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Blockchain scam,Blockchain is not equal to virtual currency! These scams can't be stepped on any more

Time : 20/08/2021 Author : dsrpl0 Click : + -
        Xinhua news agency, Taiyuan, December 3 (reporter Ma Xiaoyuan) the anti fraud center of Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province recently issued a reminder that "blockchain fraud" has recently occurred in Taiyuan City, and some people have been deceived and suffered large property losses. It reminds investors to pay attention to preventing fraud. It is reported that illegal elements usually disguise themselves as blockchain investment experts, insiders of "digital currency", "blockchain" and "financial innovation" projects, and vigorously publicize illegal financial assets such as virtual currency and virtual assets through online chat tools, dating platforms and leisure forums, to incite investors to seize opportunities and participate in virtual currency transactions. Experts from Taiyuan anti fraud Center said that blockchain is not equal to virtual currency, and we should be vigilant against the speculation of illegal virtual currency.
        Related fraud routines include: claiming technologies such as "blockchain", "decentralization" and "open source code" as the technical structure of their own virtual currency; Invent stories and design patterns to attract investors' attention; The characteristics of stakeholder fraud are obvious, with many characteristics of illegal and criminal activities; The trading platform server is placed overseas to cheat and count money overseas, so as to prepare for running ahead of time. In this regard, the Taiyuan police remind investors to be highly vigilant against strangers who actively add friends through social software such as QQ and wechat; All online investment, financial management, speculation and profiteering activities that claim to have high returns and stable profits are mostly scams and should not be credulous; Formal channels shall be selected for investment, and the qualification or on-site inspection shall be known before investment.
        If you are deceived, you should call 110 in time.
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