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Time : 16/05/2022 Author : u4e2r1 Click : + -
        Yitang data uses advanced core algorithms and engine technologies to provide enterprise level blockchain technology solutions & mdash& mdash; Including innovative consensus mechanism; Flexible encryption mechanism; Smart contract engine, etc. Yitang cooperates with its enterprise partners to develop solutions at the product level, including: decentralized upgrading solutions for millions of user scenarios; Digital asset custody settlement solution; Global real-time payment solutions. Yitang data is a research and development enterprise with many years of history. Its predecessor is Shanghai Fudan Software System Engineering Co., Ltd. It has its own patents in transaction engine technology and data distribution technology, and has the industry-leading underlying modeling ability.
        Blockchain project value certification (abbreviated as: blockchain & reg; certification) is a certification project of blockchain network (established in 2015) blockchain Research Institute and value evaluation center. Its main feature is to dynamically detect the target project, and issue an authoritative test detail report with evaluation basis, historical records of investors' scoring, and evaluation reasons supported by third-party websites. The certification certificate is issued according to the score of the test report, The certificate is divided into four levels according to the different scores. Level 4: no certificate, level 3: industry certification project, level 2: industry demonstration project, and level 1: industry leading project. Although many of the blockchain certificates appearing in the market currently hold the titles of "China", "national" and "international" and the flags of "association", "alliance" and "group", in fact, most of them are private enterprises or even individuals. They just print a large number of certificates and put them in the warehouse. Anyone who wants to sell them can imagine their credibility and influence.
        In order to change this chaotic situation and make the blockchain industry develop healthily, the blockchain network took the lead. According to the relevant requirements of the regulations on the management of blockchain information services issued by the state Internet Information Office, the blockchain network evaluates the blockchain projects that can be collected at home and abroad through technical means, selects excellent and shoddy projects, exposes pyramid schemes, air and counterfeiting projects, and contributes to the development of the blockchain industry. At present, the certification process in the market with charging as the goal is: you have a certification demand, the platform charges and establishes a project, the auditor reviews online (just talk about it), and issues a certificate. Everyone is happy. The process of zone value authentication is completely different. Whether you have authentication requirements or not, Redstone & reg; The blockchain value dynamic detection system will establish project detection for you.
        Then, the detailed information and relevant news reports of the project are collected through technical means such as spider search and robot simulation capture, and then the evaluation results are output by using big data algorithm and artificial intelligence analysis data. The whole process is free of any artificial interference. This preliminary result is the basic score, accounting for 40% of the total score. Another 60% were scored by users, including investors, technicians and project leaders. For various purposes, some people give extra points and others give minus points, which is not necessarily fair. However, the system will check the third-party corroboration data according to the source website submitted by you. If the source of corroboration is we media or the official website of the project, it cannot pass the system review. This is a bit like that. If the corroboration data is true, the user's score is relatively fair.
        In addition, there are credit bonus points. Those who have been registered through the national Internet Information Office, the filing management system of the Ministry of industry and information, and the national Internet security management service platform can get corresponding bonus points. Those who have been positively reported by the people's network, Xinhua network, China Central television and other famous media can also get corresponding bonus points. Many of the test reports in the market are just a few words on a piece of paper. Some even have no test report and directly issue certificates. This is really like selling fake diplomas. The detection report of zone value certification is issued through the Redstone blockchain value dynamic detection system. It not only contains the detailed scores of thousands of detection items, but also the basis and historical records of scoring.
        Because the basic score and the user's score are different every second, there is no static detection report. The zone value detection report is dynamic and updated online in real time. Only when a certain score area is reached can a certificate of the corresponding level be obtained. There is no artificial interference. Just like the decentralized feature of the blockchain, no one can interfere with the behavior of tens of thousands of Internet users. Each user's score record (including the third-party supporting data) will be displayed on the test report in the form of historical data, and also linked through the blockchain technology. Therefore, the test report and the zone value certificate are really well documented. In order to prevent the forgery of certificates, we used to put a steel seal on the certificate, but now we have a website and telephone inquiry. These are backward practices and cannot adapt to the rapid development of information technology.
        Block chain traceability technology is used to prevent counterfeiting. Any certificate or test report can be traced through wechat scanning code. Scanning two-dimensional code can clearly verify the content of the certificate, as well as more detailed time nodes and historical data. Blockchain network is a non-profit organization independently operated by a third party. The main operating costs are solved by the donation of digital currency by universities, enterprises, institutions or individuals who love blockchain technology. Therefore, the zone value detection reports and certificates are free (except for applying for physical plaques). Only by free can real authority and fairness be achieved. If there is artificial interference, fairness will no longer exist. If there is money exchange, the tradition of strong exposure of MLM coins on the blockchain network for many years will be challenged, so free is the foundation of our life.
        In order to ensure the authority of the test report and certificate from the blockchain network, please obtain the corresponding level of users, download the corresponding logo, hang it at the bottom of your official website, and link it to the test report or certificate page, otherwise the report or certificate will not be displayed normally. The blockchain network has applied for a number of invention patents and trademark copyright protection through its subsidiary Guangdong blockchain Technology Development Co., Ltd. to prevent institutions or individuals from using the evaluation system of the blockchain network to issue fake and shoddy certificates. In case of any discovery, please call the blockchain network immediately to report.
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