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The trend is ready to launch, and the LCS new coin with the concept of defi will be launched ten thousand times

Time : 06/10/2021 Author : nz9641 Click : + -
        "Both the nature of project decentralization and the market strength of the project are incomparable to other projects in the current blockchain market. I hope you will not miss this wave of wealth dividend! In the future, LCS new economic ecology will accompany you all the way, and we will create a real digital gold in 2020.". Master: Hello, host, ladies and sisters of 499. Hello, I'm master, a senior preacher of LCs China community. I entered the blockchain industry in 2012. Before entering the blockchain industry, I have been engaged in the traditional financial circle. In the past eight years of entering the blockchain industry, from the initial ignorance to the current belief in blockchain.
        The first bucket of gold in my life was also obtained in the blockchain industry. The blockchain industry has broad prospects and unlimited possibilities. It is a field full of opportunities and challenges. The last time we came to 499, our price was 3 cents. Today it's 10 yuan! Today, I am honored to be here again to analyze the value of LCs new economic ecology for you. I hope to help you understand in detail the rare good projects in the current digital currency market! Let me give you a brief introduction to what LCS is. LCS new economic ecology is bitcoin 2.0, which is digital gold. The project completely follows the bitcoin ecological model and is an experimental exploration based on the bitcoin framework! It is a free evolving decentralized e-cash system, and a fair, open, fair, transparent, and tamper free public chain for the sustainable operation of digital currency.
        In fact, to put it bluntly, LCS's new economic ecology is bitcoin 2.0 in the digital world. Jenny: in the late August of this year, LCS was launched on the bibull exchange, creating a myth of 500 times increase in five days. The whole network was strongly swiped. Can you take us back to a situation when LCS was launched and increased?. Master: good host. People who understand the new economic ecology of LCs know that since LCS was launched on the bibull exchange on August 19, 2020, the price of LCs has soared for five consecutive days, with an increase of 500 times. This can be said to be a very dazzling presence in the digital currency industry this year. The mood is really more shocking than happy, because we didn't expect LCS to soar day by day. The market has been in a frenzied state for several consecutive days, and various major media have scrambled to report.
        After that, the price rose steadily for 7 consecutive days, which just shows the infinite value of LCs's new economic ecology. Recently, the bottom of LCs has been shaken for a long time, and new good news has emerged in an endless stream. So now is the best opportunity to get on the bus. I hope everyone will not miss such a good project as LCS new economic ecology. 1. High starting point, benchmarking bitcoin, born on the shoulders of giants, following the bitcoin ecological model, and moving bitcoin physical mining machine mining to the digital world;. Jenny: we all know that LCS miners earn a lot of money, and they can return the capital in three days at the earliest. What are the miner protection mechanisms of the LCS public chain model?.
        Master: the reason why the LCS new economic ecology project is so popular is that multiple miners protection mechanisms have been established. In the LCS new economic ecology, miners enjoy the following rights and interests:. 2. The mining threshold is low. One mining machine only needs LCS worth 10usdt. Everyone can participate. The mining machine is easy to buy and has a permanent life. It can participate in mining permanently and make unlimited profits;. Shiye: the full name of LCs public chain model (libertycash), with a total amount of 939 million, 0 pre excavation, 0 private placement, 100% of which is generated by mining. It has established a multiple deflation model. The first is that the mining output of LCs system is decreasing year by year. The output in the first year is 10%, 90 million, and then the output is halved every three years;.
        The second is to destroy 100% of the LCS used by users to purchase mining machines and 95% of the handling fee for withdrawal in the LCS new economic ecology. Because the LCS new economy project is completely decentralized, our daily destruction data is open, and everyone can view the daily destruction data on the chain, daily destruction and daily deflation. This can be seen by everyone in the LCS community every day and can also be queried by themselves. Jenny: because of the long-term impact of the pandemic on the global economy, the financial market and bitcoin are in a new round of fluctuations. As the most promising new public chain project, LCS continues to rise against the trend. I wonder how you and LCS think and view the current situation and development prospects of the digital market?.
        Master: since 2017, the blockchain digital currency market can be said to be in a period of high-speed development. The blockchain can be said to be a financial revolution in human history after the Internet. The future development prospects are infinite. The most successful digital currency market is undoubtedly bitcoin, but the ecological value of bitcoin physical mining machine mining electricity fee and site rental fee flows out, the information of physical mining machine is opaque, and the threshold for participation is high. What LCS new economic ecology needs to do is to move bitcoin physical mining machine mining to the digital world. The ecological model completely uses bitcoin, and removes a series of disadvantages of bitcoin physical mining machine mining. The whole ecological value rise cycle is shorter, The ecology is more complete, which is also an important reason why LCS's new economic ecology is popular.
        The future of LCs new economic ecology is the stars and the sea. Master: I think the new concept of defi international finance is the new technology development trend of the blockchain industry in 2020. All centralized exchanges and projects are launching a new development layout with the help of the concept of defi, and the underlying logic of defi is decentralization. The decentralized content of LCs new economic ecological project itself is more in line with the characteristics of the concept of defi decentralization. LCS will also actively embrace defi, plan to introduce the concept of defi, and build a new global decentralized financial and monetary system through defi. Please look forward to it!. Master: in fact, the amount of funds in the digital currency market is very optimistic. New funds and users continue to enter the market. As ordinary investors in the market, we choose a good project to make money.
        The LCS new economic ecology project will be developed for a long time in the future. It is the bitcoin of the new era. Both the nature of project decentralization and the market strength of the project are incomparable to other projects in the current blockchain market. I hope you will not miss this wave of wealth dividends! In the future, LCS new economic ecology will accompany you all the way, and we will create a real digital gold in 2020. As for the boarding point, all friends who know about LCS know that LCS project is a project that can earn money at any time. The appreciation logic of the whole project is perfect. It is the most powerful project in the second half of 2020. In recent days, LCS has bottomed out with long-term shocks and is ready to start.
        And I believe that the LCS public chain model, which will soon introduce the new financial concept of defi, will surely set off a new round of wealth whirlwind. The current price is undoubtedly the best place to get on. I hope everyone can feel this wave of wealth and benefits from the combination of the LCS public chain model and the new financial concept of defi. That's all for my sharing today. If you have any questions, you can ask me in the group or add my wechat! Finally, thank you again for the invitation of 499block. Thank you!.
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