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Briefly describe the three blockchain application development platforms

Time : 02/02/2022 Author : 5gntko Click : + -
        At present, there are many blockchain projects in the market, but they are not all created by themselves, as we imagine. Instead, they develop their own applications based on the existing blockchain underlying platform. Today, let's introduce three mainstream blockchain underlying platforms: bitcoin, Ethereum and super ledger fabric, as well as the application development languages on these platforms. The earliest blockchain development was based on the blockchain network of bitcoin. Since bitcoin is the most widely used and truly decentralized application in the world, there are many kinds of blockchain technologies around bitcoin. Here is only an introduction to the entry-level development. There are two ways to develop the blockchain based on bitcoin. One is relatively simple and based on the API.
        It is the most popular bitcoin wallet and block query website for bitcoin, and also provides bitcoin and its block related APIs. Blockchain. Info provides API libraries in many mainstream languages, including bitcoin wallet, payment, block, transaction data, market data and other APIs. It is easy to install and use the API of First, your machine needs to have a nodejs environment Info application interface authorization code, install the blockchainwallet API service program, you can start to configure and test the blockchainwallet API service program. To further develop, you can choose the client support library to install the API according to your development language.
        For further exploration, the docker container can be used to quickly install and configure the bitcoin testnet of the private node as the development test environment, so as to better understand, debug and use the bitcoin blockchain network. On bitcoin's wiki page, there are many languages that can call bitcoin's RPC. You can choose your own language to test. The specific process is to download the docker image of the bitcoin test network, run the docker image and start the bitcoin test network, initialize and test the blockchain data. Of course, in order to test, we must first mine and reserve.
        After installing the RPC support library of the relevant development language, you can debug your blockchain program. It can be said that apart from bitcoin, Ethereum is currently the most eye-catching blockchain platform. Ethereum is a Turing complete one-stop development platform for blockchain. It uses multiple programming languages to implement the protocol. The client written in go language is used as the default client (that is, the method of interacting with Ethereum network supports clients in other languages). The application based on the Ethereum platform is the smart contract, which is the core of Ethereum. Each smart contract has a unique address. After the user sends a transaction to the address of the contract (at this time, the fuel cost will be consumed, that is, the handling fee), the contract will be activated. Then, according to the additional information in the transaction, the contract will run its own code and finally return a result.
        The Ethereum community calls applications based on smart contracts decentralized apps. Compared with the cold smart contract code, DAPP has a friendly interface and some additional things. With Turing's complete language, users can build a variety of varied DAPP applications based on contracts. In fact, in the Ethereum app exhibition area, There are 280 DAPP applications of all sizes on display (although only some of them are actually running). There are several languages available for writing Ethereum smart contracts, including JavaScript like solidity, python like serpent, and LISP like lll. At present, solidity is the mainstream, and it is recommended to use it.
        After the solidity contract is compiled and sent to the network, you can test and use the smart contract through the Mistr client of Ethereum, or call it using the web3.js JavaScript API of Ethereum to build a web application that can interact with it. Due to the popularity of Ethereum, many communities have developed more convenient DAPP development frameworks and tools, including truffle, embark, meteor and APIs, so that you can quickly develop your DAPP. You can not only build your own private Ethereum chain, but also build an alliance chain with partners, or directly deploy the application on the public network of Ethereum.
        Fabric originated from IBM. It was originally intended to serve industrial production. IBM opened its 44000 lines of code, which is a great contribution. It gives us the opportunity to explore the principle of the blockchain that is different from bitcoin. There are two ways to develop a blockchain based on hyperledger. One is based on the super cloud (the super cloud platform developed by IBM China Research Institute provides various cloud services). It provides blockchain development and testing environment for blockchain enthusiasts and developers. Through the super cloud platform, users can create a multi node blockchain based on hyperledger fabric for free and super fast, and debug smart contracts on their own chains.
        Hyperledger fabric's contract is based on the go language, and it is easy to get started. Another way to build a fabric is to build a blockchain network of fabric. There are several ways to install and run hyperledgefabric. It is recommended to download the docker image of the fabric blockchain network, run the docker image and start the fabric blockchain network. However, compared with bitcoin and Ethereum, the architecture and installation of the fabric network are relatively complex. In addition to the blockchain service, it is also necessary to install and run the validatingeer and certificateauthority (CA) services.
        To use it, you need to register the user and register the authorization before you can debug and use it through cli or rest API. The writing of smart contracts is the same as that of blockchain cloud services in super cloud. In addition, in addition to cli or rest API, IBM also provides grpc API and SDK for application development. At present, there are three main underlying platforms for developing blockchain in the market, and the most popular one is the Ethereum platform. We believe that there will be more blockchain projects based on Ethereum in the future.
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