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11, 23 release: blockchain network score increase list

Time : 13/05/2022 Author : pq7y5o Click : + -
        Komodo is a privacy centric cryptocurrency that combines the anonymity of zcash and the security of bitcoin. Introduction Komodo is a privacy centric cryptocurrency that combines the anonymity of zcash and the security of bitcoin. Using the new consensus mechanism developed by Komodo team, the delay work proves that Komodo blocks can be notarized using bitcoin blockchain. The KMD is released through the pow protocol based on equihash, and the new block information is sent to the notary node that votes in advance. These nodes insert Komodo block letters on the BTC blockchain by creating custom transactions... [details].
        Metronome ("met") is a new type of cryptocurrency. It aims to bring institutional endurance into the cryptocurrency category through self-management. Metronome is designed to run indefinitely without the management of specific groups, individuals, or even its authors. Reliability - to provide stable and predictable token liquidity through price reduction auction to build a system - can flow between blockchains, and met can avoid management problems and instability. [details]. Trustnote is a DAG public chain that can reduce transaction costs, support high traffic, high concurrency, and support mining.
        Aiming at the problems such as transaction congestion, high transaction costs and long transaction confirmation time commonly existing in the existing blockchain, the company aims at "extremely light, fast and fun", supports massive concurrent transactions and faster transaction confirmation. Trustnote has an innovative two-layer consensus mechanism and trustme consensus algorithm. Using this algorithm, several super nodes are periodically selected, given the notarization right of their data units, and will receive coinbase rewards according to the effective notarization units issued by them; Trustnote focuses on creating a simple and easy-to-use decentralized digital token underlying blockchain... [details]. Veritaseum is a cryptocurrency service provider. Veri is a smart contract system with a point-to-point wallet interface (& beta;), Currently with bitcoin blockchain (ported to Ethereum).
        It allows non-technical rapid creation of individuals and entities, direct input and management of smart contracts with others without an authoritative third party. This is the first to write on a public or private blockchain. Veritasem / veri's veritasem derivatives trading project, which is focused on eliminating intermediaries, is also in progress. It uses smart contracts, that is, it converts derivatives contracts into codes to match derivatives transactions, without the need for custodian banks to manage and hold transactions... [details]. Faircoin is a decentralized virtual currency that was distributed through a huge airdrop process between March 6 and 8, 2014.
        About 49750 addresses get free coins. The operation of fair coin is based on the savings of all members of the community. When "savers" hold a certain amount of tokens for a certain period of time, they will get more tokens, which will increase the value of these tokens. [details]. Originsport is a new generation of sports event digital currency guessing social platform. It uses the subversive technology of blockchain to do sports event guessing. It has an original digital asset lending and guessing system based on credit model, and provides event data service solutions on smart contracts. Orginsport will issue platform tokens ors. Ors will be connected with platform rights, operation activities, economic circulation and other links to form a healthy and complete community economic ecology.
        [details]. Tezos is a self-healing blockchain, which can upgrade itself over time and realize functional iteration through self-healing. Tezos can upgrade itself without splitting the network into two different blockchains. Stakeholders can vote on amendments to the agreement, not limited to any factors that can reach consensus on the proposal. Like Ethereum, tezos supports smart contracts and provides a platform for others to build decentralized applications (dapps) on it. In short, tezos is a smart contract platform similar to eth, but the development of the platform is completely determined by the community vote. It is a completely self-made smart contract platform! The smart contract is... [details].
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