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Is it difficult to confirm the copyright of a picture? Xu Mingxing: traceability of blockchain Technology

Time : 24/07/2022 Author : hb408a Click : + -
        Recently, the "first black hole photo of mankind" was published on the Internet, which attracted the attention of the majority of netizens. However, along with this incident, a funny event occurred. A picture platform even marked this "first black hole photo of mankind" as its own copyright. Therefore, the picture platform fell into a storm of public opinion. This event also triggered a series of disputes about the copyright of pictures. In recent years, with the development of Internet technology and mobile Internet equipment, more and more picture information is developing towards digitization, which also leads to the frequent occurrence of picture infringement. According to public data, China's annual use of online pictures is 600 billion, and the number of pictures used by major we media platforms is more than 43 billion. Behind a large number of picture application markets is the industrial chaos of rampant piracy, which is due to the delay in solving the problem of identifying the rights of original pictures.
        As a veteran of the blockchain industry in China, Xu Mingxing, founder of okgroup, once said that the blockchain industry will reshape the operation mode of all industries. In his blockchain cartoon animation chain and the future, Xu Mingxing also mentioned using the traceability characteristics of blockchain technology to solve the problem of copyright protection. With the continuous development of blockchain technology, more and more fields are seeking to introduce blockchain technology. Naturally, the field of copyright protection is unwilling to lag behind. Xu Mingxing's vision is becoming a reality. Xu Mingxing said that the application of blockchain technology in the field of picture copyright will create a new standard that is more transparent, fair and efficient.
        Relying on the blockchain smart contract, a decentralized trading market is created for both parties. The picture copyright trading information in this trading market will be recorded on the blockchain, and the picture author can be paid immediately after completing the sales. The whole trading process is open and transparent, which can solve the problem of opaque copyright sharing. Xu Mingxing believes that the traceability feature of blockchain technology effectively protects the ownership of the creators of the works. Once there is an infringement of the copyright of the pictures on the chain, the infringer's behavior will be permanently recorded on the chain. In 2017, Hangzhou Internet court heard a copyright infringement case. The plaintiff captured the defendant's infringing page and source code through technical means, and put the evidence on the chain. Relying on this blockchain, the plaintiff won the lawsuit. This case has also become the first blockchain certificate case in China.
        With the gradual recognition of the evidence on the blockchain at the national level, the record of infringement on the blockchain will also become one of the effective evidences for the creators to defend their own interests through legal weapons. Copyright protection is not only the respect and protection of the creators, but also the progress of social civilization. With the improvement of blockchain technology and the enhancement of people's copyright awareness, blockchain will certainly get good development and application in the field of copyright protection.
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