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"Dede weekly" 11051111 | global digital currency market value rose 249%, ant financial in 2018

Time : 01/08/2022 Author : 187xbo Click : + -
        According to the statistics of the obtained think tank, as of November 11, 2018, there were 2094 currencies in the global digital currency market. The total market value is $212498957071 (about US $212.5 billion). Compared with last week, the total market value of digital currency this week increased by nearly US $5.2 billion, or about 2.49%. "Ddci" is a comprehensive index of global Top50 exchanges and Top50 currencies. At present, it is divided into composite index, BTC index and eth index, which reflect the trend of global digital currency market in a certain period of time. According to the statistics of the think tank, as of November 11, 2018, the mainstream digital currency market was on the rise this week as a whole. In addition to a large increase in BCH, BTC, ETH, EOS and LTC all rose slightly.
        As of this Sunday (November 11), the total market value of digital currencies worldwide was $212498957071 (about US $212.5 billion). Compared with last week, the total market value of digital currencies this week increased by nearly US $5.2 billion, or about 2.49%. Among them, the total market value of the top 30 digital currencies reached $195239262381 (about US $195.2 billion), accounting for 91.88% of the total market value of all digital currencies, with a slight increase of 0.27% compared with last week. Bitcoin ranked first in market value this week, with a value of about US $111.1 billion, slightly lower than that of last week, with a decrease of about 0.31%, accounting for 52.29% of the total market value, with a decrease of 1.13% compared with that of last week.
        According to the analysis of Dede think tank, when the overall digital currency market goes down, the dominant position of bitcoin will rise. For details, read the exclusive global top 30 digital currency market value fluctuation survey: the rise of public chain value. The second is Ethereum, with a market value of about US $21.8 billion this week, an increase of about US $1.2 billion or 5.92% compared with last week, accounting for 10.26% of the total market value, a slight increase of 0.33% compared with last week. The third place is the Swiss coin, with a market value of about US $20.3 billion this week, an increase of about US $2.1 billion or 11.38% compared with last week, accounting for 9.54% of the total market value, a slight increase of 0.77% compared with last week.
        Compared with the same time last week, zilliqa (No. 30) replaced basiccattention into the top 30 market value. There is no obvious fluctuation in the ranking of other digital currencies in the top30. The proportion distribution of digital currency is shown in the following figure:. The top 30 digital currencies with market value this week are divided into public chain, base currency, fork currency, anonymous currency, Internet of things, platform currency, finance, content platform and other fields. Among them, the public chain still accounts for the most, accounting for 33.33%. The second field is the basic currency, accounting for 23.33%. The third field is the forked currency, accounting for 13.33%. The distribution of the top 30 digital currency categories is shown in the following figure:.
        According to the statistics of the obtained think tank, 10 new digital currencies were issued in the global digital currency market this week, a decrease of 70.5% compared with last week. Details are as follows:. According to the statistics of Dede think tank, a total of 922 blocks of bitcoin were issued this week. There are 7 empty blocks in this week, accounting for 0.76%. The proportion of the average miner's fee to the block reward dropped to 1.15%. This week, bitcoin's TOP10 mining pool share accounted for 92.52% of the total share. The specific mining pool share distribution is as follows:. On November 11, Zhongguancun Management Committee, Beijing Municipal Bureau of financial work and Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology jointly released the "Beijing plan for promoting the development of financial science and Technology (2018-2022)", which encourages the innovation and application of five major types of financial science and technology underlying technologies, and specifically mentions: actively promote the development of distributed technologies represented by cloud computing and blockchain.
        Financial institutions are encouraged to accelerate product and service innovation by using cloud computing and other technical means, and support the application of blockchain technology in financial supervision and risk control, inclusive finance, process traceability and other fields. The other four types of financial technology are: artificial intelligence technology; Big data technology; Internet technologies represented by mobile Internet and Internet of things; Security technologies represented by cryptography, quantum technology and biometric technology. According to the plan, Beijing will create a spatial layout of "one district, one core, and multi-point support", build Beijing financial technology and professional service innovation demonstration area and core area in Xicheng and Haidian District, and build distinctive financial technology innovation and industrial clusters in other districts.
        Beijing will explore the pilot implementation of fintech regulatory innovation with "regulatory sandbox" as the core; Launched Beijing financial technology innovation and application guidelines; Strengthen data governance and personal information security maintenance; Establish an international exchange and cooperation mechanism for financial science and technology. The article points out that under the banner of "financial innovation" and "blockchain", projects that absorb funds by issuing so-called "virtual currency", "virtual assets" and "digital assets" have the following characteristics: first, network and cross-border are obvious. 2、 Deception, temptation and concealment are strong. 3、 There are many illegal risks. On November 5, the official Weibo of the Ministry of justice on the Weibo authentication account forwarded the article "Shenzhen Arbitration fills the blank of judicial precedents! Confirm that bitcoin's property property is protected by law" to make an official statement on the property property of bitcoin.
        According to the report of LinkedIn app express on October 26, this article introduces a real arbitration case of equity transfer contract disputes accepted by Shenzhen International Arbitration Court (Shenzhen Arbitration Commission), which involves disputes over bitcoin, bitcoin cash and bitcoin diamonds. According to the article, under the current legal system, the arbitration tribunal, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the general provisions of the civil law, the contract law and the contract involved in the case, combined with the principle of good faith and the arbitration concept of respecting the autonomy of the parties, affirmed the property attribute of bitcoin, protected it according to law, and properly handled the private bitcoin contract disputes. The arbitration tribunal explained that bitcoin is not legal tender, which does not prevent it from being protected by law as property.
        On November 6, according to Beijing Daily, Haidian District government is accelerating the implementation of the first blockchain application scenario. For the stock house transaction scenario, it has sorted out 108 business field information and 15 uplink data sample files, involving business data of 8 departments including public security, civil affairs, housing construction, land planning, industry and commerce, environmental protection, health planning and fire protection. On November 11, Erik Voorhees, the founder of shapeshift, said on twitter recently that the continuous increase of US debt will inevitably lead to a sharp rise in the crypto market. As of November last year, the US debt was about US $21.7 trillion.
        He said: "when the next global financial crisis occurs, it is impossible for enterprises with debts of $20 trillion to repay their debts. If they have to issue legal currency, the legal currency will be ruined. Look at what happens to cryptocurrencies.". Voorhees said: in order to repay the national debt, the government and the Federal Reserve will be forced to print more fiat money, leading to inflation and a decline in purchasing power. On November 10, according to the data of the situation awareness platform of peckshield, between 08:09 a.m. and 19:38 p.m. this morning, hackers have launched more than 700 attacks on the eosvegas game contract (eosvegasjack) and have gained more than 9000 EOS. Up to now, the attacks are continuing. The security personnel of peckshield have contacted the project party urgently to avoid causing greater property losses.
        According to the analysis of peckshield security personnel, the myeosvegas game was attacked, and the hacker used the contract parameter processing vulnerability similar to the random number defect. The successive eosdapp security attacks continue to sound the alarm bell for the ecological security of eosdapp. There are still major design defects in the EOS guessing game mechanism. Peckshield again calls on game developers and gamers to be vigilant against security risks. On November 10, according to the report of coincryptama, China approved the business request of American Express for domestic payment today. This approval made American express the first payment company in the United States to directly enter the Chinese e-commerce market.
        At the same time, American Express will have the opportunity to use its joint venture Lianlian group to provide faster global payment services for China's e-commerce market. As a ripple customer, Lianlian group may use ripple's xcurrent technology to solve China's cross-border payment problems. On November 10, on the evening of November 8, US Eastern time, the trading price of the basic attention token (BAT) of the Internet browser brave rose to US $0.39 on the currency exchange, and then fell all the way down, once falling below US $0.3, with a 24-hour drop of nearly 20%. The editor of LinkedIn app noticed that before the big fall of bat, coinbase announced on the 8th that users can buy, sell and trade on its retail trading platform and Android and IOS apps.
        The media in the industry speculated that this may belong to the "buy rumors, sell news" routine of investors buying when rumors are spread and selling after news confirmation. On November 10, in an interview with CNBC, Gabor gurbacs, director of digital asset strategy of Vaneck, an investment management institution, predicted that bitcoin ETF was close to being listed in the cryptocurrency field, but it all depends on the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and when the SEC will approve or pass bitcoin ETF next year. Vaneck is currently applying for bitcoin ETF. Gurbacs said that the next decision of the SEC will be announced on December 29 this year, but at that time, the SEC may say that it needs more time to decide the bitcoin ETF. According to the law, they can postpone the final decision until February next year.
        Gurbacs mentioned some reasons why Vaneck's bitcoin ETF will be approved by the sec. For example, Vaneck has rich experience in establishing a market structure suitable for asset types. John Vaneck, the founder of Vaneck, established the first gold stock fund in the United States in 1995. In addition, Vaneck provides bitcoin spot ETF, which is different from the ETF previously rejected by the sec. Gurbacs said that Vaneck's pricing for bitcoin comes from its subsidiary. It is regulated and provides the first financial standard and regulated index.
        Vaneck is just trying to do something suitable for the US capital market. Kaleido marketplace provides a series of "ready to use" full stack tools and protocols, from back-end development to front-end application user interface, covering all aspects of needs, thus eliminating the "80% custom code" required by enterprises to create blockchain projects. Customers can use popular services such as native AWS integration, HD wallet for privacy protection, ID registration for organization authentication, and chainlink, which provides smart contract middleware, with one click. Kaleido founder and CEO Steve cerveny pointed out: "the blockchain itself only accounts for 10% of an enterprise's blockchain project. To be put into production, it needs many other components, such as applications, data and infrastructure.
        ”Kaleido marketplace provides a complete set of pre integrated blockchain technologies. It is "a one-stop shop that contains everything needed to build an enterprise blockchain". On November 9, according to the news on the big public network, the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Regional blockchain alliance, which was jointly established by the Guangzhou urban blockchain Industry Association, the Hong Kong blockchain Industry Association and the innovation center of the University of Macao, was officially established in Guangzhou today. It is reported that the alliance is positioned as a high-end industrial organization of blockchain technology for Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area. It will be committed to breaking the blockchain industry development dilemma of "lack of technology in the mainland and lack of scenario in Hong Kong and Macao", establishing a blockchain cooperation platform and exchange mechanism, promoting the sharing and flow of talents and knowledge in the three places, forming an innovative joint force, and promoting the innovative and integrated development of "blockchain + real economy" in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area.
        On November 9, the maritime media the maritime executive reported that during the first China International Import Expo held in Shanghai, nine major terminal operators and shipping companies signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU), aiming to establish an alliance to develop the maritime industry blockchain & mdash& mdash; The global shipping business network (gsbn) will jointly launch an open digital platform based on distributed ledger Technology (DLT). It is reported that the software solutions for the above global shipping network will be provided by cargosmart, a software solution provider in Hong Kong.
        The alliance was initiated by XunTong. It is scheduled to launch the first application of the new network in December this year. It will enable shippers to digitize and organize dangerous goods documents, automatically connect relevant parties, and simplify the approval process. The editor of chain de app noticed that the members participating in gsbn include France Dafei shipping group (cmacgm), COSCO Shipping Group, evergreen shipping, OOCL, Yangming shipping, Dubai global port group, Hutchison Port Group, PSA international port group and Shanghai port group. On November 8, according to the Securities Daily, the "JD Finance - Huatai asset management 2018 6th supply chain factoring contract debt asset support special plan" with Huatai Securities Asset Management Co., Ltd. as the plan manager was successfully established and will be listed and transferred on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
        The issuance scale of this project is 1.5 billion yuan, which is the first factoring ABS managed by blockchain smart contract in the industry. It is reported that previously, Huatai Securities Asset Management, JD finance and Industrial Bank jointly established the asset securitization alliance chain in June this year to apply the blockchain technology to the issuance of JD white ABS, and realized the full independent peer-to-peer deployment of multiple parties for the first time. On November 8, BBVA, Spain's second largest financial institution, recently took the lead in completing the first syndicated loan business pilot supported by the blockchain. BBVA cooperated with BNP Paribas and Mitsubishi UFJ Bank of Japan to provide a syndicated loan of US $150 million to redelectrica, the Spanish state-owned power grid operator.
        The loan data is time stamped at each stage of the whole process. The relevant signed contracts are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure the authenticity and immutability of the data. Ricardo laiseca, global financial director of BBVA, told the financial times that transferring syndicated loans to the blockchain not only saves time, but also significantly reduces internal costs. BBVA also has five or six syndicated loans in progress. As the pilot continues, they will be placed on the blockchain in the next few months. On November 7, chain de reported on the spot that the 2018 Wuzhen Internet Conference & middot; At the world Internet advanced scientific and technological achievements conference, the only blockchain award in the outstanding achievements release link was awarded to the financial level commercial blockchain platform automatically controlled by ant financial.
        In the past few years, ant blockchain has focused on two things: one is to build an independent R & D and financial level blockchain platform, which is the core technical difficulty of blockchain leading to large-scale commercial applications; Second, explore blockchain applications to serve the real economy. it is reported
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