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Is there any chance for future vision China to rely on blockchain to trace the copyright of pictures?

Time : 30/10/2021 Author : pwqocs Click : + -
        Visual China's copyright issue on black hole photos has made this listed company a target of public criticism. For a time, it was revealed on the Internet that many companies had been sued by this company for infringement. Most of the media would not miss the opportunity to fight back. This incident even aroused the official media to question its copyright. The copyright industry is also a new industry. The relevant regulations are not perfect, and it is difficult to regulate this industry. As the verification of copyright information is difficult, there is inevitably a risk that the pictures will be misused. After being uploaded to the third-party Gallery platform and cited by designers and media practitioners, they will be sued for infringement. As for the true copyright ownership of the pictures, it is difficult to obtain evidence, so it becomes extremely difficult to protect the rights.
        As for the ownership of copyright, we can refer to the traceability of food sources. Pictures can also be traced. With the help of blockchain technology, a decentralized platform will be established. Photographers will sell their photos on the chain to obtain tokens. Users will pay tokens according to the number of uses to purchase the right to use. Because the blockchain cannot be tampered with, it makes the tracing of copyright easier by linking the copyright information. In this way, it is more convenient for photographers to obtain evidence if they are infringed.
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