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Intelligent IOT blockchain,Internet of things artificial intelligence blockchain (top version)

Time : 01/03/2022 Author : rqgd1e Click : + -
        ? Professional technical team, many years of data center operation and management experience? The NOC general control center is set up in Juwang Yousu to provide comprehensive and integrated management services for the physical security, system monitoring and system operation of the entire data center. It mainly provides timely and controllable data monitoring for network delay, network interruption and server monitoring,. The basic guarantee is the following services:? Whatupgold server status real-time monitoring system, centralized monitoring of multiple data.? Million mddos firewall protection.? 99.9% of the network connectivity rate.? 99.99% power supply guarantee.? 7 * 24 * 365 on-site service of the resident engineer of the machine room.
        ? One stop worry free maintenance support, including standby machine service, and SLA service level agreement commitment service.? Dedicated server continuous line monitoring, active fault management mechanism? Device port traffic bandwidth management? Fault analysis and provide network optimization solutions.
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