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Jack Ma: the ant chain is no less than the Alipay ant group decided to set up in that year. The valuation may be further improved

Time : 06/12/2021 Author : 78f64n Click : + -
        On July 20, ant group announced the launch of the synchronous issuance and listing plan of the science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange and the main board of the stock exchange of Hong Kong Limited. It became the darling of the market and the media. Several related concept stocks of ant group rose for three consecutive days. Three days after the announcement of the listing, ant group once again attracted market attention. On July 23, at the "ant blockchain brand upgrade conference" held by ant group, Jing Xiandong, chairman of ant group, announced that ant blockchain was officially upgraded to "ant chain", hoping to rebuild the digital economic trust system and make blockchain change the social production and life style like mobile payment. The stock related community is hotly debated. Some netizens said: "& lsquo; ant chain & rsquo; release is a blockbuster thrown by ant group before its listing, or it will raise the listing valuation again.
        The related concept stocks of ant group will also welcome good news. The "ant chain" brand has done a good publicity through the attention, making the related stocks of ant group which have been paid much attention to more hot. ". Our reporter found that the "ant blockchain" registered on July 15, 2019 has also been renamed as "ant chain" on July 23, 2020. The main body of the official account is ant blockchain Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which was established in December 2018. The profile has also become more "ant group's blockchain brand, and the chain is on the ant chain". Jiang Guofei, vice president of ant group and head of ant chain, said: "the vision of ant chain is to build the largest value network in the world. Today, our name is shortened, but actually our dream is bigger.
        ”。 At the meeting, Jing Xiandong, chairman of ant group, started from the incident of "Tencent and Laoganma radish chapter". He believed that many industries have been highly digitized today, but the confirmation method of contract relationship is still traditional, with huge trust cost. A week ago, Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of data resources management, Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of market supervision and administration, Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of public security and ant chain jointly released the first blockchain electronic seal application platform launched in Hangzhou. In the future, Hangzhou enterprises' electronic seals will be desensitized and linked to the chain, so as to realize the authenticity, traceability and non tamperability of the use of seals and prevent the emergence of radish seals. He also said that blockchain is the cornerstone of the digital economy era, cloud is the productivity, and chain is the production relationship. Cloud + chain has laid a foundation for the development of the digital economy era. In the future, the chain will become the standard configuration of every enterprise in the digital economy era.
        It can be seen that this is a new opportunity with a very large market. Since 2020, the technical strength of ant chain has appeared, and the number of global patent applications of ant chain has always been the first for four consecutive years; In addition, ant chain has solved the trust problem of more than 50 actual scenarios; At present, the ant blockchain has more than 100 million times of "uploading" every day. From these data, the ant chain has become the magnetic field of blockchain technology. The "ant chain all-in-one machine" also made its debut at the conference. It is reported that this is the first self-developed software and hardware all-in-one machine in the blockchain field in China. It can provide government and enterprise developers with blockchain technology services with strong privacy, high performance, high security, and ready to use and ready to chain. It can save more than 90% of the deployment time and accelerate the arrival of the blockchain commercial era.
        Interestingly, our reporter found that at 9:00 on the 23rd, a company named "HPB core chain" issued a document saying that ant chain's use of "the world's first software and hardware blockchain solution" was false propaganda. This behavior has seriously affected HPB's rights and interests, and the company will reserve the right to pursue responsibility. Earlier, Ma Yun told the people of ant chain: "I named the ant blockchain. We should love and nurture it. This decision may be no less than our decision to establish Alipay.". Ant chain said that since the birth of Alipay in2004, ant has been committed to solving the problem of trust, which is the key pain point restricting the rapid development of the digital economy.
        Ant group joined the blockchain in 2015, believing that the blockchain is a trust system that can reconstruct the digital era. Hu Xiaoming, CEO of ant group, once said: "digital life is the biggest Internet dividend in the next decade.". Alipay is one of the most influential inventions in China in the past 20 years, and Alipay must keep pace with the times and continue to maintain this huge payment empire with the help of blockchain technology. The landing and application of blockchain technology is also slowly changing the life of the public, making people more convenient in the digital era. The biggest charm of ant chain is that you can use & lsquo; More than 100 million times a day & rsquo; This data explains that many government and enterprise organizations are on the ant chain, making ant group become a connection point between C-end and b-end again. Just like Alipay in the past, this is the pattern of ant group surpassing the times once again.
        It is worth noting that Tencent's blockchain is also constantly developing, docking and landing of various scenarios. On this track, Alibaba and Tencent will promote each other and continue to develop. From the perspective of current development, ant blockchain project has only been established for one year, but in Alibaba's project, it is at the forefront of the times. Perhaps ant group will build "ant chain" into the next Alipay in the future.
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