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The first blockchain white paper issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology the director of teaching and research of Dane will analyze blockchain technology for you!

Time : 15/01/2022 Author : 70pt3d Click : + -
        According to Yu Jianing, director of the Industrial Economy Research Institute of the information center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, this is the first officially released white paper on the blockchain industry in China. According to the white paper, as of the end of March 2018, the number of blockchain companies in China with blockchain business as the main business has reached 456, and companies in various fields have been basically complete, from hardware manufacturing, platform services and security services in the upstream to industrial technology application services in the downstream, to industrial investment and financing, media and talent services to ensure industrial development. Blockchain technology has made many people jealous, and the country is also promoting the development of this technology! However, some people still do not know what is a blockchain. Therefore, Chengdu Dane has solved the following problems for you on this director consultation day:.
        Engaged in software design and development for 5 years in Beijing Zhonghai Technology Innovation Technology Development Co., Ltd. The teaching is good at summarizing knowledge points, combining with real life when analyzing problems, and easy to understand. Strong ability to control the classroom atmosphere and humorous language. The pioneer of domestic blockchain technology and the development God. I have a long-term analysis of the bitcoin source code design, and studied the whole bitcoin code and Ethereum source code. During the recruitment of Chengdu Dane free training camp in May, you should first understand the situation of the IT industry and master the basic knowledge before entering the class. This will enable you to catch up with the progress in the formal learning!.
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