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Another fraud case in the science and technology circle, with a total amount of 7.771 million people, became the largest leek this year

Time : 30/06/2022 Author : n586ho Click : + -
        It really shocked the eyes, and the melons in the hands of the people who ate melons fell all over the ground. Although fraud cases have occurred from time to time in previous years, this swindler obviously cheated more. Originally, the coin circle has heard about it for a long time. According to the information of the coin world network, this wotoken is a wt token (referred to as watt coin). According to the introduction, Watt coin is mainly used to realize decentralized free WiFi network. It is a token issued based on Ethereum erc20. It was registered in Singapore in January 2019. The founding team is composed of senior financial professionals from the United States, Singapore and China, It is the first digital currency exchange to open a bell ringing venue and ceremony. There is a saying in the coin circle to move bricks; Because each exchange has a certain price difference for the price of each currency, and moving bricks is to buy the low price and sell it on another high price platform. It can be said that it is a good currency to turn.
        At this time, the watt swindler Corps used high interest rates to attract leeks, claiming that they have made a robot that can automatically move bricks, called Apollo, which can help users move bricks,. The income can be said to make the leeks in the coin circle covet 800 feet. As long as you invest more than 1000 dollars, you can get 6% - 15% interest per month. Share 50% of the income of one generation, 80% of the first generation and 50% of the second generation. In the future, 11-15 people will earn 5% per generation. Good guy, it turns out that this is not only making money for Chinese people, but also for foreign countries. As expected, we can also see their information on Facebook. But in fact, such a scam will never disappear. What it uses is the psychology of greed. Whether it is a few yuan of e-commerce coupons or tens of thousands of currency circle interest, it is essentially because of the word "greed". As long as someone is greedy, the scam will never disappear.
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