4 mm. The average temperature in the first ten days of May is 21.8 ℃. During this period, the temperature in Fuzhou changes greatly, and the clothing index is Grade 1-3. Shirt clothing can meet the demand; The UV intensity is medium to strong, and outdoor activities need to take sunscreen measures. Please follow the official microblog and wechat of "Fuzhou weather" to get the latest weather forecast. The local communication service is stable and reliable. 2g (GSM / CDMA), 3G (WCDMA / TD-SCDMA / CDMA2000) and 4G (TD-LTE / fdd-lte) mobile phones can be used.
        Most mobile phones can use roaming services of multiple networks under different setting modes. Long distance calls can be made through IDD or through the operator's transfer. Telex and fax services are available at most hotels.
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